Hallowed Halls

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    Emma stood outside the old manor with her leather bag filled with her journalism supplies. She was supposed to meet up with some of the other journalism team to investigate the old Shammer Mansion. Legend told of how one of the original owners went insane and killed his entire family before taking his own life. As she took some notes, a car pulled in the driveway. Emma turned and said "It's about time you got here."
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  2. Addy shrugged lazily with a crooked grin. "I showed up, didn't I?" She quiped. Her heavy camera rested in her hands and she couldn't wait to see what kind of pictures she'd be able to get. "What are we waiting for? This is going to be great." Addy was a person with a morbid fascination when it came to history. The creepier it was, the more it drew her in. She slung her arm around her friends shoulders. They had been friends for...well, forever, really. [​IMG]
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  3. A car sped up the drive and came to a screeching halt right beside the two other journalism team members. A short girl who looked 14, who was actually 16, fell out of the driver's side of the vehicle and with her came other bits and pieces tumbling after. She lifted her head up to look at the other people there.
    "Good morning!" she said, then lowered her head back down to the ground, embarrassed. She sat back up and collected the fallen items, tossing them back into the car.
    "I have all the stuff you asked for, but i didn't know what size or type you needed so I got it all." She said with a shrug. she stood up and readjusted her glasses and ran her fingers through her messy, thin hair. Her crooked name tag said that her name was Alexis.
  4. "Alright, since everyone's here, Addy and I will inspect the inside to make sure it's safe." Emma turned to Alexis and told her to stay behind, set up base, and greet any new members that came by. She looked at her buddy and knew this was going to be a scary day.
  5. Alexis bowed, then saluted "yes ma'am!"
    She immediately got up a tent with a sign-up sheet, then organized all of the items she had, which filled ten bins. She had brought all supplies for all occasions, not willing to disappoint any of her superiors. She let out an accomplished breath, then sat at the chair behind the desk, opened a can of soda, then waited.
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    Harmony entered the premises in her hybrid car. She was quite the hippy at seventeen, and was happy about it. She approached a tent and asked the woman at it, "Is this where I sign in?"


    Emma was inside the manor with her bestie, noting everything to describe the inside. The main room was just a hallway with curtains faded from an eternity of sunny days, a table with a lamp that has stood for ages, and beneath a stairway, a door with dust on its glass. As she was talking to Addy about something, she thought she heard a violin playing. Curiosity getting the better of her, Emma went to see what was going on.
  7. "Yup." Alexis said, matching her happiness. She held out her sign up board and a lanyard.
    (I'll be out tonight and noon tomorrow."
  8. Harmony signed in to the team, excited to have her findings published. She sat on the ground and meditated for a few seconds. She rose up and said, "There are indeed trapped souls here." She continued to say that she was a physic medium, meaning she could connect with the dead. "Someone's keeping them there." Harmony continued to say as she surveyed the rest of the property.
  9. "Ah." Alexis said, bewildered. She felt that things similar to ghosts existed, but she had no spiritual connection. The most she had ever felt was a deep sense of pressure at a friend's centuries old house, where at least 5 people were murdered or died. There were scratch marks on some of the doors and walls to prove it.
    "I don't really have a spiritual connection. I have more of a time... thing. I have dreams of random moments from my baby-hood and I have tiny glimpses of the future too. I had one the other day, visiting a city. I'd never been there before, but I distinctly remember walking down that street before. Then I realized it was in a dream before hand. About 3 months. And the thing is, I have a terrible sense of time. I'm late for present things and I can't remember much knowledge from before today to about 6 months back. I forget things are in my hand all the time. She said, then realizing she had talked too much, she stopped. She needed to help out first.
    "Anyway, who do you think is keeping them here?" She asked seriously.
  10. Harmony sighed and glanced out at the manor and replied with, "I believe that a young man is keeping them here." Somehow, she knew that whoever did it was pretty angry about the presence of reporters on his property. Suddenly, Harmony was hit with a sudden bout of dizziness as she clenched to a lawn chair. Somehow, she knew that the young man would do anything to stop the story from being told.
  11. Holly and her twin sister Piper sat in the back seats of a car. They're parents decided that they were going to spend the whole summer supervised of course. It was her mother's idea to send them there since the house hasn't been bought in years, due to it history so she figured that maybe if they spent sometime in a house they'd finally get along. When the car stopped both girls grabbed their bags and got off the car, and saw a lot of
    people outside the house. The two girls
    just went inside.
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    Alexis let the girl take a rest in the chair. Having a spiritual connection must've been tiring. She was occupied for a while, filling in the information of people entering the building. Then she saw a car drive up and two girls who she didn't recognize enter the building.
    "Uh, HEY! You have to sign in first!" She yelled, but the entrance was a good distance away. They must've not heard her. She apologized to the people at her desk, then sprinted into the building. The air felt heavy like any old house, but it was chilling and thick. Like winter. But it wasn't that season. She was distracted for a bit by the tapestries on the walls and different miscellaneous artifacts on pedestals. Then she saw the girls and ran to them.
    "Hey! *gasp* you two... gah.. gimme a second." Alexis said doubling over. She wasn't much of a track star.
  14. Is there a plot? or a setting, that anyone could tell me?
  15. Uhm... can I say not yet? I mean, it's an old haunted mansion. And the news club is checking it out. That's about all as of now.
  16. [​IMG]

