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  1. "Hello? Is this the Krusty Krab?"

    NO. This is Genesis!

    Hello there. ^^

    If you're wondering, I am a very weird person.

    I am the middle child and usually the oddball/outcast. >_>

    I have a generally large obsession dealing with anime and yaoi.

    I like all sorts of music~

    I hate Root Beer, Mint, Spicy foods, chocolate, and chocolate chip ice cream.

    I have a sweet tooth for strawberry banana smoothies. ( : D )

    I like quotes ^^

    I'm not a very social person. ;-;

    Generally lonely.

    I am a Cancer ( Zodiac ).

    I love my dad more than my mom.

    I hate my siblings.

    I like to read, write, and draw.

    I'm a terrible singer & dancer.

    I laugh at a lot of things.

    I catch on quickly.

    I made this way to long.

    I am about to make it longer~!

    Here are some titles of MANY stories I wrote.

    F. - In the Wind.

    M. - Along Blue Skies.

    F. - White Tears.

    M. - Behind Closed Doors.

    M. - Our Damned Love Story.

    F. - Unholy.

    M. & MR. - Cigarettes and Lipstick.

    M. & MY./SS1 - Sally Jay: Murderer At Noon.

    M. & MY./SS1 - Nick Dockson: Mystery Case.

    M. & MY./SS1 Dick Roberts: Scattered Lies.

    M. & MY./SS1 - Giselle Carters: Let's Just Call It A Lucky Guess.

    M./SS2 - Sick Of You: Teenage Years.

    M./SS2 - Sick Of You: College Roomies.

    M./SS2 - Sick Of You: Okay, Enough Games.

    F. - Lost Imagination.

    M./SS3 - Anne's Journal.

    M./SS3 - Jessica's Diary.

    AFF. - Scissor Hands.

    AFF. - Music Mayhem.

    AFF. - When the Whistle Howls.

    M./SS4 - Our Stupid Summer.

    M./SS4 - Our Warm Winter.

    F. - Blue Birds In Our Crows Nest.

    AFF. - Contained.

    L. - Call It Love.

    F. - Demon's Hot Seat.

    CP./ND. - Yellow Terror.

    That's quite a lot.


    ND. = Not Done

    SS + # = Same Series (The Number Means Which Series. i.e. SS1 & SS2. Same Series 1/Same Series 2)

    F. = Fantasy

    L. = Love Story

    M. = Modern

    MR. = Murder

    MY. = Mystery

    AFF. = Anime Fan Fiction

    CP. = Contains a Phobia

    If you would like to read a bit from these stories, contact me~!


    You can either call me Genesis or Clementine ^^

  2. Well, Genesis! Quite an amusing introduction you have here!

    Welcome to Iwaku!

    You're not a social person? We're going to change that REAL quick!

    IF you have any questions or need help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask! Any of us would love to help!
  3. >w< Thank you, Juku~

    I'll be sure to ask if I need anything.

    Social change! \(o3o)/
  4. HELLO! And welcome to Iwaku! :D I'm Rubix, your friendly neighborhood cube. I know you will enjoy your stay here, because the community is absolutely amazing. I'd recommend going to the Cbox to meet some cool people. Also, if you feel like you are a bit inexperienced, then you might check out the Roleplayer's Academy, where you can do several writing challenges and sign up to get a mentor who will help you improve your writing.

    Anyways, have fun and feel free to message me if you have any questions :D
  5. Thank you, Rubix~

    I'll be sure to check by the Cbox and the Academy soon ^^

    I appreciate your suggestion~
  6. Good Job on Rubix part!

    Hello, Genesis and Welcome!

    I hope you find that information useful!

    Enjoy your stay here and I hope you can become social in our Community!

    It would be great to hear what ideas you have in store!
  7. ROOT BEER. <3

  8. Heheh, Juku is right, Genesis, we shall have you socializing and playing with us in no time. :D Welcome!
  9. Thank you, everyone! x3

    You put such a perfect meaning into a 'warm welcome'. c:

    I will really enjoy it here!