half past dead

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  1. This is another zombie apocalypse roleplay.

    Now that ive gotten that out of the way. Here's how it is.

    This roleplay begins AND ends in Minet City. A completely made up town located in Eastern Tennessee. Why eastern Tenn. You ask? Because there are tons of rednecks in that area which could allow for some interesting plot twists that I haven't devised just yet.

    This roleplay begins a few hours prior to the outbreak, and a few weeks before the united states government executes their "failsafe" policy. In other words a big boom that will clear out two states at a time.

    As of right now it is my intention to have all characters involved see the "bright flash" and that be that. But I'm open to suggestions. And unlike most zombie apoc. Stories I'm planning on having this one follow a pretty significant plot. But we can work out those details later ^^