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  1. mini is cutting her long hair down to a pixie cut in less than an hour!

    What's the craziest or most extreme change you've made to your hair?
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  2. Uhhh.

    One time I used hair chalk to "dye" my hair blonde for a cosplay, seeing as how it was apparently impossible to find temporary dyes for natural hair colors.

    Like, you wanna have red, blue, or green hair for a day or two? That's cool, they make temporary dies you can use that'll wash out easily with shampoo. Perfect for costumes and similar special occasions. But -- you want hair that's blonde, or any other natural color? Ohhhh then you have to go through the trouble of getting a "permanent" dye that won't go away until your hair completely grows back into its natural color, which would leave you in a messy transitional state for who-knows-how-long. Temporary dies for natural colors are just not a thing. You either get anime hair for two days, blonde hair forever, or no change at all. ...Thankfully, the chalk sort of worked at getting the same effect.

    *cough* Anyway, that's about the craziest thing I've ever done with it. My hair's too untamable to do anything outside the norm and still have it work out well. I can't even have bangs -- I'd just have fluff in front of my forehead. >_>
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  3. Nothing too crazy I'm afraid. I have had long hair for pretty much my whole life, like long enough to pass my hips. So I suppose it was kinda crazy when I cut it to shoulder length? At least for me. ^_^' At the moment it reaches my hips again.

    I'm just not too adventurous I guess ^_^''
  4. I dyed my hair black once. Being a redhead, with extremely pale skin, I ended up looking like a witch. I ended up having to bleach my hair and redying it back to a color that was close to my natural color all within the span of a few hours. =/
  5. My hair almost always went naturally to the right. Just how my hair worked. Though, after time and effort, I managed to turn it left. I like it better now.
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  6. Name a color. My hair has been that color.

    I am fab ok. Damn job limiting my options *grumbles*
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  7. I got Dreds when I was in high school
  8. From hair to my hips to pixie cut when I was around fourteen.

    And so we learned that I look like an ugly boy when I have hair that short...
  9. The shortest I have cut my hair is just below the chin. I am NOT a short hair person.

    I've colored my hair all KINDS of things. 8D But never blond or orange. Cause I hate those colors. c___c

    My FAVORITE hair color is a dark blue!
  10. How dredful.

    o.o Sorry, I was compelled.

    I've never dyed my hair though I've wanted to for a long time. I'm scared of ruining my hair though.
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  11. I used to be super conservative about my hair. I only died it natural colors, I only cut it certain cuts. But then I realized.... It's just hair. It'll grow back. So my favorite hair cut was an asymmetrical bob. It was cut up over my right ear any on the left side it was pretty long (like halfway between my jaw and shoulder). Then I decided I wanted to grow it out, so I just cut it all off. It was about 2 inches long. All over. I hated it, to be honest, but it grew back. Most recently, I died it blue and purple. :D


    Not necessarily crazy, but definitely not my norm.
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  12. I used to be super experimental with my hair. My hair has been every colour of the rainbow, in edgy hair-cuts, super-duper short.

    Now for the past few years I've just been growing my hair out and it's so boring it's not funny haha. I just dye it various shades of natural red, too. My hair has never been this long so I don't really want to cut it, but also my hair gets everywhere, tangles, I eat it all the time, my roommate pulls it out of his butt in the shower -- it's crazy. I may cute a few inches off and get some cute bangs. Yeah.

    The most interesting thing about my hair is that when I wake up in the morning I look like Hermione. Poof.
  13. Something tells me no one has ever dyed their hair the colour of what I vomited at my after prom party.
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  14. Currently my hair is cut at a shaggy inverse bob. I need to re dye it. I dunno the name of the color I had but it's a red with purple in it. God damn silver hairs reminding me I need to find a new hair dresser.
  15. I went from a (terrible) pixie cut to waist length hair in the span of a year and a half from age 10 and kept growing it out through middle school. I only got it cut half-way through grade 8 because that's when my surgery was originally scheduled and having long hair just wasn't practical. My hair is also super thick and wavy and I shed more than my roommate's cat - it gets everywhere. I usually keep it between chin to shoulder length now so it's more manageable.

    As for hair colours, well... I'm naturally a brunette but I really don't like my natural colour so I dye it a lot. I dyed it black once at 14 - decided never again with that colour - and I've been dying it consistently since I was 17. Went blonde for a few months, then bleached it and went magenta for a while. Settled on a deep ruby/cherry red for a few years before doing blonde with red bangs. I went back to full red after that until recently. Last year I stripped my hair of the red and did the two-tone thing again and bleached it blonde and added aqua tips. A few months ago I went lavender with light pink tips/streaks. Currently, I'm giving my hair a break until I dye it a red/dark red/purple ombre in September.
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  16. I used way too much Hair Gel in Grade 9...
    I wasn't that crazy with my hair growing up (or now even).

    One of my friends still teases me about the Gel time to time though. XD
  17. Dreadlocks.
  18. Back in highschool I didn't cut my hair and it grew down to my shoulders
  19. Mini's hair is shorter than its ever been

    Mini misses her long hair and deeply regrets everything
  20. On the bright side, it'll be easier to take care of. And soon enough grow back. :)
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