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  1. Ok Half of you are going what the fuck when you read the tittle but the reason its called Half school is well for creaters that are half animal! so Neko's and dog/human. Nãga (Snake/Human) All that you have to be half human! you must look human but have the animal that you are shown!

    Welcome to Graven Dale High school for the
    half beening of the world!
    you may been a bird or a dog or a snake whatever you wish your welcome here! but know once your here no more contact with the humans outside.

    also Please full this out then becagin your day at the school ^^

    what is you name:
    What is your age:
    what Gender are you:
    What half are you: (Must be half human! no Half dog half cat! or full dog! You can even be a human/goat/snake thing? you just need to be human!)
    What do you look like?:

    Have a nice day!

    My name is Luna
    I am 18
    I am Female
    My race is Half human Half Snake! so you can also Call me a Nãga

    Luna walking into the school with a slithered in the hall to get to her class. she didn't mind at all she was almost out of this school and didn't really have friends. not many people like her because she a snake and she was kinda different. but its not like she likes people around her or anything but sometimes it would be nice to have someone to talk to. Luna sighed to her self and as she slithered she was almost to her class when she bumped into someone. "Omg I'm so sorry!" she said and looked up.​
  2. Name: Kitsu
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    What half are you: Fox/Kitsune
    What do you look like: a09cde5c99a91c7ba9b5b87def96c82b1359346211_full.jpg (expect his eyes are two different colors)

    Kitsune sighed as he walked up to the doors, his bi-colored eyes flashed with annoyance as he stepped into the building he grumbled slightly hating that he couldn't still be asleep. He flicked his ears as he walked through the halls absent-mindly before he realized it he smashes into another being!

    "Hwahh?!" He cries falling backward.
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  3. Name: Keda
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    What half I am: Human/Tiger

    [​IMG] Good hearing is fun to have. You get to listen to all the conversations around you, hear secrets and regrets, confessions and stories but most importantly truth. For it's not just words that speak your blood speaks, your heart speaks, your breath speaks. It tells your true emotions, your feelings. And whether you know or not about what you discern, I'll tell you one thing for sure, I know. Until someone screams and yells "I'm sorry!" then you hate it. Covering my ears with my hands I look behind be to see a half snake on top of a half fox. They both looked dazed until they realized what was going on.
    I'm just going to stick to listening to the multi conversations. But I made sure to keep my ear on the topple couple.
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  4. Luna gasped. "Omg I'm so sorry!" she said with worry. she didn't fall luckily and then reached down her hand to help him up. "I'm SUPER sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you!" she smiled softly. "are you ok?" she looked at him. "I didn't hurt you right?"
  5. Name: Kiera
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    What half are you: Cat/Neko
    What do you look like:


    Kiera was walking from the library. She watched people going and coming. She saw two students bumped into each other and it made her laugh. She shook her head in amusement and went on her way. She checked the time and decided to skip classes. The students were all busy with their school stuff but Kiera had enough of it for that day. Walking leisurely, she went to the greenhouse. With cat-like agility, she nimbly climbed a huge tree and curled up on a thick, sturdy branch to sleep on. Within a few minutes, she was purring softly asleep.
  6. Kitsu took Luna's hand thanking her "I'm alright, are you okay?" He asked as he dusted off his kimono. He noticed the half tiger young man and his ear lowered in embarrassment at having been caught falling.
  7. Listening intently to such irreverent words I forgot my senses of sight. Smashing into something hard I heard a tiny crack and my nose ran hot. Covering with my face with my hand I look up to see the boys bathroom door closing and a group of freshmens walking away with out any notice of what happened. I pulled my hand away to see a pool of blood in my hand and another starting to form on the ground. My hairs standing to the tip snarling I yelled, "HEY! Who the hell do you think you are making me bleed and not even apologizing!"
    The group turned around and from their expressions that formed I knew my eyes were glowing. I when my eyes glow, you run.
  8. Kitsu looked half amused at the other and folded his arms "Accidents happen, cat boy." He said with a flick of his tail, he noticed the glow of your eyes and his eyes widen a fraction "What the?"
  9. Feeling the rumble deep in my throat, I opened my mouth to let out my glass shattering roar.
  10. The earth shaked under my feet and shining glass diamonds flew through the air. Leaving a few slashes across my skin. I opened my eyes to see the freshmen, and man, were they white.
  11. Oblivious to whatever's happening outside, she rolled over still asleep on the branch. As she rolled over, she fell from the branch and was still sleepy so her fall was a bit rough. "Oww!" she exclaimed as she rubbed her ears. Yawning, she looked outside and decided to observe. Her stomach grumbled and she chuckled. "Guess I have to eat." she said as she walked towards the cafeteria. She heard a roar and detoured to the source of the sound. She saw shattered glasses and looked about for the cause. She realized it was the half tiger who did it. She yawned again.
  12. Kitsu narrowed his eyes "Oh yeah!? Pretty sweet roar but check this out!" He said grinning. The cocky young half fox pressed his pointer and middle fingers together as he pulled his ring and pinkish fingers against his palm and shouted "Fox Fire!" As he made a complex symbol in the air, fire emerged from the symbol and shot towards the wall near Keda.

