Half-Demon x Human

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  1. It was a dark andrainy night. Unbeknownst to most, behind the clouds in the sky lay a new moon.The worst time of the year for a young Kieara. She was a young half demon, andlike all half demons lost her ability to use her powers on new moons. A terriblefate really for most half demons. It usually meant they were targeted. <o:p></o:p>
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    She was panting hardas she ran from something. What was it? One of a half demons worst nightmares.A slayer. They were after her again, and there was something in particularabout her that they wanted to find out. The girl had a curse on her. She was doomedto be obedient. Any direct order given to her she had to follow. She was bornwith this dreadful little problem. It was a curse put upon her family, whichnow ceased to exist due to it. <o:p></o:p>
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    However, the slayersplanned to use her tonight then kill her. They thought perhaps maybe she knewwhere others like her might have been hiding. Who knows? Maybe she did, maybeshe didn't. Either way it was another kill for them on their part. A win winsiutation, and a lose lose one for Kieara.<o:p></o:p>
    Kieara was sportingblack and white striped tiger ears, and a matching tail. Her eyes were a brightlavendar, and her hair was snow white. She was around the height of 5'3, andher hair was in a braid. It reached her lower back, but was falling down sinceshe was running. A few loose strands stuck to her face as the rain fell. Shealso had a bright silver bell clad on her tail. She couldnt remove it. It wasrelated to the curse. Her body was thin and petite, yet she had curves thatsuited her beautifully.<o:p></o:p>
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    She attempted to calmher breathing as she ran. It didn't do her much good. Not the way she wasrunning. It did more harm than good actually. After a bit she gave up on this.<o:p></o:p>
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    She was nearing the local park. She ran therisk of being seen, but would rather be seen than dead. Her heart was poundingout of her chest as she reached the edge of the woods, and yelped as shetripped. She fell hard onto the wet ground. Her body was exhausted. She wasunable to move an inch further. She had given up.<o:p></o:p>
  2. "No time to talk. Come with me Half blood. Hurry!" This soft and charming voice darted through Kieara and made her legs wobble, it wasn't feminine, she knew that much, but each word sounded like it came from a pool of understanding and care. But before she could even answer the mysterious voice she was dragged from her feet and the scruff of her collar grasped as she was pulled backwards at a high speed, the bell on her tail ringing frantically as she was sped through the shadows cast by the spindled trees of the park. Her ears flpoped over her eyes, all she could sense was the wind rushing through her beautiful white hair. Adjusting her ears she looked up and all she could see was the back of a trench coat flapping above her as she was hauled, behind it the moon glowing down onto her, restricting her powers. She was so confused, what was this voice? Why was it helping her? Who was helping her? All these questions rushed into her head. Poor Kieara couldn't cope with suspense, so she did all that she could in her current situation.

    "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"Put me down put me down put me down!" Realising what she had just done, Kieara slapped her hand over her mouth, hoping that her cry hadn't rang to loud. The mysterious voice spoke to her once again, a little less soothing as last time. "What the hell do you think you are doing halfblood?! Do you want them to..." The voice cut off and suddenly Kieara and the figure halted. The sudden jolt had so much force that it sent Kieara rolling through the grass of the field they had passed in to. She was not in the least bit pleased, in fact she was furious. She wanted to know who this person was and why they were helping her. She sat up on her knees, brushing the grass out of her hair. After blowing a piece from the tip of her nose she looked up to see no one there. Just a moon basked field of tall grass and bails of hay in the distance.

    "What's the big idea huh!? Hello? Right! Come on out! I know you're there you know! I want to know what kind of game you see this as and i want to know now! If they find..." She was cut off by a cold finger being forcefully but tentatively pressed on her lips. The voice spoke out again, it was just as soft as before. "Ssssh! They're coming. I need you to stay as calm as possible ok. They will hear you and they will come for you. I'm leaving now but i need you to trust me ok" This made Kieara's heart drop into her stomach. She was worried where the mysterious person was going, even though she didn't know who they were, she will feel alone and vulnerable without them looking after her. She didn't want them to go. She let out a small squeak of fear, trying to keep as quiet as she could she spoke to the voice. "But the moon, the slayers? Please don't leave" A tear began to run down her and she looked to the floor. Her tears began to flow more now and dripped onto her knees as she shook from fear. "Please don't, please don't go...i'm scared"

