Hades and Persephone

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    Persephone, the beautiful daughter of the God Zeus and the Goddess Demeter, was outside this day. It was a beautiful, spring-like morning. Like usual, she was simply sitting outside, picking some of the pretty flowers that were growing out in the field. She had no idea that soon, something -someone- was going to change her life for eternity.
  2. Hades was sick and tired of ruling the underworld. He wasn't invited to any of the gods parties, whenever the gods got angry his job got ten times harder, he was hated by most of the people, and his life sucked almost as much as the people he had to punish. He was going to get revenge and a way to get rid of his stress. He put his minions in charge of running the underworld while he punished someone who was extremely naughty. He was going to punish Zues threw his daughter whom he would kidnap. Zues would find out but he would never risk his daughters life. He would try to make trades which would only make Hades more powerful. Slowly he walked up to the lovely Persephone from behind, she didn't even see him coming before he grabbed her and covered her mouth. "Hello." Soon enough they were sinking into the ground, going down to the place Zues forced Hades to live in.
  3. Persephone had just stood up, holding a small bouquet of flowers in her hands. She was smiling, feeling relaxed. Suddenly, the flowers seemed to shrivel and there was a cold air about. She couldn't speak though, a hand had clamped over her mouth. Persephone tried to shout, but all that came out were muffled sounds.
  4. Soon enough they had fazed into his kingdom, the underworld and just as everyone else he brought here she had fainted. A smiled came about his face "Now, what should I do with a defenseless girl in the underworld?" He asked her though he knew she wouldn't be responding anytime soon. The smile on his face only grew "Oh, I have an idea." He snapped his fingers and her clothes burned off within seconds without touching a single strand of her hair or even grazing her skin. He lifted the now completely nude girl up off the ground where she had been laying limp and looked over her body, as he expected Zues and his whore created a lovely creature. He wasn't overly pleased with her breast, they were not the size of her mothers but other than that she looked quite satisfactory. He soon went to work chaining her up so her ass lay limp in the air and her arms tight to the ground. He gave her just enough movement to the point where she could squirm in her chains but no mater how much she tried she would never see his face. The only part she might see is his dick between her legs. That was a pleasant thought. He laughed and walked away to check on his minions.
  5. She fainted soon after, vision blurring and finally going dark. Persephone wasn't sure how long she had been passed out for, but when she woke up she was horrified to realize that her clothes were gone and she was chained to the cold ground. "What...?" she murmured softly. "Let... let me go!" Persephone screamed.
  6. Just as hades hears the screaming he returns to his little prisoner and uses a voice of a secretary that had been murdered and brought to him. "Excuse me miss." He said with the girls voice standing in a spot where she could never see him "I have a couple of questions for you to answer. This will mean the difference of you staying here and being brutally raped or going home to your parents." The voice didn't change or waver to any of it. It just sounded like she was talking about something that bored her. "First off I will need a name." He said giving a mhhh. "Now age." again a mhhh "Sex, oh silly me I can just check that for you." He gave out one of her annoying giggles "How many men have you been with if any and which holes did they use?" He had more but he needed to flip his pad, he really was filling in all the answers she gave him.
  7. When she heard someone, she narrowed her eyes angrilly. They were toying with her and this would NOT stand. "You disgusting bastard, I don't care who you are, my parents will destroy you when they find out about this," Persephone shouted. "I know you're one of the Gods," she said, "You'll be banished, locked away!"
  8. "Just a recap to make sure your answers were recorded correctly... well really only the last one. The rest are just for our letters and what not, you understand. You have never been with anyone and all your holes are virgin. This is correct right?" He asked with a smile. "Now, since you didn't answer a single question I guess you failed and will have to stay here." He let the sound of clicking heals walk out before he stood behind her. If she looked between her legs she would see his bare legs and maybe even his cock if she was lucky. He might want her to see it, he was huge and even if she was a complete slut just sticking it inside her would be enough to make her scream in agony. Luckily she was a virgin so it would be even better. "Do you want lubrication?"
  9. She wasn't sure as to whether she was angry or about to cry. Mainly about to cry. "Please don't," Persephone said, biting her lip. "I... Am a virgin... Are you really willing to defile a daughter of Zeus?" she asked him. She tried to close her legs, not wanting to see what she was seeing. Seeing as that didn't work, Persephone closed her eyes tightly shut. "Don't," she said again.
