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Are you familiar with the Persephone and Hades story from Greek mythology?

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  1. This is a role play between @Nica and myself, Tisiphone; Slave 2 Beauty. We are not currently accepting other players but feel free to read and enjoy. Do not make posts if you are not one of the two authors previously mentioned.
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    Character Name
    : Persephone
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Nationality: Greek
    Birthplace: Greece
    Occupation: Goddess



    General Appearance: Long brown hair, blue eyes, slim body, 5'7".
    Strengths: Music and gardening.
    Weaknesses: Pretty much anything physical.
    Handedness: Right
    Face Claim: Barbara Pavlin


    Current Goal
    : To make it through every day in the underworld.
    Talents: Singing, playing instruments, and gardening.
    Inabilities: She is terrible at making new friends though she is fairly at ease in a crowd.
    Fears: She will never love Hades and she will forever be miserable.
    Secrets: She thinks she is slowly falling in love with Hades.
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  3. God Hades
    God of Death, Afterlife & Judgement | Greek Deity | Male

    - The eldest of siblings, yet thrown aside by his youngest brother, Hades has been assigned to govern the Underworld. He considers this a punishment, the dead souls in his opinion are pitiful and pathetic. His misery has grown throughout the years. Hades holds hatred towards his fellow deities, especially Zeus. The brother that sits upon a throne in Olympus.

    - Consumed by his sorrow, Hades began to desire another to be alongside him. He confided in his loyal servant, Kharon, that he wanted to have a bride. Sadly, the only female currently residing in the Underworld refused his proposal. The maiden, Nyx, explained that another would be more suitable for the Queen of Hades. Frustrated in his agony, Hades refused to seek another after finding a beautiful woman within his reach. The golden daughter of Demeter. He took command, stealing her away to be his bride.

    - Hades married the beautiful Persephone, causing Demeter to be distraught for the absence of her daughter. An arrangement was made between Persephone's lover and mother. She is to be shared, never belonging somewhere for too long. Persephone has no choice, this decision has been made without her consent. Hades cares for his bride, but doesn't know the emotions to express. He's a conflicted man, haunted by death and yet commands demons. Hades becomes dangerous when his arrangement with Demeter is not honored, often casting plagues among the mortals until Persephone rejoins him.

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  4. Persephone watched out the window of her mother's small cottage, her view of the garden was a spectacular one. She had a room on the ground floor and from her spot it looked as if she was in the garden herself, the flowers and fruits grew so thick and tall it was like being in a jungle. She had the option of sleeping in the room upstairs across from her mother, but it faced the ocean and Persephone had enough of looking at water. The dungeon her husband kept her in had a view of the River Styx and Persephone wasn't sure if she was ever going to be able to look at a body of water again without seeing tortured souls looking up at her, fearful and lost.

    "Persephone? You're not in your traveling clothes!" Her mother gasped from the door.

    Persephone turned back to gaze at her mother with a sad look. Demeter preferred to live a solitary human life when Persephone was around, it was easier for them to forget her fate for the next 6 months when they lived simplistically.

    "You haven't even packed!" she turned away quickly, wiping at her eyes.

    "Mother," Persephone said in a monotone.

    "Hades will be here any moment."


    "Do you think you'll need any of these underthings or do you have enough down- down there?"

    "I have plenty-,"

    "Oh, we'll pack them anyway, you can never-,"

    "Mother!" Persephone stood, her empty teacup falling from her lap and to the floor where it shattered. "I don't want to pack! I'm not going anywhere. Please put my things away!" She cried, bending down to pick up the broken pieces of pottery. "I'm staying here." she nearly whispered.

    It was silent for a moment as Demeter watched her only child cry silently, and she helpless to do anything.


    "Do you want more tea? I'll go make a fresh batch." she said quickly, setting her broken cup on the window sill and making her way to the garden.

    The sun was setting, casting the garden in long shadows from their cottage. She continued to glance toward the road, awaiting the flicker of torches meaning Kharon, Hades' best friend and right hand man, was coming to fetch her. Hades always said he would be there to get her himself and last year she had taken advantage of his failure to come himself and tried to run away. He'd been extremely upset but it hand's mattered. No matter what she did, he would not give her up.

