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  1. I don't go around telling people my gender most of the time. Technically, what I am is transgender. It's confusing, and I'd much rather not go into it any farther than that. ^^"
    I'm eighteen years old.
    I'm not new to RP, I've been at it for years, but it has been a very long time since I've done them.
    I don't mind group RP, but I also don't mind RP'ing with one other person. But seriously, either way, keep it clean. I'm not trying to do all that.
    I love anime, (which isn't too uncommon), but I only RP the ones that I know well.
    I have Always and Forever by BOTDF stuck in my head currently ._.
  2. I know a transgender girl in my school; poor girl is ridiculed everywhere she goes.
    So anyway, how are you?
  3. I'm okay ^-^ I'm smoking and getting ready to run some errands. How are you?
  4. Tired and just woke up, and saw this was put up. ^^
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  5. Well, it's nice to meet you sir :3 I'm Robby. Or Kioku. Or Kio >o>
  6. I'm Wildpelt! Nice to get to know of you!
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  7. I'll be back. :3
  8. Welcome to Iwaku where we actually have quite a few transgendered members! O___O
  9. Welcome, Robby! One of my closest friends has a transgender relative-in-law who's pretty cool.
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Not open for further replies.