Hades Supernatural Private Investigator (allways open to solve your case)

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  1. Greetings and be welcome in my office, I'm allways open to help you solve your case.

    Pherhaps you seen my card:
    "Hades Supernatural P. I.
    The real answer is waiting for you..."

    My office is located on a venue, right between an old book store and an old bar.
    the blinds don't let you see what's inside but it's written on the windows glass "Hades Supernatural P. I."
    Inside my office there's my desk on the right it's made of dark wood and I have a few files on top of it as well as my laptop.
    On the left there's a balcony and minibar, there's a door between the desk and the balcony.
    The walls have a wallpaper like: http://www.designers-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/vintage-8.jpg but it gray and dark colors, except the one on the minibar side, that one has vertical white and black stripes, the floor is made of old wood and there are mystical artifacs from many cultures hanging on the walls, the ceiling has a purple color and seems clowdy, if you stare at it it looks like the clowds are moving, maybe they are...
    And by the way the blinds that were closed are open from inside the office and light comes in illuminating the office even at night time, there are no artifical lights here.

    Seating on a red leather chair that slighly resembles a throne Hades is waiting for you to drop by.

    (Hades looks like avatar)

    "How my I help you?”
  2. [​IMG]
    i walk in swiftly with 2 FBI agents behind me who stand at the doors. "Hello my name is special agent Martinez.. im here because as im sure you are well aware there have been many robberies going on throughout the county. i was assigned to the cases not too long ago... " I say sitting down opposite of you" i run my fingers through my hair a stressed look on my face " it would be easy for me to solve these crimes dont get me wrong.. but these crimes are happening so quickly.. and every suspect we catch gives the same testimony.. they say the dont remember robbing a bank at all.. they say they remember feeling like they couldnt breath for a second then they black out and when they wake up, they are behind bars..they say they feel as though they are possessed..." i say throwing the suspects testimony's on the desk. "We heard your firm is really good at what you do.. we want to know if you could help us look into this" I shift in my chair uncomfortably "We dont mean take over the case.. we mean HELP us.. if we need your aid"
  3. Hades scraches his chin while he listens and analises what special agent Martinez is saying. After she's finished Hades looks her in the eyes giving her a serious yet laid back look and says:
    "I'll gladly help, of course, may I ask what was stolen? And let me guess you retrieve the thiefs but not what they robbed, right?"
  4. Agent Martinez smiles "Correct, the thieves are found, but without the things they have stolen.. Weapons mostly however, Amoung these things, We caught one man in action as he tried to steal the Lost Diamond, which was held at the museum across the street... Actually 3 cases this week have been reported, That the diamond has been under Attack and we are moving it to a special unit inside our base...

    The diamonds history is that it came here from Egyptian lands.. a Pharaoh of some sort who was supposed to be the most powerful committed suicide and it is said that when he died, all of his power went inside the diamond.. of course these are just fairy tales from what i can see.. im not really one for supernatural happenings i believe theres an explanation for everything.
  5. Hades replies with a smirk on his face.
    "There's indeed ONE explanation for everything, but ofthen people chose not to believe...
    Hades was used to deal with non belivers, it didn't bother him, he doesn't want to start an argument so he continues.
    "Are you able to provide me a list of everything that was stolen and let me re-interview the thiefs?
    Also it would be safer if I could keep the diamond with me untill this investigation ceases."
  6. Special Agent Martinez looks back at her men who shake thier heads "We cant do that. A diamond like that has to be under maximum security and you sir are not maximum security" she said looking around the office. "What are you gonna do?, while you sip your drink at the mini bar your going to keep an eye on the diamond? please. Absolutley not.. But i can provide you with the list of items stolen and i can contact the suspectss for you so you can question them one by one " She said giving him a list of things stolen, by it the numbers of how many times it was attempted to be stolen or if it was stolen

    Sawed Off shot gun: 3 stolen

    Machete: 4 attemps

    Maps of the city: 1 stolen.

    Masks and other diguises: 11 stolen.

    jewlrey : 34 pieces of priceless jewels.

    The Lost jewel: 44 attemps.

