Hajimemashite, all~ -grins- Let's have some fun?

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  1. Just a quick hello. I think I'd be more accurately called...fresh but seasoned meat? -laughs- I did this because I've been roleplaying since highschool and have yet to find a place really just meant for roleplay. Also I haven't been able to maintain my activity in other places that do have section for roleplay, but aren't really meant for RP-ng purposes. I hope this'll be fun, and I'd love to meet as many people and characters as I can!
  2. Chieftain Malkuthe of the Highwind Tribe, Eternal and watcher of the Planes, Sam'rin and Kayyan'haien welcomes you to Iwaku!

    It's pretty much the best RP community I've been in and everyone is willing to help and RP with each other! If you ever need any help, just ask and there will be a couple people with torches and pitchforks answers ready for you!

    Also, since it's Iwakuween, watch out for rabid plot-bunnies... They will swallow your soul! (assuming you have one, of course! (The staff members don't).)
  3. Nice to meet ya.
  4. Only half the darkness, you say? Ah that's good.

    Welcome, don't feed the rabbits. They are rather cannibalistic right now.
  5. Well if this is your first all-roleplay forum, do we have a treat for you!

    (Hint: It's roleplay! 8D)

    Welcome to the community! <3
  6. Shimeji mushrooms to you too, or whatever that was supposed to say.
    Welcome to Iwaku - Diana is very correct that this should be a fun change for you, since roleplay is our heart and soul.
    If you have questions, take a look at Community Hub or Community 101 and if you don't find the answer you seek, ask!
    Happy playing!

  7. O.o Bunnies eat souls now?! Holy SH*T. I'll kee a look out, thanks for the heads up. Nice to meet you. :)
  8. Nice to meet you too! XD Let's have some fun together, okay?
  9. Nice to meet you too! *laughs* Sadly, I'm not really Japanese... TT^TT Thanks for the heads up and the warm welcomes! I'm still rereading the Community 101 over and over again, trying to keep up with everything. But you're right, from what I've seen so far and the RP plots I've read, this really does look like a lot of fun!
  10. Thank you! And to everyone looking at the ridiculous long list of my posts, I have to apologize since this is also my first time actually posting on a forum... *sweatdrops* Sanki wa gomen nasai!
  11. Mhm. But can you give the nearest directions to Anime Land?
  12. Easy, you can close your eyes while listening to your favorite anime instead of watching it and pretend you're right there and they're talking to you! LOL or...you can just head over to: http://p4percake.deviantart.com Hahaha! Jk. Jk.

    Have you been involved with any RP's lately. I've been RP-ing since I was 12 but I've only ever done them on deviantart, facebook, skype, and MSN, maximum between 4 people??? So this is reaaaally cool for me! I didn't know RP communities existed! Like...ones for the sole purpose of RP!
  13. Then you'll like it here.
  14. lol, seasoned meat. I like you.

    Welcome to Iwaku! All RP all the time!
  15. Welcome to the community, Otaku kun :D
  16. Arigatou minna~! Yoroshiku!! *bows*