Half Life: Unforeseen Consequences

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  1. Half Life: Unforeseen Consequences

    Beyond Half Life

    Unforeseen Consequences focuses on great times of change in the Half Life/Portal Universe. We begin with the Resonance Cascade with creatures flooding our world and struggle for survival. We are the average folk just trying to make it through -- we don't have an entire laboratory of advanced alien technology to help us along the way either. The story will continue still through events such as the Seven Hour War, the Uprising of City 17, and others, however, this universe is merely our canvas. The true story is full of red latter days crafted all our own.

    How will we see so many events? This game will bring time and portals into play as a major plot tool. The whole of the universe will be at our disposal, but not always accurately, and rarely to our advantage. What this means, though, is that you are in for a grand adventure, because just as Freeman trekked from City 17 to Nova Prospekt (and later on, White Forest), we too have a journey ahead of us.


    May 15 200-

    A light fog spreads throughout the New Mexican town. The heat of spring is a promise, but a promise to be fulfilled later, and for now you enjoy the cool morning commute. You see your neighbours and friends off to their jobs at the college, the grocers, the gun shop. A few cars back you see your quiet friend and wave. He looks uncomfortable, squirms, and pays a nod before pulling into another lane. As if the guy wasn't awkward enough, word is he landed a job at the secretive Black Mesa Research Facility. Admittedly, you're curious.

    You roll into work ten minutes before nine. Coffee is brewing, a bagel is hanging from your mouth, and you're doing your best to not look like a hot mess. Somehow arriving to work always feels this way. Chaotic, strange, and just plain wrong. Today is only worse. You muse about faking sick, perhaps pretending to vomit in the restroom. About five till you decide otherwise. The computer monitor illuminates, your email loads. You're a few lines in when the screen flashes. Too quick for you to be sure, but you swear it was a face. White. Pale. Gaunt... You look around. The clock strikes 08:58.


    We begin on the day our world was torn apart. While our characters are sipping coffees, beginning their work days, or dressing after a mid-morning affair, an experiment is about to tear a hole between our world and Xen. Our first chapter is the most difficult, but the objective is simple -- survive.

    The game will be played in chapters. A change in the chapter will symbolize a change in the setting, whether that means location, time, or what have you, something significant was altered. Although I have a plot sketched out, it's broad enough to allow for each player's input and ideas too. This project is about experiencing the Half Life/Portal world in a new way and I believe we all can contribute to that end.

    More-so than the Half Life/Portal games, we will focus on character development and relationships. Some people will hate others, some may even betray them to live a little longer, but still, others may grow deep bonds of friendship, comradery, and love. This is not a game based solely on romance, but isn't all blood and guts either. This is a glimpse into your struggle to adapt and that story just so happens to be multi-genre.

    Here's what I know about your character already. You just so happen to be in New Mexico in the middle of May 200- and you are a living, breathing bipedal homo-sapien. Beyond that, I'm going to need some help.​

    Characters should be varied, unique, and utterly human. The latter part means that some of us will be sort of boring, some will be pretty nerdy, and most probably spend their time toiling away all day so they can catch some Hell's Kitchen later. We are all pretty normal. More than one of us probably drinks more than we should and I know my character at least will have at least a few joints available. The point is when we're not swinging crowbars and wrenches for bitter survival, consider who these people are. How is their pysché effected by all this? Who are they becoming?

    Name: Your name and any nicknames you may use.
    Date of Birth (Age): Tell us your birthday and current age, we'll get you a cake... maybe.
    Sex & Gender: Don't make us assume. What is your biological sex and what gender do you identify as?
    Profession: What do you do for work? This tells us quite a bit!
    Apparel: Depends on your (un)employment status and starting point, don't worry, I'm sure there will be clothing shops to loot later.
    Appearance: Show and tell us about yo' face and yo' sweet, sweet body! All body types allowed y'all.
    Personal Belongings: Do you carry a purse or man-bag (I do!), perhaps you keep a wallet, money, flash-light, utility knife... Please no 'I just so happen to have my submachinegun'.
    Brief History: Imagine you're speed-dating and just really connecting, okay? What would you tell us? You have until my wine glass is empty.
    Personality: How do you think? Tell us briefly about your quirks, faults, deep rooted resentments -- if I see any Sue's, you're dead. You're just dead.
    Sanity: On a scale of 1-10, how strong is your pysché? 1 meaning you're convinced this is all a dream, 10 meaning a trip to Xen is just a more exotic setting to kill aliens. This is a tool I'll use as the game progresses. Bonus points to those who relate this to their history/personality.
    Skills: Please choose a skill related to your profession and one bonus skill. EXAMPLE: Give Jane the Electrician a double A battery, some string, and scissors, and she'll give you a possibly helpful tool! She's also worked on most of the buildings in town, making Jane a pretty good map too.
    Other: Let us know anything you feel isn't included above!


    I think it's clear we won't be a bunch of gun toting brutes. That said, let's talk about the gun toting brutes and creatures thirsting for your blood!

    The first chapter of this game is probably the most difficult. Our average day is suddenly not so average as dimensional holes appear appear and angry creatures come waltzing through. You never know when, or where, or even what you will be facing -- I'd call that a monumental challenge!

    We will be facing up against a variety of threats. Like in Black Mesa, creatures from Xen are appearing throughout the New Mexican town and surrounding area. When the world goes crazy, so do the people in it. You may well find horrified people willing to do anything, including killing you, if they think that'll make their own survival easier. Other characters included, if it breathes, it's probably a threat. Don't trust too easily and do you best to stay alive!

    Oh, I almost forgot. Perhaps the largest and most inescapable threat is The World. This cataclysmic event has changed the most basic of rules. A door is not so much an entryway as it is now a shield, the vents an alternate pathway, and the window... Well, just look above. With alien creatures desperately trying to find safety, you never really know if a head-crab is crawling about beneath your bed, or even buried under the sand.

    I am looking for players interested in an epic story and character development. Posts should at least be weekly, contributing your unique voice to whatever each scene. Most of all, I hope to assemble a group of dedicated and inspiring creatives set on enjoying a story together. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions below.
  2. Name: Adrian Waller
    Date of Birth (Age): 24
    Sex & Gender: Male and also Male
    Profession: Butcher
    Apparel: Jeans, grey t-shirt and boots. (he abandoned the protective white garb most butchers wear)
    Appearance: 6'2" healthy build. Green eyes. Brown hair at shoulder length. Beard of the same color and medium length.
    Personal Belongings: Butchers knife (bad things are going down it seemed appropriate). multitool. Lighter. Wallet. Keys
    Brief History: Adrian grew up in this town, got into trouble with the police a lot until he graduated high school.
    Personality: Generally friendly but he understands their are some bad people out there and isn't to trusting.
    Sanity: 9
    Skills: Use of a knife to get what good meat he can even off a rotting animal. His time getting in trouble with the police taught him how to pick most locks.
    Other: N/A
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