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  1. Hallo meine Freunde! That's German for 'Hello my friends!' just because I like German. Anyway, I'm kinda (more than kinda |D) new to iwakuroleplay.com, but I am totally not new to Roleplay. I have done roleplays and cosplays more times than I can or care to count. I'm not the most experienced, but I'm there. Also, you won't have to worry about messed up grammar, because I am a major Grammar Nazi and will not except improper grammar. I guess that's it. Einen guten Tag! :D

    P.S. Just call me Oblivion, since I don't want anyone knowing my real name. >;D
  2. I would totally say lets roleplay!... But I am horrid at grammar, so you probably won't like me :/

    But any ways! Welcome Welcome Welcome!
  3. Hai Oblivion, welcome to Iwaku. :)