    She felt a hand grip her shoulder, another wipe a tear from her cheek and trace it's finger to her chin, leading her so she would look up. Kieara could only make out a faint shape of a face. "Whatever happens, stay still and don't speak. I'm still here" Kieara felt what she thought were a pair of cold lips press against her forehead. She wiped the streaming tears from her cheeks "ok...i trust you" She smiled and opened her eyes, only to be met by another. They were relaxed at the lids, and they were the most beautiful purple she had ever seen. The pupils weren't circular but instead black crosses entombed by a black ring. The split second she caught their gaze her knees began to wobble again, and the mysterious person flitted out of sight and into a tree behind Kieara, making her prick her ears. However she had caught the sound of something else. She looked to her left and saw three silhouettes advance towards her.

    "It may be a full moon fella's. But this un' still has a bit a bite left in er' haha" The heavy and scratchy words hit Kieara in the chest like a dart. The sl
  3. The slayers were here. *
  4. ((Hiya! I'm not trying to aggitate or make you mad, i'm only trying to help. I saw you were new, and I loved your intro. XD However, after this please try not to control Kieara. That way I can control my character, and you can control yours. That way it keeps us guessing. And so we don't butcher each others characters. XD Welcome to Iwaku!))

    Kieara's lavendar eyes widened in greater fear as she watched the figures. She curled her tail around her waist. Instinct from her many travels in the magical realm so that no one would step on it. The bell stopped dingling as she pressed it firmly against her waist. Her cheeks were still tear-stained. Her ears adjusted from their erect position on her head to a pinned one on her head trying to look as threatening to this new being as possible. She crinkled her nose bearing her fangs as she let out a hiss at them.

