Half demon x human

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  1. It was a dark andrainy night. Unbeknownst to most, behind the clouds in the sky lay a new moon.The worst time of the year for a young Kieara. She was a young half demon, andlike all half demons lost her ability to use her powers on new moons. A terriblefate really for most half demons. It usually meant they were targeted. <o:p></o:p>
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    She was panting hardas she ran from something. What was it? One of a half demons worst nightmares.A slayer. They were after her again, and there was something in particularabout her that they wanted to find out. The girl had a curse on her. She was doomedto be obedient. Any direct order given to her she had to follow. She was bornwith this dreadful little problem. It was a curse put upon her family, whichnow ceased to exist due to it. <o:p></o:p>
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    However, the slayersplanned to use her tonight then kill her. They thought perhaps maybe she knewwhere others like her might have been hiding. Who knows? Maybe she did, maybeshe didn't. Either way it was another kill for them on their part. A win winsiutation, and a lose lose one for Kieara.<o:p></o:p>
    Kieara was sportingblack and white striped tiger ears, and a matching tail. Her eyes were a brightlavendar, and her hair was snow white. She was around the height of 5'3, andher hair was in a braid. It reached her lower back, but was falling down sinceshe was running. A few loose strands stuck to her face as the rain fell. Shealso had a bright silver bell clad on her tail. She couldnt remove it. It wasrelated to the curse. Her body was thin and petite, yet she had curves thatsuited her beautifully.<o:p></o:p>
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    She attempted to calmher breathing as she ran. It didn't do her much good. Not the way she wasrunning. It did more harm than good actually. After a bit she gave up on this.<o:p></o:p>
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    She was nearing the local park. She ran therisk of being seen, but would rather be seen than dead. Her heart was poundingout of her chest as she reached the edge of the woods, and yelped as shetripped. She fell hard onto the wet ground. Her body was exhausted. She wasunable to move an inch further. She had given up.<o:p></o:p>
  2. The cool night's wind shifted throughcropped blonde locks whose every hair was as thin as an Angel's veryown. Tonight was ominous. The moon gave a shine that held about it adangerous aura, and his icy blue eyes were able to tell immediatelyfrom it's sheen that he was about to be dragged into yet anotherescapade. How did he know that exactly, though? Thin, diligent, longand spindly digits raised to scratch the back of his blonde locks,all whilst the thin, unbuttoned black silk shirt rippled only lightlyin the breeze. The moon's shine cast a clean-cut sheen across histhin glasses and touched upon pallid lips which hovered above a slimchin and jawline.

    The cross from around his supple neck seemed togrow heavier this night. That was his signal. So as his left freehand slipped within the left pocket of his low-hanging dress pants,the man's body slowly began to break down. Each and every moleculethat made up his composition was slowly fading until he becamenothing more than that of the absolute opposite of existence. Buthow? If he was human, then how was this possible? More importantly,what had happened?

    Well, in short, he was being called. Sincehe was being called, he was being forced to do his duty.

    Nowthe moon was naught. It was the point of the moon's cycle where itwas eclipsed. That was fine, though, because that meant more coverfor him. So now, as the man began to pace through the woodlands to athick tree just outside what looked to be park, his right handdropped down to grip a Kimber M1911 that was strapped to his rightthigh. The case was an open-type. Instead of an entire casing, therewas a slot where the nose of the barrel fit that, after the grip wasclicked into it's proper place, was held more securely than a hardcasing could do. On his left hip was two clips with thirteen roundseach. The first was plucked from it's place where it was held in alike fashion to the pistol and slid into the receiver of the grip.Then, with two fingers gripping on either side of the slide's butt,he cocked the weapon and steeled himself.

    Slowly, his bodycame out from behind the tree, both hands on the grip and the gunpointed to the ground. His shoulders were hunched and his body keptlow to the ground as he began to approach – what he could inferfrom his short time in this new realm – what could have been aDemon laying... Helpless? The man paused only twenty feet from thebeing and let his slender heck swivel his head from his far left toright before approaching. She looked to be around five feet tall andmore towards the neko race of th Demon realm, so he could easily tellshe was meant more for agility... But why did she look exhausted?

    Itdidn't matter. If she was the only one around thus far, then it wasapparent that this was the one who had – maybe even subconsciously– called him.

    “Girl,” the man whispered, crouching nextto her to shake her shoulder with his left hand. His voice was thickand heavy as a Russian's and held a tone of urgency. “Come on. Getup. Who are you running from?”

