Haiku Challenge #1 / Childhood

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    Write a haiku (or series of haikus, if you'd rather) about a childhood memory. It can be about your childhood, the childhood of one of your characters, or even just childhood in general.

    A Haiku, in case you need a refresher, looks like this:
    Line with 5 syllables
    Line with 7 syllables
    Line with 5 syllables

    Here's mine, for an example:


    Toys litter the floor
    "Clean your room", Mother commands
    How about never
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  2. Childhood memories
    A swingset lies rusted now
    Never to be used
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  3. A drop of honey
    will taste sweet to the children
    But not for adults
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  4. comfortable heat
    the fireplace where stories are told
    sleep to me comes easy now
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  5. A forgotten past
    Buried beneath my worries
    I want to go back
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  6. Books scattered around
    In want to learn everything
    Never time to sleep
  7. Merry days approach
    But forever sorrowful
    The loss of a friend

    Fluffy and loving
    Compassionate and caring
    Forever silent

    The gentle and loving
    Gazes of chocolate eyes
    eternally missed