    She backed up to the best of her ability. She was sore. Her muscles screamed from all the over-exertion that was forced on them in such a short time. She was dead. She knew it! Surely the mystery man was lying to her. No one was stupid enough to hang around a half demon, outnumbered by slayers who had guns, and then mmiraculously be expected to go hide in the trees? Not likely.
  5. "She'll make a fine prize i'll tell you that fella's" They all began laughing as they circled around Kieara. The leader pointed his gun to her forehead. "Goodnigh' Half blood!" Suddenly a rattling sound was heard and a spiked chain flew out from the darkness and penetrated the slayer's chest, making him scream out in agony. Looping itself around his wrist the chain tensed, breaking his wrist, causing him to drop the gun. "Help meeee!!!" One slayer began to sprint away into the distance, the other however drew his knife and tried striking the chain. Another clinking sound was heard and a second chain thrust from the shadows and coiled around the second slayers' arms and body. The chain began to raise in the air like the posture of a snake on guard, and like a snake constricting the second slayer, driving the spikes further into his flesh causing him to gargle on the blood flowing out of his mouth. The first slayer made no noise as his silhouette dangled lifelessly in front of the moon. A short gust of wind violently brushed past and the mysterious figure was stood between Kieara and the two slayers. "Shame on you. Hunting a poor defenceless demon. A half blood none the less too.....feel my sting." His voice was much harsher than before. Still calm but their was malice in it, frighteningly still in contrast to the current situation. The chains were emerging from his torso and arms, many more of them coiled around his figure. Their was a quick crunch and the slayers gargling abruptly stopped. With the moonlight shining on him Kieara could see him more clearly now. He too had white hair with a fringe that covered one of his eyes, yet the other still hidden behind the lid. He had patterns, markings that ran down his body, covered by his chains. He had two large gauntlets on his hands and forearms that were black and purple and looked like they were almost formed from his skin and bone. He turned to face Kieara, opening his uncovered purple eye. He smiled and the tips of his fangs poked over the bottom of his lip. "Are you ok?"
  6. Kieara had just rose an arm up in an attempt to defend herseld when the rattling sound occurred causing her ears to twitch. She looked to the darkness it came from, though it wasn't the smartest idea being there were men prepared to kill her less than a few feet away, and jumped out of her skin nearly when a chain emerged at lightning speed penetrating the first man's chest. She watched in horrified relief. It was a conflicting feeling. Horrified at what was going on, but relieved because it saved her life. One of the men broke a run. The third stayed to fight like a fool. What knife would cut chain? Unless it was forged by a warlocks hand, she knew none. She couldn't do anything but sit and watch in stunned silence. Her ears half-erect and her tail now limply laying along the ground. She'd uncoiled it from her waist when she moved. She felt the wind, then she looked only to see the mysterious man from before. He seemed so calm. As if he'd done this a million times. She finally came out of her daze, and forced herself to look over at him. Mostly out of confusion, but it was mixed with curiosity. She saw his hair was as white as her own. And his features sort of matched. Was he a full demon? If he was, she'd be more terrified than if he were a slayer. Demons back in the magical realm were relentless. They hated her kind. They were meager slaves there. Kieara then remembered what would happen with her curse. Sure she wanted saved, but that meant she was bound to the man now. Him her master. Whoever saved her life was deemed her new master as by rules of the curse because she was in his debt. There were a couple of ways to aquire a new master by laws of her curse, but this was the most rare. Once she finally did find her voice, she spoke. "Y-yeah.....I'm ok...."
  7. "OK...good." The stranger looked away from Kieara. almost as if it were in shame. "I'm sorry you had to see that. But people like them, there's just no talking to them nowadays. But i hope i didn't scare you!" The stranger pulled Kieara to her feet and brushed some grass from her ears. "Sorry, force of habit. Oh! How rude of me! I'm Garneil by the way" He stretched out his hand to her, looking at her with his fang still poking from his lip. His hand began to shudder and he dropped it, letting it rest against his thigh. "Sorry...again haha. I used a lot of energy with that stunt, but that doesn't excuse my manners. They're been appalling today." He was slightly out of breathe from flying at high speeds with Kieara on his back. It being dark it was hard for one to see his wings. However, Kieara being a half blood and all, should have been able to see the shade which wraps around them when in earth's realm. He looked as if he was even struggling to smile at her. But he was doing his best to make her feel comfortable after the large and highly confusing fiasco. "What's your name?"
  8. Kieara blinked at the man as he pulled her to her feet. He was being so friendly to her. This was so surreal. She felt him brush grass from her ears and couldn't help but shudder at the feeling. HEr ears were sensitive and the gentle contact felt good. She offered a half smile at this point and she watched his hand and it fell. "Are you ok?" she spoke to him. "And my name's Keiara." she said. "Nice to meet you Garneil." She said. She could see his wings, but she wasn't sure what to make of it. She wasn't sure whether she should run again or stay.
  9. Garneil lent forward, placing his hands on his knees, taking in slow breathes. "I'll all right thank you...just feeling light headed, a bit worn. Nothing a rest won't fix" He looked up at her, smiling once more as he panted for air. ""And it's nice to meet you Kieara" His wings at that point began to disappear, as if his spine had suddenly swallowed them in. "You look so confused. And i bet you have so many quesions?" He seemed to have gained himself slightly and realigned his posture.
