Haiku Challenge!

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  1. (5)first, five syllables.
    (7)then use seven of the things.
    (5)now, return to five.

    Bonus points if you include the name of a season, the name of a fruit, or both. :)
  2. powdered sugar snow
    strawberry goop to excess
    funnelcake in spring
  3. He said he loves me.
    Spring is when I got the ring.
    Ring finger it sits.
  4. light, gone forever
    Eternal darkness grows now
    A supernova
  5. [​IMG]
    ^^Tom McNemar^^

    Apples in the Fall
    Ripe, red and oh so ready
    A pie in Winter

  6. Foliage in Fall
    The shed mantle of Summer
    The sunny maid fled
  7. Yesterday I fell,
    Today I hit the bottom,
    I will fly again
  8. Winter is so bare
    seeing a leaf is so rare
    Least I have my pear
  9. In Autumn we reap
    The fruits of our sweet labor
    Apples, red and gold
  10. The truth lies dispersed
    Papers, scattered on the desk
    It is clear to me
  11. It is strange when a
    poem refers to itself
    Fourth wall just got broke
  12. My life is over
    Darkness awaits me in death
    Turmoil forever