    "Hows that!?" He said folding his arms.
  13. "You naïve little punk you honestly think I am scared of your pathetic fire trick." I growled.
    Craning my neck black began to slice across my skin. Painting me with my own stripes. My teeth growing sharp, and my muceles growing strong.
    I looked at the now puny fox to see his face of fear.
    "Let me show you how it's done!" I darted toward him so fast he couldn't escape my choke hold and I threw him against the wall, his little posse running in fear.
  14. Kitsu gasped for breath as he was thrown, he struggled to get up since he was shaking so badly. But once standing again he narrows his eyes, he slams his palms together and he slams his foot to the ground as he spews a blazing flame of fire like a dragon, he hopes the move (Foxes Breath) at least causes some sort of wound.
  15. She watched as the two fought. The tiger is clearly in advantage when it comes to physical strength whereas the other specializes with fire magic. As much as it was entertaining, she was getting hungry. During their fight, she somehow found herself in between them. She sighed as she looked from left to right. "Well damn. What to do." she said to them.
  16. Name: Ginger
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Half: Half american kestrel and half human
    Appearance: She has kestrel feet with long, sharp talons, a feathered kestrel tail, and her arms are scaly with taloned foot-like hands, she also has an extra pair of shoulders with kestrel wings. Her freaky appearance usually causes people to avoid her.
    I watched the fight. The fox-boy and the naga had bumped into eachother, and couldn't have caused the tiger person to bleed. This wasn't fair. I stretched out my wings, and leapt, beating them against the air. I flew just under the ceiling, and within seconds had landed in front of Tiger, as I'd refer to her for now. I flexed my hands in a menacing way. "What did he do to you?" I knew that there was probably an injury coming my way, and I touched my fingers together, mumbling a foreign language. When I pulled my fingers away, a feather stretched between them, sprouted into a large raptor, and caught on fire. The phoenix circled around us.
  17. Kitsu haulted in his magic and noticed the newcomers, The Neko girl and the Kestrel girl. He was a sucker for the females be it half human or not, and he couldn't help but be enticed by them.

    Kitsu watched as the half Kestrel summoned a fiery circle around them, most creatures fear fire, but foxes are different they love fire!
  18. The Fox one stopped to look at her and another girl who was a kestrel. She saw an opening and smiled brightly at Kitsu. Then the kestrel girl summoned a Phoenix. Kiera hissed at it since Phoenix are fire creatures and she doesn't like any of them near her once they're all aflame. Her fur gets easily burned and takes months to grow back. She turned around and winked at Kitsu again before running towards the cafeteria.
  19. The phoenix perched on a door propped open and glared at everyone, waiting for the moment to swoop down and attack. I patiently waited for Tiger to do anything.
  20. I saw him suck air in like he had died and come back to life. That gave me much pleasure.
    It was then when a half cat girl jumped inbetween our fight. I felt something land on my shoulder, but before I could swat it, it flew away. At least I thought.
    I looked up and saw a bird with a glowing feather. The feather was so warm I could feel the heat on my face. The feather vanished and I suddenly was surrounded by a ring of fire. If you have ever seen the Jungle Book you know tigers DO NOT like fire. I shrunk in fear to keep my self away from the flames. Scared and heart racing adrenaline rushed through. I had to get out.
    Think damn it!
    I got it.
    Staying in the middle of the ring I focused on my legs, bending I sprung over the wall of hell and land safely on the other side. I look up and my opponents faces are more terrified than ever. Let's get this party started.
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