Halloween 2010

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It's almost October, and we all know what that means - Iwaku is preparing to serve up a fiendishly good time! However, we need your help! The staff members are currently seeking to fill the roles for our newest installment of Halloween fun and we need our wonderful members to fill these slots!

We will be playing Doctor, Sheriff, Murderer! For those unfamiliar: One murderer selects a victim, doctor selects who to save, sheriff selects who to nominate to accuse, and then the majority vote of the townspeople elect another accusee. All of these decisions are made separately by each of the roles, meaning the doctor will not know who the murderer chose. If the doctor and the murderer select the same person, that person will be saved and a clue will be revealed. The limited roles will not be identified (so the murderer doesn't instantly target the doctor, see?)​

What we need: One sheriff, one doctor, one murderer, and plenty of hapless victims!
What to do? Sign up here with the form below for one of the limited roles (doctor, sheriff, murderer) or just join the roleplay when you see it posted up!
How will the limited roles be chosen? The staff plan to evaluate the sheets and select based on a council discussion. :)
But does this mean I have to post reliably? YES. We don't want to wait for two weeks for our doctor to make a decision. We understand that life happens, maybe you won't be able to post for a few days due to -insert life issue here- but try to keep up, we don't want to ruin anyone's fun, right?

This is the form to fill out if you wish to be considered for one of the limited roles! When you've finished, please send it via Private Message to me, Kitti!
Which role are you applying for?
Why do you think you would make a good (role you're applying for)?