Hai! N'stuff. :3

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  1. So. Yeah, ehm. I'm 'Bombielonia' or 'Bombie'.. I've been roleplaying for about four years now. Started on videogames and eventually reached forum roleplay! Uhh.

    Anyway! I enjoy roleplay. You can see what I prefer and whatnot in my profile. (I think). I am on a hurry because I've got a plane to board soon.. Oh sh!t, it's actually now. Excuse me! Ciao! Looking forward to roleplay with you all!

    Please send me a PM if you wish to roleplay. My plane previous flight took around six hours, this one will take around one hour. So, uh. Yeah! Talk to you then? Whoever you are. *Pokes virtually.* Mystery person. Cookies.
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  2. I hope your flight was alright!!@.@

    Welcome to the Insanity xD. Please enjoy your stay here and be part of many twisted stories ~
  3. Greetings Bombie, welcome to the community~! >:3
  4. i hope you will drop quite the bomb of joy! :D
  5. Hey Hey Hey! I am Domeki and I welcome you to Iwaku! tumblr_static_natsu_happy.gif
  6. Welcome and enjoy your stay Bombie!
    If you're looking for a roleplay partner for 1x1, please let me know! (:
  7. Hello hello,
    My name is Soul and welcome to the Hall of Stories
    Remember Reality is but and Illusion
    In other words.. Welcome to Iwaku Bombie-chan ^-^ Hoep you'll like it here