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  1. Is there anyone here? *looks from covers* where is da people?
  2. *whispers* Is the new person still looking for us? Shhh shh, hide!
  3. *whispers back* Why??
  4. People are here.
    In hordes in fact compared to the last site I was on.
  5. So we can jump out and say boo!
  6. O.o YAY THERES PEOPLE! *pokes all of you*
  7. They're onto us! RUN!! *flees the poking*
  8. hey wait!! *runs* ._. don't leave meh
  9. *Stands around awkwardly*

    I think DoughGuy has pokeaphobia... Don't ever use facebook.
  10. *steps fleeing* No no its just ...
    *pokes Electra*
  11. *feels poked* pokephobia? xD didn't know that was real :3
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  12. I made it up. :P
  13. Twould be a horrid phobia to have.
  14. that would be the best phoebia ;) I wish I had it though :( or.. maybe I do have it DUN DUN DUN!
  15. *pokes you again* You don't look fearful.
  16. I look like a squishy cat which I think its probably unfearful xD
  17. haha might be why.
  18. you don't look that fearful either *pokes*
  19. You know, we have a chat
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  20. I have no fear *poses proudly*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.