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Original poster
Figured since I'm new I may as well do this

What nicknames do you like to be called?
Organic, Psycho, OP

Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya?
Male, 21/ooooooold

What's your favorite genres to roleplay?
Fantasy or Fandoms

What kind of characters do you usually play?
Males and Females, it generally depends. Anywhere from shy and introverted to wild and extroverted

Would you prefer Zombie Fox Plushes, Bread Priests, Space Marines, or Wolf Packs?
None of the above really

Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!
Take That - The Garden

Been looking for a new RP site to get back in
Feel free to send me an invite to any RP and I'll consider ^^
Looking for some 1x1's too =)

The Butterfly

Original poster
21 isn't old, kiddo, but welcome to the site anyway.


A Very Hostile Pudding
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Cyberpunk, Horror, Bizarre/Surrealism, Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Grimdark.
Welcome welllcome! I'm Dawn! *leans in close and whispers* Don't listen to my username. It lies.

Anyway, I'm certain a mod will be along shortly to show you the ropes. I really only advertise the cbox and the Asian Music Group. Give either a look if you're interested <3

Enjoy your stay.


Divine Space Witch Ò◇Ó
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Hallo and welcome to the site! :D


Original poster
WELKUMMMMM! hehe welcome! :D
I'm Sakura! :]
Sounds like you'll like it here even though you're not olddd! hahahah :]

what kinds of roleplays are you interested in?
Preferred Character Gender
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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Welcome to Iwaku, OP. If you need help with anything feel free to ask.


QT Pollen Prophet
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Sporadic. If you want, add me lvl1337n00b on Skype to pester me.
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Sci-Fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic. Roleplays with plenty of action, violence, and romance. I don't mind if the base is on one of those alone, but it gets boring when nothing else comes into play, know what I mean? - Also, I'll do something modern if it seems like something I'd be into, but that doesn't happen often.
PFF, twenty-one IS old. You and me are waaaay over the hill, eh? Wanna catch the early bird special with me before bingo, pal?