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  1. Haro, new forum!! I've been a forum/rping junkie for a few years now, but both of my regular forums have kinda grown dead lately in the RPing section. I started googling, and well, here I am. I'm hoping I can not only make some new friends, and maybe even become part of this community, but that I can get into some intense and fun RPs here.

    Hmm.. a little bit about myself. I'm a 19-year old art student, attending the Art Institute for Animation. I'm a huge nerd; I've been playing 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons since I was barely 3 years old. My dad ran a huge campaign for over 30 years, that kinda fizzled out about a year ago after a fire claimed all of our papers, books, dice, and whatnot. It was a shame, but those roots in a well-built fantasy world launched my interest and love for all things roleplay. I read like a maniac, going through 500-600 pg books in a day, and therefore I also love to write. As far as roleplays go, I'm down for nearly any kind of genre, but I do have my favorites. I love sci-fi, horror, adventure, and fantasy, but a little dash of romance always makes any roleplay exciting. I love character-building, and the more challenging a character is, the more fun.

    I'm a raver, hippie, and a metalhead. I've been playing guitar for years, and music is just another form of art for me. I'm a furry, and a lolita. I can be a bit of a fangirl about things, my biggest obsession right now being DC in general. I've been addicted to Young Justice lately, and I can't get over how awesome the whole series is. I can be crazy, silly, and insane for fun, but I'm also very serious and highly intelligent. I spend hours just doing research for myself for anything that catches my fancy, mostly conspiracy theories and philosophy. I love debate, but I've learned it can be a slippery slope. I am a brony as well, and my waifu is DJ Pon3. I love pistachio ice cream, and wafflez.

    Oh. And I'm a girl. xD

    So yeah, that's my intro post. Hope you don't die of boredom reading it. Thanks!!!! :D
  2. Hai Lolli~

  3. SickLollipop, You and I will get along excellently. Allow me to welcome you to Iwaku, a land of Methodical Madness and Dysfunctional Organization! If you need anything, I've always got fresh baked snack pastries and good advice!

  4. Methodical Madness and Dysfunctional Organization?? Sounds like my family. xD

    And I never turn down pastries, especially fresh-baked. -nibbles on cookie-

    Welp, since you would advise, where should I start to get integrated into the forum? A friend of mine from one of my forums just joined, and we have a small roleplay in mind.
  5. Sweet. Thanks so much!!! :D -happy dance-
  6. Not a problem! If you need anything else, just PM me!
  7. You can also check out the groups to hang out with role players who share your interests, the Content forums are a fun place to hone your writing skills, too - try some of the challenges!
  8. Definitely interested in all of that!!! You'll see me there ;D
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  9. You sure will, haha, Lolli is way better at this sort of stuff than I am x3