    Persephone finished picking the herbs she needed and when she glanced up again saw the faint flare of a fire. There would be no time for more tea.
  5. The God of Death has been called many things throughout his reign, however, merciful has never been an addition to the list. Apollo descended from the skies above the Underworld, the sun no longer shone high within the clouds. For now the realm belonged to his counterpart, the maiden that carries with her the night and stars. An angered God displayed his frustration through firmly narrowed eyes and the darkened shadows now surrounding the sockets of his sight. A single hand scratched at his minimal facial hair, finding the tips of growth rather uncomfortable at his touch. Not the presentation he wanted to have for his youthful bride.

    When Nyx finally returned from eclipsing the sky in dark veil, a freshly trimmed Lord of Death emerged from the throne of his kingdom. His bride's throne remained untouched. If she refuses to come along of her own accord, then she'll be captured and brought down below the moonlight. An arrangement has been made between himself and his bride's mother, she has no position nor authority to disobey.

    The last time she showed such stubbornness towards her responsibilities a plague was unleashed onto the mortals of Greece. Thousands of children left their families and now reside within the Underworld. He knows how vulnerable his bride is towards children and knew their innocent souls would bring her to tears. The young souls are guided to the Elysian Fields for their eternal rest, a place of pleasure and joyous laughter. The only realm of Hades that he governs with a semi-compassionate heart.

    "Cerberus!" He called the enormous beast forward, stepping up onto the creature's back and directed the three heads towards the entrance of his realm. A single doorway craved from stone, flames of blue fire burn brilliantly and a single touch from anyone that doesn't belong here will send them through tremendous agony. The God of Death commanded his beast to move, he has a bride to collect.
  6. Persephone's muscles ached, she stood as still as she could for nearly five minutes but the fire that she had seen was but a passing villager. Her mother had already packed a bag for Persephone with dried herbs and flowers for her to hang in her private chamber. Persephone often referred to it as a dungeon but in reality it wasn't as awful as she claimed. In fact it was rather luxurious.

    "Those will die as soon as I cross the river." Persephone remarked, removing the boiling water from above the fire in the hearth. She poured the steaming liquid over the tea leaves at the bottom of fresh cups and presented one to her mother.

    "All the same, I'll send them with you." Demeter accepted her cup with a gracious nod, bringing the hot drink to her lips.

    They sat in silence a while longer, Persephone willing herself not to glance out the open window. It was growing colder now, the young goddesses' impending departure weighing heavily on her mother's mind as of late.

    "If only you had negotiated to let me send you letters or-," Persephone started a little louder than she intended.

    "No." Demeter said angrily. "We will not go against the agreement. Or do I need to remind you-,"

    "Stop!" Persephone barked, slamming her cup down. Persephone had been crossing the river at the height of the plague. Children had reached out for her, begging her to take them back to their mothers. All of it had been her fault. "Of course I remember." she said quietly as she rose to her feet. "You needn't remind me, Mother."

    She tidy up quickly, her mess having been barely made. Persephone need to keep busy. The sun was gone and Nyx had already passed over. Her dear friend Nyx was the only thing that made life down there bearable. Knowing that she had been so close so recently brought her a little comfort.

    "I will miss you." Persephone whispered in the still air.
  7. As the God of Death, he who brings decay with a single touch, it's reasonable that his presence sickens the ground he walks across. The various fauna, beautiful gardens maintained by Demeter and her daughter, withered as he approached the location where he knew his gorgeous bride was hiding. She's a difficult woman, more like a child that's disobedient. Hades is not welcome above the depths of his realms, a punishment by his brother who sits upon the throne of all deities. For this reason, having to collect his bride himself causes the usually depressed God to show his anger through ruthless behaviors.

    For example, not far from Demeter's house he saw a field of grazing cows. Simple creatures that have done him no harm. Their happiness and contentment caused his blood to boil. He hates seeing anyone, or anything, in delight. Why should they know joy when he's condemned to separate from his bride every few months? A wrathful man he is. With a wave of his hand the cows began to drop to their knees, their cries echoing within the sky. As they slowly joined the other souls in his realm, Hades finally reached his desired destination.

