Hades x Persephone (FlourPower and LYDIA)

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    "Watch it, faggot."

    Evander washed a look of disgust over the brawny jock who spat the slur at him. Rather than trying to further agitate the other high school student, Evander Kyrios turned and kept his eyes on the ground as he walked to his junior Biology class. Evander hated school. He hated people.

    He threw himself into a seat beside a short, curvy girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. She was looking at him; he twitched his mouth into a half-smile for a moment, before turning to the front of the room and waiting for the teacher to arrive. Evander wore black skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and a dark gray T-shirt. His favoured dark, poetic colours. Evander wished to be in the forest while he sat in the stuffy classroom.

    Evander remembered his gift. Well, he could never really forget it, but he tried to push the knowledge of the weird power out of his mind while he was at school. He didn't want to revive dead flies or something and cause mass chaos. Evander remembered the first time he had discovered the gift, when he had been walking in the forest and happened upon a dead bird. He had felt compelled to do something, and when his fingers touched the feathers of the deceased pigeon, Evander had willed it to live again. And it had.

    Evander was snapped from his trance by a tray of dissection tools landing on the desk between him and the girl. The teacher had arrived, and she was bringing around dead frogs. Dissection. Evander felt sick to his stomach.

    He turned to his partner, who he remembered was named Poppy. "Um, I don't think I can do this," he said monotonously.
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    "What do you mean they're cutting club funding?" An outraged shriek echoed through the halls. Poppy Atwood stood with her arms crossed resolutely over her chest. Her lips were drawn back in a sneer and her blonde eyebrows were drawn up to her hairline. In fact her entire figure radiated disapproval. The boy across from her, a mousy looking boy with too thick glaces and a greasy looking mop of hair twiddled his thumbs nervously. Around them students swarmed mindlessly, oblivious to drama going on in front of them.

    "I'm sorry. But they said our club was 'non essential.' We can still continue if we want but... we won't have any money."
    "Non-essential! Are you kidding me? We're the school news station! We unify our school and our community. We build job skills for our members and foster life long-"

    "We don't have enough members, Poppy." The boy sighed. "Besides our club costs money at the football team needs new jersey's so..." Poppy let out a snort of apparent derision, although her shoulders slumped dejectedly. Didn't the sports team already get enough money? This wasn't fair. She knew she ought to do something, start a petition or set up a meeting with the principal, but... but who would listen to her anyways?

    She was starting to get really upset so she spun away from the boy without a word and hurried into the girl's bathroom. Poppy leaned against the wall and reminded herself to breath. The sliding locks on the stall door shifted ever so slightly. A minute later she picked up her backpack from where she'd dropped it and hurried to her Biology class.

    Since their school didn't have advanced classes, anyone who tested out of their grade level was put in the next class up. That made Poppy one of the few Sophomores in her Junior Biology class. Today they were dissecting frogs. Poppy turned to her new lab partner, a boy with sharply handsome features and white-blonde hair. She'd vaguely noted his presence in the class but didn't really know him. "Oh, uh... not a fan of dissections? It's okay if you're squeamish, most people are."
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    "I'm not squeamish ... " said Evander, sighing and resting his chin in his palm and keeping his eyes fixed on the girl. Away from the dead frog on the table. "I just don't like seeing dead things ... because I could have helped them, but I can't."

    He could. He could simply wave a hand over the dead amphibian and will it to live again, and it would. But he would probably cause mass hysteria if he reanimated a dead frog in Biology class. Evander knew that if he even looked at the frog it would most likely spring from the cold tray and leap from the room, so he studied the girl. She was beautiful, he thought. "I'm Evander," he said.

    Poppy furrowed a brow. "I suppose that's one way to think about it but..." A very odd way, certainty. "But it's dead now. The only thing we can do for it now is to make sure it didn't give their lives in vain and dissect it in the name of science." She laughed and examined a scalpel lying near her. The teacher was walking them through the process but Poppy wasn't paying much attention. How hard could it be, after all? After a moment she picked the scalpel up. She didn't exactly like dissecting things but she supposed they could have ended up with something far worse than a frog.

    "Evander, huh? I'm Poppy, it's nice to meet you! You're a junior right?" Poppy said already leaning over the frog as she spoke. She glanced at her textbook and grimaced. "Brace yourself. Frogger's about to go under the knife."
    "Yeah, I'm a junior," he said, sighing and trying not to vomit. "You're a sophomore, I guess."

    He kept his eyes fixed on her face as she raised the knife. His eyes flicked to the dead frog against his will, and his desire for it to live again flooded through him. It sprung to life and croaked, and Evander, shocked at his own power, sprung backwards and put his hands over his mouth.