  10. "Zues is the reason for this, did you really think your daddy could protect you forever?" At first his voice sounded angry but then he was taunting her. He slapped her bum hard leaving a large red mark. His goal was to cause as much pain as he could from that "Did you like how that felt?" He asked doing it again "You like it?" He laughed at her then stood behind her and let his penis rub her vagina and between her cheeks "You can choose the hole. It has to be one of them back here." He said smiling as he slapped her again when she was about to speak. "I'm sorry were you saying something?"
  11. She whimpered as he slapped her, her eyes still shut tightly. "S-stop," she told him. Persephone shook her head as he asked her, her eyes already tearing up a little. "He will... He won't stand for this... When he finds out," she said quietly, again, instinctively trying to close her legs. "Just let me go!" she screamed, pulling at the chains. "Please just let me go. I didn't do anything!"
  12. "No, no you have been a good girl." He said sighing. "You really haven't done anything wrong so you wondering why I'm punishing you." He said acting like he felt for her. "Its not your fault this is happening, I am punishing you for all the bad things you father had done." He said rubbing her back a little, he didn't only punish, the good came here and he would reward them, this was one of his rewards he gave to the almost sinless. The reward that was more heavenly than anything else... even the actual heaven that Zues lived in which was over rated. He did it without any laziness for a few minutes making all her pain and stress run away with his hands. His hands worked rhythmically and he asked in his soothing voice "Does this feel good?"
  13. That sounded pretty sick to her, but she held her tongue. It would do her no good, even if he was already going to rape her, she didn't want to make matters worse. Suddenly, all the tension and everything she'd been feeling disappeared. She stood there quietly, not entirely sure how to react. It did feel good...

    After a moment, she nodded, sighing softly.
  14. "Had you not needed to pay for your fathers sins you would have gotten this just by asking but unfortunately you get this." he said as he shoved himself into her hard before the soothing feeling of his hands could go away. She might have been ripping down there and from all the blood that pored out of her he knew he had gone in farther than she was meant for. "Oh, look what I have done, am I in too far?" He asked with a smile as he started to move. Her pain wasn't his concern, really he had no feeling when he saw others in pain... well he might have felt joy, but certainly not sadness. "Does the whore like it?" He said as he continued to pound away at her.
  15. She was about to reply, but then she felt the piercing pain as he shoved himself inside her. Persephone let out a painful scream, the tears that had been at the edge of her eyes finally poured out. "No!" she screamed at him, more in pain than anger. "Fuck you!" she shouted. Like that, her virginity was literally torn from her. The pain was too much, she was going to pass out at some point, she knew it.
  16. When she angerly shouted 'Fuck you!' he smiled and said "Yes, you are." without slowing down he slapped her ass again and continued to pound away. "Your so tight. Are you stressed?" He taunted "I think your a little tense down here. Let me continue to massage it for you." Blood was running down her legs like a river, soon enough he wouldn't be able to hear her wonderful screams so before she could pass out he pulled out. "Does this hurt now?" he said as he rubbed her small opening. He sounded like he was talking to a pouting child "Does it hurt really bad?"
  17. As he continued, all she could do was scream in pain. She could feel the blood streaming down her legs and it made her want to cry even harder. There was no relief when he pulled out, she knew it'd probably be hurting for a long while. "I hate you..." she groaned, sobbing slightly. "Stop touching me... Don't touch me," Persephone sobbed.
  18. He smiled and let her live in the agony, soon the pain would lessen when he put it in her and when she started to enjoy it he would simply find a new hole. "Is my little whore telling me to stop? Is my cum bucket telling me not to touch her? Is my fuck doll telling me I can't have what I eared?" He asked smacking her ass again. "Talk to me with respect. I am you master and the sooner you learn your place the sooner you get to feel good."
  19. She bit her lip, fighting back more cries of pain. She listened to him quietly, her vision blurred by the tears that were still streaming down her cheeks. "I will never respect you," she told him quietly, "You will never be my master. All you are is a sick, rapist asshole." She had tried to hold her tongue, she knew it would make things worse, she couldn't help it though.
  20. He smiled, "with time you will learn." after smacking her hard enough to shake her entire body and lined himself back up "You can pick a hole or I can. I will let you choose." He said rubbing the spot where he had previously been abusing her. The hand mark was still there and it only made him harder. "Hurry up, I don't have all day." He said casually as if he was ordering a side of fries from a fast food place and was in a rush.