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  1. Cahill here.

    I'm new to the site and although not new to role playing in general, I'm still pretty much a beginner and welcome any help or criticism. I enjoy role playing, because it helps one grow as a writer and helps with adapting to situations and gives inspiration.

    I try to be flexible with genres, but do prefer fantasy over others. Also I have no qualms with writing in groups, or with only one partner, even solo, but that tends to be far more predictable and thus boring.

    Hmm... what else? I'm male, 19 years of age and play either gender. That's it I think.

    Hope to meet new people and make friends and to write soon.
  2. Welcome Cahill, it's a pleasure to meet you.
    If you want to role play sometime, ring me up, I'm willing.
    Hope you enjoy it here, it's a very lovely place.
  3. Pleasure is mine. Hope to role play with you soon, Charlene.
  4. Hi there, Cahill, and welcome to Iwaku! :)

    You seem like a flexible dude, which is totally fine since we have genre sections for group roleplay, a 1x1 section, and a showcase section for solo writing, poetry, art, etc. I hope you'll find good use for some or all of them and that you'll enjoy your time here on Iwaku.

    Happy roleplaying!
  5. Thanks for the welcome and I hope I'll be able to make use of the majority. Diversity makes one grow, I believe.
  6. *gets bedazzled by the colorful wolf avvie* O____O Hiiiiii.
  7. -Gets hypnoed by owly eyes- 0___0
  8. LOLOL XD. Nice to meet you, Cahill! I like your pelt. If you wanna RP I am pretty flexible and always open to new experiences! Have fun.
  9. Will do! Just give a shout out if you have any ideas and I'll do the same