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  1. Okay, I just want to keep this ultra-brief, so hi. I'm new. I'm not new to the roleplaying scene. I do suffer from executive dysfunction and I have an ASD so I may vanish forever - sorry in advance. I am also quite socially dense. My OOC posts are usually very basic and short. My IC posts are rather splendid (I have no evidence, however :c ). I am currently quite obsessed with both Free! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as well as others, so that might be nice to roleplay. If you want to roleplay from an anime, just tell me and I'll investigate. Of course, I'm not only a roleplayer of animes, and will roleplay moderns and fantasy mainly. If you don't care for roleplaying and just want to say "Hi", do it then I will say "Hi" back and maybe we can talk. I don't really know how this sort of thing works.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
    At the present moment, I am much too tired to go hounding for some type of non-logical picture and an abnormal intro to go with it, so I apologize for my lack of interesting welcomes! DX
    I, instead, shall do a dice roll!
    Your fate is now sealed.
    ACCEPT IT! D:<
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  3. Hello, welcome to Iwaku!!! I hope you have a nice stay, which I'm sure you will! ^__^
  4. Thanks both of you ^_^

    HAHA! I'm NOT a llama. Too bad, Seraphinia. I'll stay a human forever. Now you, however... (3, 2 or 1 is plate!)
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  5. *turns the llama that thinks their a human into a magical flying nyan pig*
    So. Um...

    Have a nice stay... I BID THEE FAREWELL
    *rides off into the sunset giggling and eating cookies*
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  6. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the dice rolling, and many other things here!
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