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Would you possibly wanna rp with me?

  1. LOL, *clicks tongue* or nah

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  2. You seem like a moderately ok person, sooooo... sure!

  1. Hai people ^_^ I'm new here, obviously, and am hoping to get a fresh new start! The last roleplaying site I used was pretty much my home, but after a little mishap with some of the more popular users, I no longer felt welcome.

    So now, a handful of friends and I have come to check out these forums! And from what I can tell, these seem way better than the old ones.

    Hope I'm welcome :)
  2. GRAVY! Welcomes and such!!! RP WIF MEH GIRLIE.
  3. -Hacks wall down- Welcome to Iwaku! For being here I give you cookie!
  4. I'm so happeh! I get a cookie <3
  5. Ek! Hey! I'm Adira!! BTW you're pic.. is kittehs.. and yesh! Well anyway. I had a similar sitatution happen to me. But here it feels like my new home. Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming. I look forward to role-playing with you!
  6. Howdy Grace, welcome to the site!
  7. That cat..... too cute.... SERIAL KILLERS... DONT... LIKE... CUTE!


    Welcome to the site, your catti- I mean, erm, Grace.

    If you've any questions I'll be willing to answer them!
  8. Thanks guys! And by the way, cute owl Diana ^_^