Haii.. teehee

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  1. Um haii I'm Darkie teehee
    Random facts about myself!
    I'm 15
    I'm in the tenth grade
    I love wolfs
    I dye my hair probably to much
    I loverole-playing
    English is my favorite subject
    Umm... I like tea and hot cocoa!
    Anddd i Love fantasy and well basically any rp!
  2. Hi. So, you've seen how the Forums are laid out, and browsed the Fantasy or OneXOne section?
    Nevermind, after a glance at your most recent thread Hunter and Beast you're off to an epic start.
  3. Yeah Beasty is a good friend of mine i met on a different site. He introduced me to this site which i love :D. Still a bit shy but i'm sure i'll get the hang of it.. maybe
  4. Alright, already one solid friend. I make more by reading threads, clicking on interesting writers and looking over their Roleplayer Resumes to see what might be a good character/plot match. Dropping messages out of the blue, with a purpose, often opens doors.
  5. Welcome! I'm so glad to hear you love Iwaku already! :D I'm Mittens! ^^ If you ever need any help, feel free to PM me or a Staff Member!

    Also, we are tea buddies. :3 It's been decided. >w<
  6. Hehe thank you!!! And yes tea buddies for life!