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  3. Kieara jolted to life when she was touched. She sharply turned her head to see what had grabbed her. She expected a slayer. When she saw a human, she thought the worst. Her immenint death. She hissed pinning her ears. Her lavendar eyes glowed in the dark. She tried to move away but yelped finding it painful and stopped. She then took on a more scared look, opposite of her hostil nature prior.

    "w-what?" She mumbled her tone scared, but it held a sort of melodious ring to it that a lot of people's didn't. PErhaps it was her surreal being. PErhaps it was something different. Who really knew?
  4. The woman's reaction was to beexpected. A sudden 'Hero' showing up would be too good to be true. Inall honesty, a human against whatever was after her was more than toogood to be true, since all he had on him was his M1911. Still, evenas she hissed and yelped, he was reminded that time was of theessence. There was no time for chit-chat. With a surprisingly gentlehand, Ivan hefted the woman up with his left and slung her right armaround his shoulders. The M1911 flashed as it flicked this way andthat while he began to backpedal and clear the area, keeping his leftarm now around her hip to support her weight.

    “You'reinjured and in trouble,” he said, his icy orbs flicking to her.“That much is apparent. We leave now.”

    How long would itbe before they arrived? Better yet, what kind of place did they evenhave to go in order to find cover? This was already a situation thatwasn't exactly in favor of themselves. There was no telling who hisnew adversaries would be and what kind of danger his new ward was in.Still, the hold on his M1911 was unwavering, as was his entire bodylanguage. Not one muscle shook from anxiety. He had been through thisbefore and was trained to handle this. No matter their speed,strength, or skill, he was trained to keep a step ahead or die.

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  5. Kieara looked at the odd contraption in his hand not familiar with it. However, the people chasing her had lots of those things. They didn't look exactly like that, but they were similar. She then winced resisting the urge to yelp as she was lifted up. She helped him the best she could seeing that he was now helping her and not a threat. Her tail instinctively wrapped around his waist.

    "W-who're you? W-why are you helping me?" She asked through pain and out of fear. She wanted to know. She was soaked and blood now soaked her wound. The rain made it hard for her to hear, see, and smell. Her main three instincts geared tword her survival.

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  6. <style type="text/css">p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }</style> She was looking at his weapon. Was she unfamiliar with what it was? No matter. Now was not the time. At any moment, her pursuers could burst through the woodlines and, if they were armed like he was, begin opening fire on their position. The chances of surviving a harsh spray like that would be extremely slim... And in her shape, it wouldn't surprise him if she gave out soon. So, now, after holstering the gun in it's open-faced clip, Ivan scooped the woman up and began to make a hard dash for the nearest shelter possible from the rain. The fabric of his shirt now stuck tight to his bare flesh, making it only slightly harder for the human to move, but wasn't enough to be tasking.

    It was after a thirty second sprint that Ivan's foot planted hard against a weak wooden door to kick it inward, exposing to them the black abyss of a tool-shed for the maintenance workers. Scythes, hammers, rakes, and other miscellaneous tools decorated the walls in their unorganized chaos and gave the room a more ominous look in the darkness of the shelter. But, in all honesty, neither of them could complain.

    Shelter was shelter, and he at least was grateful.

    Gently, Ivan sat the girl down in the corner of the room and shut the door and locked it, leaving them bathed in the pitch black of the small structure. The sounds of the rain pelting against the tin roof was somewhat soothing, but the sounds outside past it would likely soon become unnerving. Being in no position to use a firearm in such small quarters, Ivan blindly reached out and grasped up what felt to be a trench shovel and held it tightly in his hands, right hand upon the handle and left hand wrapped around it's shaft, blade pointing down.

    “My name is Ivan,” he said, his voice quiet as death. “Whether you know it or not, you called for me. If they're as determined as I hope that they're not, count your blessings that I'm here...”

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    Kieara limped along with him. She was shocked when he'd lifted her fully into his arms. She held onto him as best as she could. Her fear of being dropped was imminent. She looked around as they ran her lavendar eyes scanning the treelines and such in the dark. It was instinct by now. She'd learned quickly from both this realm, and her old one, there was no room for error. She had learned to survive on her own, though in this human realm....She wasn't so sure of her chances. She knew little to nothing about it.

    When she felt him suddenly stop and his foot rose only to collide with a door. She turned around to look at it her ears pinned on her head. She could see ok in the dark, better than a human, but not perfectly. As they went inside and she was put down her momentary panic quelled for a split second. She was coated with a creeping fear again though as she was coated in darkness once more. Her lavendar eyes glowed in the dark like a flashlight. Two cat-ilke eyes peered at him from the corner listening to his words.