Haiii there, here's another noob for yall!

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  1. Sooo I guess this calls for an introduction, doesn't it? Well my name is Felicia, but you can call me Fez or Fliss. Or just Felicia. Or whatever you'd like, it really doesnt matter to me ^.^
    I'm completely new to roleplaying, so excuse me if I get something compleeeetely wrong, but I've been told I'm a quick learner, so it might work out...
    I'm a Swedish teenage girl who's way too obsessed with waaaay too many things that ruin my life on a daily basis! Some of those things are anything Harry Potter related (books, films, musicals...), Doctor Who, Sherlock, South Park and various other comedy shows!
    My favorite things to do include writing, reading, doing random accents, acting and singing.
    Since I'm an aspiring musical theatre actress, music and acting are probably the most important elements in my life other than my friends and family.
    I'm open for almost anything roleplaying vise, seeing as I've never done it before so I don't actually have any preferences! Honestly, I'd just be happy to be included and to get to start out and learn!
    If you've actually read all of this then you deserve a freakin' medal, 'cause I go oooon and oooon for soooo long, so I won't go on for too much longer! (My friends always tell me I talk soooo much, which is something that the people talking to me on here should probably expect too).
    I could go on for ages, but I don't wanna get boring!
    But I'm looking forward to using this site and to get started! ^_^
  2. YAY! Being new to roleplaying is so much fun! ^o^ There limitless things to try!

    Welcome to the community, Fliss! :D
  3. Yo welcome to the site! Since you like music, I have to ask as a former band member, what is your favorite instrument?