    "Persephone," he spoke indirectly through the wooden door. The ground shook beneath Cerberus as the beast seated himself in the gardens, making a meal of the ripe fruits with three heads of hunger. Hades placed a hand flat against the door, the wood decaying quickly till a weakened shard of bark collapsed. Two lifeless eyes peered inside, searching for the maiden he sought. "Persephone, Nyx has taken the sun. You're time here is gone." He explained, hand dropping back down to his side.
  8. Persephone fought to stay still, but still her hands shook. The house shook subtly and Hades' voice made her flesh ripple with goose-bumps.

    "Persephone, Nyx has taken the sun. You're time here is gone." He boomed solemnly.

    He was right. Persephone would have to return next year, when her time of torment was over. She nodded and swept a strand of hair from her face, her blue eyes filling with unshed tears. Every year- every year it was this way.

    She was a little surprised to see Hades himself had come instead of him sending Kharon, his right hand man and the ferryman of the Styx. However, after the catastrophe the year before it wasn't a total shock.

    Demeter stood before Persephone could move. She grabbed the small satchel of Persephone's things and nodded at her fellow god, refusing to look him straight in the eyes.

    "Here you are sweet child," she pressed the fabric into Persephone's hands who took it quietly, hugging her mother fiercely. "I love you, Persephone. I will see you in the spring." she patted Persephone's cheek and hugged her once more.

    "I love you, Mother." Persephone inhaled deeply, trying to catch her breath as the thought of returning to the dark, depressing underworld saddened her.

    Hades glanced at her husband, as handsome as ever- and just as angry looking.
  9. It did not surprise him when Demeter, a powerful goddess, deliberately avoided his eyes. A majority of the deities, if not them all, do this to spare themselves the horror of looking into the eyes of death. While capable of being beautiful, yet only shown rarely to Persephone during his moments of faded depression and anger, Hades has the orbs of darkness. Lifeless, emotionless and void of any soul. One gaze from him and even Zeus would cringe in disgust.

    Persephone willingly departed from her mother's side, perhaps a plague would not be sent to the mortals this time? As he waited, impatiently pacing a circle beside his enormous beast, Hades idly chewed on his bottom lip. It began to bleed, the taste of his own blood leaking within his mouth. The metallic flavor was foul, which is why he hurried to spit it away. As if poisonous acid, the moment his saliva touched the ground it withered a brilliant flower and the soil turned dark.

    Finally he could hear the approaching footsteps of his bride. Cerberus whined, waiting for Persephone to pet him affectionately on all three heads. The creature immediately developed an adoration for the Queen of Hades when she first arrived in the Underworld. In her touch, without command, he'll willingly become a servant and protector. When Hades is taken away by his responsibilities, it is Cerberus that guards and guides Persephone should she encounter dangers in the realms.

    Hades offered a hand, his skin hidden beneath a leather glove. "My gorgeous, my Persephone." He smiled, a crooked expression that seemed to bring a small light to his otherwise darkened eyes.
  10. Persephone stiffened as she watched the Lord of the Underworld destroy a small part of her and her mother's garden. She was willingly walking to her tormentor, did he feel the need to ruin the thing she and her mother had worked so hard to create the past few months?!

    Cerberus whined and Persephone fought the urge to smile and scratch his belly. However she did give each of his mighty heads a scratch behind the ears and a pat. He whined again, sensing her mood.

    Hades spoke to her and Persephone couldn't resist throwing a glare his way before turning back to her mother and smiling sadly with a wave before slipping her hand into that of her husband's.

    "Shall we?" she said through her teeth, the night wind catching at the tips of her thick brown hair. She inhaled deeply again, trying to savor the wondrous smell of the earth around her. Instead she got a nose full of rot and decay, a typical perfume of her husband's. "See you in 6 months, Mother." She watched as her mother, eyes over flowing with tears, blew her a kiss before they departed.
  11. Persephone retained her sunlight glow and the radiance of her beauty shined brilliantly as she departed with Hades. It wasn't until she joined the Underworld once again that her aura faded, the touch of her hand growing colder to match that of her husband's. Even in the shadowed environment and in the company of death, no one could remain as beautiful as she. Persephone is almost immune to the effects of this realm. Although, she does seem to adorn a sickly appearance near the end of her assignment with Hades. Thankfully her mother's embrace can remedy this minor annoyance with a simple embrace.

    "I have missed you," Hades cooed through a whisper. His slender hand, the one left empty, raised to brush a single strand of brunette hair from her cheek and tucked it behind her ear. She was a vision in his eyes, an incomparable sight. Even Aphrodite would seem insignificant to Hades after having seen his beloved Persephone.