    A black car pulled up outside a building and parked. The back door seat opened and a girl with brown hair and brown eyes stepped out. Jasmine grabbed her back pack and flung it over one shoulder. Shutting the door, she walked into the building. Jasmine noticed three girls ahead of her, two standing and one keeled over. Jasmine ignored them and walked past all three of them without a care. She continued on her way until she found Emma and Addy. She hurried her pace until she was behind them. "Boo." She said flatly then went silent as she awaited their reaction.
  17. [​IMG]

    Luna was walking toward a mansion she heard was haunted. She had over heard rumors from friends and became very curious. She had helped a few of her friends figure some things with the supernatural. She noticed a tent and wondered who all was here. She hopped to perhaps try and learn why they where hear having a backpack with supplies she hoped she might could use along with a plan to perhaps make a reservation. She has had many experiences since she was little at first not understanding what it was curiosity drove her to do some research. Sometimes she could hear some it seemed of spirits speaking to her that are lost. She had many occurrences when she was younger where they would call her name and she would turn with no one there usually at her house. Then when she grew older she had dreams that bothered her. Eventually she began to learn of some ways spirits tried to contact people. Luna is seventeen and is still very new to methods of trying to help lost souls wishing to have peace. She wasn't sure to much of what she might be getting into but from what she was told she felt whoever may be trapped at this manor may wish for peace. She touched a necklace on her neck and breathed. She walked to the tent and tilted her head. "Um... Hello?" She began not sure what else to say.​
  18. "Look, I'll catch you guys on the way out" Alexis said to the twins. "But for now, I gotta sign in more people before they do what you are doing." Yet again, Alexis ran back to the tent. By the time she got back, she collapsed on her chair. She saw the other girl from earlier still asleep in her lawn chair. But now, there was one girl waiting to enter.
    "Hello! Welcome, and here is the form to enter. We do this for your safety, so please fill out the information." She said, somewhat agitated from the twins but Still kept a smile plastered on her face.
  19. Luna looked at the girl. "Hi" She answered then at the paper. "Um... Alright." She replied and read through the paper then began to fill it out. When she finally finished she looked at the girl. "Okay I believe I filled out everything." She said handing back the paper now filled out and signed. "Are there others then?" She asked having not expected ti need to sign something for her safety.
  20. "Yeah. I think at least five have gone inside. And this one." Alexis pointed to the girl on the lawn chair." She accepted the paper with a "thank you".
    "From what the girl said, there are trapped souls being held by a young man here, but I can't tell you if she is right. I barely have a spiritual connection if at all. The air is pretty heavy and cold in there though. That's all I have." She shrugged.