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Hair Dye Wins or Fails?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Adira, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. So I have an obsession with hair dye. (Super unhealthy but the colors!) In my experience with dyeing my hair I've had some major wins (Including my blue and purple hair) and my major failures.. Like tonight I was aiming for a deep auburn color and ended up with fire red hair!? Dang you lady at Sally's Beauty Supply!

    So share some of your hair dye hits or misses!

    My major fail was the summer before freshman year. I go to a private high school with very strict rules on our appearances. One of the rules being no "Extreme or unnatural hair colors" My hair was bright red and in an effort to tone it down my mother told my dad to wash my hair with dish soap. So he did.. 23 times. My hair was stripped of all its moisture and left a cotton candy pink. My hair was so broken I had to cut most of it off and deep condition it everyday for months. I'm lucky to still have hair.. but here I am 2 years later still dyeing my hair!
  2. I have had almost every hair colour under the sun. I think the only one I'm missing is white, and that'll come eventually :p

    My biggest fail was this year, just before summer. I had already died my hair green and then blue, but wanted to go back to a more natural red. So I bleached my hair out, and instantly regretted it. From my roots down about 4-5 inches was a platinum blonde, but onwards was a patchwork of half-bleached blue, green, and for some reason bright cotton candy pink o-o I went and cut most of my hair off, and dyed what was left the red colour.

    My biggest win was a few years ago with electric blue. Daaaaamn I looked good with that~ It actually faded out to a rather nice colour too, so I didn't have to worry so much.
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  3. Well.. To be honest I haven't dyed my hair to much, until I move to the Uk. >,>

    In here I cut my medium-length hair and went for highlights blonde( over my super dark hair ) and from there it started to go lighter.. Until I was ash blonde or a nice sandy blonde for about 2 years..

    I must say worst mistake ever. Yes, the colour looked nice and plus extensions and etc.. But it was not worth it !
    My hair is still burnt from the bleach and such, now I have about 7 months since I got back to my original hair colour. And still I see the damage..

    Never again will I die my hair, an light colour that is. Ever.
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