    "When would you like to see the first suspect?
  7. "I would like to interview him as soon as possible, if you could provide me list oh suspects with their names, job history and criminal history that could help decide who interview first, you may not see it yet, but this men are in danger, not that I care much for criminals, but I don't want or enemy to bennefit..."
    Hades tackles his fingers on the table with a bit of impatience and concern.
    "Now this items,I thought we were talking about artifacts, such as old swords and stuff, I was surprised when you told me the kind of weapons that were stolen, it seems that this is a steping stone for something bigger..."
    Hades grabs an old book from under his desk and opens it and quickly crosses a few pages, then looks back at you.
    "The next attempt should be more danger, so far we have been dealing with people who were like hipnotized, but since they stole jewels my guess is were are gonna deal with hired professionals from now on."
    Hades gets up to strech his legs a little and walks in circles while talking.
    "I understant my office is no fort knox and that you have no reason to trust me with something of that value, yet, but I would at least like to view how the lost diamont is being secured, if that's of with you."
    Hades takes a seat again."Also, I am assuming that the FBI clears all costs of my services, but I have had bad experiences before..."
  8. Agent Martinez puts a check on the table and slides it to him. "Honestly in my opnion i believe this is a waste of money.. Again i don't believe in the supernatural.. but hey maybe ill be proved wrong.. as for the victims records and what not they are all in the folder i gave to you.. do not let anyone else see those folders its top notch information... Also you were right, we believe that the reason they are stealing weapons is because they plan to steal something with even more value, something bigger... before this happens again we want to stop them and thats why we have hired you... If you ask me you should probably interview the one who tried to steal the diamond first... His name is Antonio Hernandez and he is just as anxious as you are to find these... ghosts i guess you can call the... However we are trying to do this quietly we don't want the press to get this information it could make the public panic."

    Agent Martinez stood up and reached out a hand "It was nice to meet you.. and if you call tomorrow we can set something up that you can meet the first suspect, whichever you choose, and then we will head over so you can get a good look at the diamond.. does that sound about right?"
  9. Hades rises and shakes your hand.
    "Please allow me to walk you to the door."
    "Just one question are all this suspects still in custody?"
    Hades starts to walk you to the door then gives one step back and reaches for his desk, grabing a post-it and draws a weird glyph on it with a pen and hands it to you.
    "Just in case put this on diamond for this night, I know you don't believe in any of this, but you got nothing to lose."
  10. Agent Martinez thought about saying no..

    For what? - she thought to herself, but he was right, what did she have to lose?

    She shrugged and took it. "Okay, will do sir" she said in a slightly sarcastic tone.

    "And yes they are still incustody.. They are all in holding sells, because until we can prove any different they are the suspects after all it showed them on the survalliance cameras"

    Agent Martinez turned around to walk out after her men, but she turned back to face him "You know its strange.. we have them on the tapes.. we have thier fingerprints.. but when we give them lie detectors it shows they are telling the truth.. i guess thats where you come in" Agent martinez says smiling a little
  11. Hades walks outside with agent Martinez and locks the door behind him.
    "Will you please call me tomorrow as soon as you're ready for us to re-interview the first suspect? I don't wanna wake you up."
  12. "Will do"


    The next day Agent Martinez called him as soon as she had the suspespect in her custody as she drove down the highway, medal bars seperated her from the suspect, Again she didnt believe inthe supernatural.. she believed that everything had a reason.. including these strange robberies.. as soon as he picks up she clears her throat

    "Agent Martinez Here, Are you at your Firm? Im on my way"
  13. Hades picks the phone, that is on his right side on the ledge of his desk, immediatly.

    "Yup I'm here, I shall be waiting."
  14. After the phone call it only took them about 10 minutes to get to the office,

    The suspect came in, a boy around the age of 19-20. He sat down and looked around "Nice mini bar.. can I..?" He said in a very thick, New Jersey accent.

    "NO" Agent Martinez said folding her arms. She looked as though she had had enough of him already.

    "Hey, hey, hey is that anyway to treat a guest?... and what do I get for talking about this? Do I get some type of reward? can I sue the city since I was attacked by a ghost?"

    Agent Martinez got in the suspects face "The only ghost around here is YOU. Right now, if you don't speak... Your going to jail for life... so I would take the chance if I were you" She said backing up..

