Half in the Bag 100: THE FORCE AWAKENS!!

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    These hack frauds have done it! They made their 100th episode dedicated to STAR WARS. THEY DID IT, YOU GUYS!! I always knew they could do it. It's like poetry, it rhymes. Everything is so dense.

    Now we await Plinket.
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  2. I didn't realize this episode of HITB was up until you posted ... So, THANKS!

    It's like poetry, it rhymes. "That's true, George. Except I was vomiting in stanzas."

    I'm also very eager to watch the Plinkett review. Although, I'm not sure how critical he'll be given how gushing Mike and Jay act during their review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rich starts to voice some concerns, and it seems like the other two kind of shut him down. (In my opinion, anyway.)

    Thanks, again.
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  3. Man, Mike was gushing for this movie! He loved it! Rich was the most critical, hands down, with Jay behind him (but more in the technical sense). I'm sure a lot of minds will be changed once the 'honeymoon' phase ends for this movie, mine included. I'm kind-of down the middle: I'm loving the movie like Mike, but I see the technical flaws. The fact that it mirrors ANH is bother-some, and that is indeed the greatest criticism. But the movie had to. For so many reasons. It kind of bugs me that people can't see why it did, and these are the same people that forgive Jurassic World for it.

    But anyways, cheers to these hack frauds for working on this at 4 AM!

  4. Your signature has me hoping that Rich Evans unleashes his Ghostbusters super fanboy next year. Maybe he'll have an accident with the ghost trap while watching Melissa McCarthy.
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