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Modern, War, Sports, Racing, Action, Romance, Yuri
~Welcome to my lovely thread!~

Hope you find something you like!

About Me:
I'm an eighteen year old college student who loves to write with other people! I'm guessing by reading that I am a college student, it's pretty much implied that I do have a busy schedule, and that is unfortunately the case! I do try to respond as much as possible, and if I cannot I will inform my partners as such! As for interests, I'm a bit of a geek but I'm much more of a sports fanatic. I've played a variety of sports, from basketball to wrestling. Sports take up quite a bit of my life, but not all of it entirely! I still enjoy video games (Halo, Metal Gear Solid, etc), movies (Big Hero Six, 007, etc), and TV shows! I am familiar with a variety of universes, especially if they're realistic. English is my second language, but don't worry about that. I love talking to all sorts of new people! Feel free to message me even if you aren't interested in RPing! I love meeting new people!

Some Expectations:

This is the hard part, since I have to be kinda mean, but I have to do what has to be done!​
  • Minimum two paragraphs, I do prefer bigger posts but sometimes you can't think of enough content and that's okay!​
  • No ditching! I do want a long-term RP, so I do expect my partners to stick around for a while. If anything rises please let me know! I'm very flexible and willing to accommodate.​
  • Proper grammar please! Some mistakes are fine, nobody's perfect!​
  • Communication is key! Have an idea you wanna introduce? Let me know! Have some criticism? Sure! Something's on your mind? Absolutely! Wanna chat? Always!​
  • Flexibility is a must! I do have a crazy schedule and do have spells of some crazy writer's block! I'm working on letting people know so I don't just leave them!​
The Fun Part:

Now that we are all done with the bad part, here comes the fun part! The stuff that I would like to do, at least suggestions, that is. You are always welcome to suggest new ideas if you think I'll be interested in it!
*All pairings are either in FxF or MxF, sometimes even MxM given special circumstances.
*All RPs with me are in a modern setting. I do modern settings best, but I am no stranger to Sci-Fi, or even fantasy if I am enticed enough!
  • College
  • High School
  • Military
  • Police
  • Everyday Life
  • Professional Sports
  • Survival
  • Apocalyptic
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Rival/Rival
  • Cop/Criminal
  • Cop/Cop
  • Married Couple
  • Soldier/Soldier
  • Soldier/Commander
  • Trans/Trans
  • Romantic Relationship (engaged and not engaged!)
  • Blooming Romance
  • Crush/Crush
  • Halo
  • RWBY
  • Red vs Blue
  • Metal Gear Solid
And many more!

Congratulations! You've most likely read through this thread! I really do hope you find something you like, whether it be an idea I have already or an idea you'd like to do with me! Send me your favorite song or something like that if you contact me so I can get more music suggestions, and know that you read the thread!

Thanks so much for coming and reading through!
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