  10. Kieara looked at him and nodded. "What are you? Why are you here? Why'd you help me?" she asked to begin with. Three burning questions off her chest. She let her tail sway the bell dingling lightly. She twitched her ears about on her head listening for everything. She was very paranoid. "Where do we go?" She added in. She didn't want to stay here. Nor did she want to go back to the magical realm.
  11. Garneil looked slightly shocked at Kieara's questions. "Are you serious?" He chuckled as he said this. He proceeded to step forward and placed his finger on her bottom eyelid, moving it down and leaning in to closely inspect her eyes with his purple eyes. "You don't look ill, perhaps trauma? No no no..." at this point Garneil was scratching his head and mumbling to himself. He realised he hadn't answered her questions and quickly snapped from his deep trail of thought. "Well Kieara...i'm a demon" He smiled at this point, and as he did it looked different from before, all his teeth were sharp and jagged, only his canines poked over the top of his lip, but not to much. The black crosses in his eyes warped and twisted, making the blacks of his eyes change shape to a more triangular one, the crosses still there but larger and overlapping the shape of the triangle. "I'm here because i couldn't bear to go to...that place. It tried changing me, it tried changing me from who i truly am! I may be a demon but i still have feellings! I'm not all evil!" His eyes and teeth slowly shifted to their original form and Garneil dropped down, squatting whilst sitting on the back of his heels. A tear began to run down his face and he buried his face into his folded arms that rested neatly on his knees. He let out a few mumbled sentences, in between the small gaps where he could compose himself. "I'm so sorry, i just find it hard...digging up the past. My sister was struck by illness and lost a lot of her power. When she recovered we found out that she had become a half blood." He rose to his feet and dried his cheeks after blowing his fringe from his face. "We tried keeping her secret, we didn't want her to be taken away or ridiculed, but she was discovered one day...she was executed in front of us because of our 'insolence'. Now i feel i should somehow avenge my sister. I know i can't bring her back, she was killed by demon kind. But i'm determined to do anything that can stifle other demons. Also half bloods, they remind me of my sister, you all have a bond to my sister through my eyes so they are my two valid reasons for saving you. That and half bloods are the bridge between the human and demon realm"
  12. Kieara blinked as he began to probe her. She wasn't sure why he was though. She remained still allowing him to as her tail stopped its swaying motions and froze. She then saw he began his story. She felt bad that it made him so sad and nuzzled him affectionately to make him feel better. Her plush ears were extremely soft to the touch. Like a persian cat's fur. She had been scared at first hearing he was a demon, but after hearing his story she wasn't so scared anymore. "I see...."
  13. He felt a pulse race through his body as Kieara nuzzled his face. Demons weren't used to receiving affection. Other demons would usually frown on it. As for Half bloods and humans, well they were down right afraid of demons. Her fur was so soft, the warmth that came from it was foreign yet soothing. Garnail let out a slow exhale and his eyes closed lightly. He spread his wings out, fully puishing out their form, the white of his feathers had a soft glow and the purple and black tips radiated a small bit. He folded his arms and his wings around her, holding her with one arm and running his hand down her back and to the tip of her tail with the other. He let out 2 words with that same comforting voice from before. "Thank you..."
  14. Kieara was confused at his reaction. She purred when he ran his hand down her back and tail. A shiver ran up her spine at the feeling. It felt sooo good. She looked as he wrapped his wings around her too and spoke. "for what?" She asked him. What had she done that he was thanking her for?
  15. "Well...for not running" He smiled down at her and there was a small flash. He relived his wings from around Kieara and slumped to the floor in sleep. He had transported to them to what looked like an old abandoned abbey. He curled up into a slight ball and wrapped his wings around himself along with some chains, his breathing heavy along with his slumber. A well deserved rest from using too much energy in one night.
  16. Kieara looked around and frowned. she then moved next to him. She was tired herself. She cuddled up to him to keep both him and her warm and nuzzled his neck. She wrapped her tail around him too. She felt safe with him. She then closed her eys allowing herself to drift off.
  17. That same dream raced around his head. No matter what he did he couldn't shake it from hid mind. He'd lived with this same dream for years now, it had almost become like a custom to him...but this didn't mean he wasn't afraid of it. Garneil gasped as he jolted upright as he awoke from his deep sleep. He traced his hand though his hair as he realised that he was dreaming, although a dream can be based on past experiences. He looked down to see Kieara curled up and purring in her sleep. This made him smile. He couldn't help think that he was glad she was safe, that she was actually comfortable around him! He gently lifted her tail off him and placed it down softly as he didn't wish to wake her. She had had a very long andb confusing night, sleep was the best option. As he stood up he twisted his arms to crack his back, Abbey floors not being the comfiest of places to sleep of course. He placed a cushion that he found hung on the back of a pew under Kieara's head. He also used a table throw as a blanket for her, yes she had fur and looked at peace, but she was different to other half bloods he had saved. After this he geared up and leapt from the belfry, spreading his wings and letting the early morning mist blow though his hair. Garneil wanted to bring back breakfast.
  18. Kieara purred softly and it got louder as he made her more comfortable. She curled up into a tiny ball. She whimpered softly as he left her, but she never woke up. Kieara was dreaming herself. Though her dreams were centered around her past.