    When the frog moved, Poppy almost jumped out of her skin. In fact she let out an undignified shriek she was so startled. The frog wriggled on it's back for a moment before finally writing itself. It croaked again. The entire class had turned at the sound of her shriek to watch the frog. The teacher hurried over. "It's alive! My goodness, that's not supposed to happen. I suppose we can't dissect it now." A ring of laughter went off from around the room and Poppy pressed a hand to her still racing heart. She turned to Evander. "Wasn't that crazy?"
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    Evander's stomach was churning and he felt like he was about to throw up. How could he have done that? How could he have been so stupid to actually necromance a fucking frog back into real life, right in the middle of high school Biology? Evander shook his head over and over again, unable to control his emotions anymore. He gripped his platinum-blond hair between the fingers of his right hand, while he kept the left hovering over his mouth, trembling.

    Evander rushed outside, praying that no one would follow, and sunk to the ground just beside the lab door. He put his head between his knees and tried to concentrate on breathing and regaining his composure, before the door opened and the girl from before stepped out.

    The longer she watched him, the more distressed her lab partner appeared to become. Sure the frog moving had been a bit startling but she didn't see why anyone would be this upset about it. Maybe there was something else going on in Evander's life? A moment later he rushed out the door. The teacher called after him in confusion. Poppy remained sitting at her desk for a long moment, feeling awkward and unsure of what to do.

    After a moment she stood up. "Uh, ma'am? I don't think Evander is feeling well. Can I go check on him?" After a moment the teacher nodded, clearly tired of her class being interrupted. Poppy stepped out into the hall. The blonde hadn't gone far. He was huddled against the wall with his head in his knees. Slowly, she crouched beside him. "Evander, this might sound a little odd but... what's your favorite color?"
    Favourite colour? While Evander thought the question was a bit random, he appreciated the effort Poppy was making to engage him in conversation. He propped his elbows on his knees and tried to level out his breathing, threading his fingers through his hair again. "Black," he replied. "Can't you tell from what I'm wearing?" He laughed feebly. Of course, Evander's entire outfit was black. "Why do you ask?"
    Poppy gave a light laugh, glad to see him raise his head to speak to her. "I guess you're right but it never hurts to ask." She ignored his other question for the time being, studying his face. What she had really been trying to do was calm him down and distract him from what she believed to be an anxiety attack. One of the girls who worked on the news channel with her had an anxiety disorder and Poppy had grown used to talking her down from them. "What about... are you a movie or book kind of guy? Got a favorite?"
    "Books," he replied. "I only like horror movies."

    Evander sighed and leaned against the wall. He was regaining control of his breathing and was able to think clearly again. He doubted that anyone had seen him reanimate that frog. But how could you explain a very dead animal, destined for dissection, suddenly springing to life in a Biology classroom? Still, you couldn't exactly blame it on him without being called crazy.

    "Did you see what happened?" he asked in a whisper, turning his head to look at her.
    Poppy wrinkled her nose at his like for horror movies but didn't comment. She wasn't much of a movie person in general. Or books, for that matter. Poppy had always been a physically active person. Anything that required her to sit still for long amounts of time just wasn't destined for her. She'd start to fidget and grow bored no matter how interesting the story line.

    "Did I see what happened?" Poppy asked in surprised. She laughed lightly and shifted her weight. Kneeling down like this was starting to get uncomfortable. "I think everyone saw what happened. The frog wasn't dead after all... I didn't know things like that happened." It was weird. She'd been so sure it was dead. It certainly looked dead.
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    The bell rang -- lunchtime, which was Evander's both least and most favourite time of the school day. He didn't like it because there was no class to stop him from thinking his own dark thoughts. He liked it because he could sneak off into the woods and be away from the suppressing mass of high school students.

    He sprang to his feet, having enough initiative to help Poppy up. "Well, time for me to go hide in the woods for an hour," he said vaguely, knowing the comment would sound weird to anyone other than himself. He grimaced briefly at the crowds of students and touched Poppy's hand lightly. "Thank you for coming out to check on me," he almost whispered.
    Poppy had been so caught up in her own thoughts that she actually flinched when the lunch bell rang. She immediately chuckled at her awkwardness and reached for his outstretched hand. Her knees seemed to sigh in relief. Crouching down like that had been getting uncomfortable. The door to the science lab burst open and she stepped aside to avoid the pulse of students pouring out. "Wait here a moment. I'll get our stuff." She returned a moment later and offered his things to him.

    "In the woods?" Poppy asked in curiosity. "Why?" Sure they were permitted to leave campus during their lunch period, but most people went home or sometimes to a resteraunt in town. She'd never heard of anyone wandering in the forest behind the school. Was he in a club? Did he eat out there?
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