Had another RP Idea :U

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  1. A middle school girl can have dreams whenever she wants, and they can be based on whatever she wants. But her mind can also race when her emotions are running high, and one day they get so powerful that her thoughts begin happening in real life. And they aren't normal things either, she thought up a monster and ended up releasing it into the world from her mind!

    That's all I have so far, and thats the basic concept xDD Sooo...did anyone wanna try and work out some kinks with it? I'd like to play the girl actually x3 That all right? :3
  2. This does seem like a fairly interesting plot with some nice twists and turns, something that I might want to get my hands on while the idea lasts. I would be interested in going along with this plot with you. Unless you've already had some takers? What kind of character are you looking for for the other party?
  3. You're the first one to show up! C: I'll RP it with you.~

    Hmm...I think...I can't decide whether the villain should be an actual player, or an NPC. xDD There are gonna be a few NPCs for this RP I believe.
  4. Well, let's talk about this. Over coffee?

    Now that I have coffee, I can play a villain, sidekick, romantic interest, the "how did I get into this?" guy, or the 'guardian' type character. So far, all of them sound like so much fun to me. How about you? What do you need me to do?

    Oh! I could do all 5! No, that's a bad idea.
  5. Lol!~

    I'd want you to be...the villain and the....well idk if there would be a love interest, it is middle school -shrug- Maybe. Don't know how one would fit in xDD

    I'd want you to play the villain for sure :'o and one of the sidekicks :3
  6. I'm certain that I could handle that.