Hall of Mirrors

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  1. This post is to ask whether you guys would be interested in a chat box RP that would be, preferably, ongoing. Rather than one specific event, it would mainly be formed from a place where characters can interact. Plot development would be constructed entirely through character interaction.

    However, the Hall of Mirrors has another notable trait! It branches off into almost every universe and time, at once. In short, characters from every imaginable background, context, time period, species, age, and interest can meet each other and discover more about the various worlds they come from.

    (So, you can play characters you're already using or have already used in any RP in the Hall; it would form a sort of "side story", where forum RP characters can go from the Hall and back again.)

    So, if you're interested in the concept, without further ado...

    The Hall of Mirrors

    No one is entirely sure when the Hall started reaching out to the various fragments of the multiverse, how it did so, or with what intention. The only known fact is that any reflection, be it the surface of a calm pool, the glint of polished steel, or even the glitter of ice can be used to access it. Stepping through your reflection into the Hall of Mirrors feels somewhat like touching the cool surface of smooth glass; but the feeling shivers through your entire being, touching your very soul. Once you've passed through the reflective portal, you face the gilded opulence of a place that for all the rules of time and space simply does not exist.


    It's hard to deny it once you're there, though. The Hall is empty but for its visitors. No one has ever claimed to be "from" the Hall, and it doesn't appear to have any rulers. The mirrors on either side of it shimmer and twist when a being steps through, releasing a faint metallic pulse like molten silver that ripples through them. Sometimes a stray glance reveals that your reflection is looking back at you coolly, thoughtfully, before reverting back to imitating you.

    The Hall has been used as a refuge, a means of escape, and one of protection. Beings always seem to find what they need, not suddenly appearing but simply resting nonchalantly in a corner, even the most extravagant requests. The items that appear in the Hall are unable to leave it, and fade quickly if abandoned.

    The Hall is also remarkable in the fact that it has a dampening effect. Even the strongest beings, when present in the Hall, have their power reduced to a low standard; the standard of the least powerful creature in the hall. All beings in the Hall at a given time are therefore equally powerful, and through that equally weak. Violence is therefore less frequent than expected, and carries direr consequence.

    Rules and Attributes of the Hall

    -Accessing the Hall requires only willpower and a reflective surface. Think of it and step through. Any character from any type of RP, context, universe, or background can access it.

    -The Hall conjures the items the characters need or want, they appear to have been discarded or abandoned when found. Furniture appears covered by cloth to protect it, like in an abandoned house.

    -The Hall makes all creatures have the same power level. Immortality and invulnerability are cancelled in the Hall. If a god was to enter the Hall, they would become as weak as everyone else in the room, and just as mortal. This affects all items and weaponry taken into the Hall. Basically, everyone is on the same level, and that level is low.

    -The Hall reacts badly to overly provocative behavior and will expel you from within it if you attempt to copulate (can you blame it?). Keep the sexual innuendo PG13.

    Would something like this interest you? If enough of us are enthusiastic, we could make this work!

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