<.< >.> Hallo. .3.

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  1. Soo... I guess I could say I'm good? ^^; Not amazing or anything but not bad either. I type in correct english and understand most anything, though I have the bad habit of posting short posts and focusing on actions rather than internal conflicts, which sometimes make my posts rather dumb... Anyways, I hope I can have some fun here. I was told to join by my internet sister. lol xD

    **By understand most anything I mean English. I don't know any other languages. x.x
  2. Welcome Brother .3.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku ^^ I think you will have a lot of fun here! If you are searching for RPs to join, I will be more than happy to help you out.
  4. Hey Yuna I think Kris is joining too. x3 And okay thanks.
  5. WELCOME TO IWAKU AKA THE ASYLUM. I am the resident sarcastic wolf. If you need any help, just ask. Blue names are staff members and they are usually helpful.
  6. Thanks Lupine. .3. And I like your signature. I love that line.

    Good! :D You are getting the hang of Iwaku :D

    I'm Mitten, self-proclaimed Iwaku's Friendly Kitten! :D If you need any help, feel free to PM me or any one of the staff, which are Blue like Lupine said, or Admins which are members with Red names!

    I hope you have fun here! :D
  8. Welcome, Reiyd, wellllcome to Iwakuuuuu!
    Which is Not the Asylum.

    Yes, we're mostly nuts, but we have a separate section for crazy behavior. Here we pretend to normal.
    *flips table, hurls chair through the window*

    Anyway, have a cookie, and see you around!
  9. I saw you in Cbox last night! I totally freaked out because I didn't see you online and I was like... WOAH GHOST.. not really.. I just had a super slow moment and didn't refresh my page. >.>
    ANYWHO! Welcome to Iwaku!
  10. COOKIE?! :'3 *Sniffles adorably as I nom the deliciousness* I feel loved.