    "Fine Fine... what do you want to know big guy?" The suspect said looking at you. "Oh by the way the names Justin... you know like Justin timberlake? accept I cant sing worth shit" He said turning around to Agent Martinez then back at you laughing "Isn't that funny?"

    Agent Martinez looked at you, piercing her eyes to yours

    "Indeed, hilarious."
  15. Hades office was quite a mess today, there was a board behind the desk, files, photos written names on paper and on the board, pieces from articles from the news paper all on the board linked by thin red rope.
    Hades looks the suspect in the eyes.
    "Shut your pie hole bitch."
    Justin shuts up suddenly and stops moving, he barely breaths.
    "Jeez, so this is why you're called a special agent, cause you deal with 'special' suspects?" - he says joking.
    "Don't worry he's in a trance, it's step one to have him hipnotized so we can get the full story out of him."
    Hades turns to Justin and takes a look on his file.
    "Justin what did happen last 14 of June?"
  16. Justin was very quiet when the man told him to be,

    Which kind of aggravated Agent Martinez because he wouldn't shut up for her.

    "You talk on the way home and your finished"

    She said sitting in a chair close to Hades, she didn't care if he had been possessed

    He was still a suspect and she didn't trust him.

    "Well... I remember it very vaguely... I remember walking to the bank, and then..

    I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me.. not like a punch though, It felt like A train

    had literally ran me over, but I was still standing, then I felt a sucking feeling, like someone

    was tugging on me.. the inside of me.. then I blacked out, next thing I know Im In a jail cell being accused of a crime I didn't commit"

    Agent Martinez turned in her chair "We have you on tape! spare me the fucking 'I swear Im innocent' deal"

    She had to admit she was a little freaked out.... she had never seen someone under hypnitiztion.

    So she hid slightly behind hades putting one hand on his arm "how long is he gonna be like this?"
  17. Hades stared the boys in his eyes again.
    Justin closes his eyes and his breath ritm is like as if he was a sleep.
    "Agent Martinez I need you to sigh that form in my desk, it's a permission to remove his soul, it's a danger 'medical' proceding, but trust me you're in good hands."
  18. The agent looks at you and then at the boy

    "Your going to remove his soul? Is he going to be okay? Don't. Screw him up because

    If something turns up wrong with him its not your ass on the line its mine" she said slowly taking out a pin

    And after much hesitation and reading over the form 3 times, signing the papers
  19. "Look at you all worried, you didn't even belive in this." - he says in a joking tune trying to calm her down.
    "I'm an expert, for me it's a simple procedure, but if it makes you feel better I'll follow all the rules in the book..."
    Hades then gets that old book from a drawer in his desk again, there was a ribon marking a page, Hades opens the book in that page, not saying a word but letting agent Martinez understand that he had this procedure planned.
    Hades then walks to one of his walls where there are exotic ancient weapons hanging and reaches for a ornamented dagger.
    Then he walks to the mini bar and from under the balcony he grabs a glass.
    Hades then puts both the glass and the dagger on his desk.
    Hades, then, opens a small box, at the side of his desk, that wasn't here the other day inside there are black leather straps ornamented with glyphs of an unknown language, he straps the boy to chair tight.
    He grabs a small bag from a drawer in his desk and walks behind the boy, who is sweating a bit.
    Hades grabs his cell phone and starts a text then shows it to agent Martinez.
    "Shhh, he can hear us, so don't talk now, I'm going to put some magic dust over the boy, he's sweating and that's not normal in this trance state I placed him, so don't mention anything out loud about what you are about to see, if the boy is possessed we can't let the demon know that are aware of it."
    Then Hades drops some dust from the small bag over the boy beind his head so he does not see it, the dust reveals a black aura around the boy where it falls so just the 2 of us can see it.
    "Agent Martinez, please have a glass of that vodka bottle."
    Hades says pointing at the minibar to a particular bottle of vodka.
  20. Agent Martinez looks at the vodka then back at hades. "I don't believe in this shit I'm just taking precaution... and do why do you want some vodke at this time of day" she says going over to the mini bar and pouring a shot "what do you want me to do with this?" She said slowly approaching "should I draw my gun?" She aid jokingly