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  1. Hacking. It's what pays the bills, and it's what gives me thrills. If the info in this flash drive is leaked to the Internet, I will go down in history as a hero.
    "So you're really certain on this? Think about the consequences. Think about what could happen if the IFC gets finds out. Are you prepared to accept the hell that could be raised?"
    "Do it."

    59 Hours earlier

    Bryan sat in the back alley of the apartment complex. His mask covering his face and his phone in the palm of his hand. He stood in the shadows so no one could see him.
    where the hell is she? I swear to god if I had a dollar for every time Hasuka was late, I could buy a huge penthouse in the high rises of this dump.
    A car sped down the street and drifted around the corner. The sports car ducked into an open garage and the door closed behind it. Police cars sped past.
    Speak of the devil
    Hasuka got out of the car and walked toward Bryan. She was wearing a skull mask with a blue bow on the top. She had a flash drive in her hand
    And so phase 2 begins
  2. hasuka had pulled into the garage and layed low. after the cops passed she got out of the sports car and walked across the alley. she was fit looking gorgous with white hair she was wearing a set of black skin tight pants and a black tank top, she also had skull mask with a blue bow on it. "i dont think the govenor is going to miss his car. now whats on that flash drive that required me to crash the govenors party and hack his computer."
  3. And with that. We can begin phase 2 of the plan. We get this info back to the HQ and set up a backdoor to the IFC's network. From there, we hack into their systems, shut off their power, and assault the compound. But first, we need to get some weapons. A simple pistol isn't going to work for the 30 floors with 300 plus guards. *He began to walk to a hidden garage and opened it to reveal a suited-up muscle car.* Hop in. We've got some more work to do.
  4. "nah" she pulled out a set of keys and hit the button. further down the alley a set of headlights turned on. she ran down the alley and hopped into a black military suv. "i will follow you to the hq." she waited for bryan to pull out and start driving.
  5. Keep an eye out for IFC followers! Try and keep up! *Bryan sped off and drifted out of the alley. He drove toward the bridge that led to elly island. Home of his HQ. Bryan looked in the Rear-view mirror and was surprised to see the giant truck keeping up.* Damn...truck's got speed. *He shifted gears and drifted around another corner. Suddenly, his car was stuck by a giant truck with the IFC logo on the side. 3 men leaned out the window and opened fire onto Bryan.'s car*
  6. hasuka saw the truck. she shifted gears and punched it. she rammed into the back of the truck. she reached for the radio, "bryan im going to deploy counter measures but i need to to avoid them." she sped around the tuck getting 10 feet in front of it. she hit a button on her dash and a black net began dragging behind her truck
  7. Trevor loads up Tor onion browser and Low Orbital Ion Canon on his Laptop His hard drive whirs as it works away he gets to work and becomes anonymous on Tor then opens up LOIC and types in the ip of the IFC, "this should Give those Corrupt Buggers some trouble" Trevor Chuckles as he signs in on the private anonymous IRC and types "right let help those heroes getting leaking that gov info out and slow the IFC right up". "Lets bring the rain" Trevor mutters as he presses go on the LOIC and it gets to work slowing the IFC website by refreshing the page at 10000 refreshes per second, Trevor knew this would not do much damage but he and his raiding party had a few other tricks up their sleeve.
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