    "I'm grateful to have you return willingly, my love." He'd hate to cause another plague in his frustration. While it does ease the suffering of his wife's absence and she does comply easier when forced, it also disrupts his pleasure in seeing Persephone when she's saddened by the innocent lives he's stolen.
  12. Persephone nodded, her fingers starting to ache dully in their tips. Hades was not an unattractive man by any means but the fact he and her mother had arranged the rest of her life's itenerary without her consent made her angry.

    "I only wish to keep your anger from lashing out unnecessarily at the children of the world." she castes her eyes down, trying to keep her face plain so he would not interpret her words as an insult but rather as an admission of servitude.

    The dark Underworld around her caused goosebumps on soft skin. "Shall I see you for the evening meal?" she didn't intend on staying for a response instead she wrapped her arms around her bag, clutched to her chest and started for her bedchambers.
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  13. It wasn't the reunion Hades had expected, but couldn't change the behavior in his stubborn bride. As a young Goddess, she's not easily persuaded into obedience. "Nyx has recently returned," Hades announced. His voice echoed through the cavern. "She was dropped off at the Elysian Fields only moments ago."

    The friendship between those two Goddesses is the only socializing that Persephone has within the Underworld. Nyx considers Persephone a wonderful friend and is delighted when the maiden makes her arrival back underground.

    Hades allowed Persephone to wander, instead of following after her trail. "Kharon!" He summoned the ferryman to his side. "Keep my wife under supervision." She isn't one to be trusted. Persephone walks her own path and always has. She'll do what is required of her, to save those innocent lives, but she doesn't take the role of a wife easily. "Join her and Nyx if you must. I want them within your sight at all times." Hades commanded of his servant, flourishing with his departure.
  14. Persephone tried not to roll her eyes as her handsome husband departed. They weren't in the Underworld five minutes and he was leaving her in the care of his second-in-command.

    "Good evening, Persephone." Kharon bowed deeply, peeking up with his one good eye to wink at her.

    She smiled, the emotion not quite reaching her eyes, "Good evening Kharon, old friend." she stepped into his boat and sat down gracefully, the light from the Elysian Fields faint in the distance. "How have you been the past few months?" she asked as Kharon pushed their ride forward.

    He hesitated before answering, not sure if he should speak truthfully of the harsh famine the southernors had had that brought many young and old to his boat. Instead he chose to deflect the question back with a playful laugh and suggestive eyebrow raise.

    "I should be asking you the same, you came willingly this day, could it be because you've found a playmate on the surface and wish to get in Hades good graces?"

    Persephone shook her head, not amused. "No, my mother prefers I stay at home for the little time she has me." she sighed not sure why she seemed to resenther mother almost as much as she did her husband. "Besides, that man has no good graces."

    "Well, if it's of any worth, Hades has been most eager for your return." Kharon was silent a moment more before adding, "He truly cares for you, Persephone."

    Persephone's jaw hardened as she answered through clenched teeth, "If that were true, then he'd leave me be with my mother."

    They were silent as the boat docked and Kharon followed his Mistress up the hill and down the other side where children ran and played freely.

    Persephone's heart clenched as she was reminded what caused the field's increase in population.

    "Ah, there she is," Kharon pointed, he could spot the beauty anywhere.
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  15. Persephone was safely confined to the Underworld for now, the agreement fulfilled as promised. Allowing Persephone to wander, despite being watched by the his loyal servant, was his gift to her. Hades can't restrict her, he'll risk losing her completely. That's a dangerous chance that Hades can't give himself. The Lord of Death returned to his throne, finding Cerberus already whining at the absence of Persephone. She was currently in the Elysian Fields.

    "She's home," Hades assured his massive beast. "She's not leaving us for six months. You'll see her again soon." He knew it was important to give Persephone some sense of freedom. Despite being confined to the Underworld, Hades doesn't want his bride to be a slave or prisoner. He hopes someday that Persephone will think of this realm as her home. Where she truly belongs.


    "The wife of Hades has returned," spoke the eldest of Fates.

    The middle sister nodded in agreement. "Shall we inform the Lord and Lady of the sight we foresaw?"

    "No," the youngest protested adamantly. "Not yet!"
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