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    Plot: A group of elite hackers known collectively as "the shadow" have begun a series of cyber heists, stealing millions of dollars, and innocent.. or not so innocent hackers are being blamed for it. It's a race against time for this group to find "the shadow" before the cops find them.
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  3. News Report:
    This just in: The BOK Financial Corporation has just been robbed. As you all know, BOK boasts the title of the most secure bank in the US, worth $3.8 billion market value, and has an estimated $26 billion in financial assets. Just an hour ago, the most advanced cyber security system was breached by a group of hackers calling themselves "The Shadow". Police Chief commented "This "shadow" has made a huge mistake" and that "the bank's many government contracts warrants NSA assistance". Whoever they are, we can just hope that these criminals are brought to justice soon.
  4. A figure sitting in shadows watches the news report. "Interesting. Seems like they are up to something." He said, before turning the TV off.
  5. Nicolas:
    Nicolas had been up all night watching the net. A group of hackers good enough to do a full brute force hack of the BOK was unheard of. He checked and double checked every report from his back doors into the local police station's database. "This isn't an inside job," he muttered to himself, sitting back in his chair. "I wonder who these guys are."
  6. A frustrated groan came out of the girl's mouth. She was at a cafe, sitting at a booth by herself. Her laptop rested on the counter. A webpage was open which featured the breaking news on the front page. Heidi sat back against the seat of the booth, reading the article as she brought her coffee up to her mouth and taking a quick sip. She was sick of all this "Shadow" publicity. These people--no, these criminals--were giving ordinary programmers like herself a bad name. Even her parents are starting to give her funny stares, dropping hints, asking if she's in any way affiliated with this mysterious group. No, she wasn't. And she wanted nothing to do with these people.

    She sat her coffee down on the table. Her eyes glanced from the bright screen to the dancing liquid in the cup. What time was it? It was still relatively bright outside, though she knew it would get dark soon. But Heidi didn't feel like going home to her empty apartment just yet. She enjoyed the atmosphere of the small little coffee shop.
  7. Sitting at his desk, the man turned his computer on. Going to mail, he pressed 'compose' before pausing. "Payback, Jack." He said, before typing the qucik message.

    'Do not go to your apartment. Shadow operatives there.' His finger hovered over the enter key, before coming down and sending the email.
  8. Nicolas:
    Nicolas had been up all night trying to crack this puzzle. Why? Cause he had nothing else to do. Hours surfing hacker petri dishes and chat rooms that were already buzzing about this so called "master hack job" proved fruitless. Some people he talked to wanted to join this mysterious "shadow", while others wanted to try and stop them, Nick hadn't quite decided what he wanted yet.

    He had fallen asleep at his desk, head resting on the cool wood when his laptop began to alarm him to something sinister. He read the alert and his eyes opened wide. It was a contingency plan he had wrote a long time ago. The alert meant only one thing. An arrest warrant had been issued, and SWAT teams would be knocking on his apartment door with a five foot battering ram in minutes.
  9. After mindlessly browsing the internet for a few minutes, Heidi decided it was time to pack up and retire for the night. She closed her laptop and put it the messenger bag she had next to her. Once she slung the strap over her shoulder, she took off her glasses and breathed on the lenses, fogging them up. Then she wiped off the moisture with the edge of her shirt and put them back on.

    She stood up, frowning. The smudge didn't come out as well as she'd like. If anything, she might have made it worse. Oh well, she'll clean it at home. Her apartment was only a few blocks away.

    The walk was short, and when she reached the apartment she was welcomed by what looked like a dozen police cars surrounding the complex. Heidi didn't know what was going on. Was someone shot? Is someone having a heart attack? The news about The Shadow flashed in her mind. Surely, they aren't after her. After all, she's only a programmer. The best thing she has made was a website for a baker. Then another thought hit her. Was someone in her complex actually a member of The Shadow?
  10. After a long day of work Cayden comes home to his apartment and turns on the television. He sees the news report about shadow and immediately gets frustrated. "Seriously who are these guys!?" He turns off the tv and walks into his room. "They think They can go around and just do as they please. How dare they! Hmm I'll show them a thing or two." He logs into his computer searching the internet for any and all information he can find on Shadow, his search stretches thin without very many results. "Ugh! What is this! How can these people be able to stay hidden so well. I know all just ask around." Hayden then decided to post on an old forum he had a while back looking for any and all information on the Shadow.
  11. "Good night, Vivi..."
    A little blonde haired girl said, being tucked into a peaceful, comfortable sleep in the apartment I managed to rent, clean, and keep with the money I received from being a freelancer. My laptop was safely tucked away underneath a few loose floorboards, me thankful for the peaceful nights of not having any jobs to complete. I missed tucking in my sister, something that I haven't done in a long time, since I was babysitting her the night our parents died.
    "Good night Elina."
    But peace, with its quiet nature, is quiet short lived, very short lived indeed, especially when a SWAT crew is now barricading the nearby apartment complex, endless squeals from the patriotic colored sirens, pulling up before I even leave my sister's bedroom. I freeze, staring past the frosted glass windows I never bothered to get replaced, at the sight.
    Did they find my proxy servers? Did they trace my signal?
    I wondered, strands of almost white hair flying in front of my eyes, before the blue irises trailed back to the figure of my still awake little sister, curled up underneath the soft covers of her bed. Oh, why is peace so short lived? I shakily walked to my sister's side, pulling the sheet from her head and stroking her head.
    "It'll be alright... They won't get us. It might just be a Shadow member, or a robbery."
    "But... Vivi, What if they find us?"
    "Enough with the 'what ifs', Elina... We will be alright. And I'll do anything I can to make sure of it."
  12. Grabbing for his phone, the man put in a number. "Hey! Yeah, I know. I... I need to get a favor... I always use a secure line. Call it off. Just do a search. But whatever you do, do not touch her or her sister. Yes, I know this is big. Thanks man, I owe you." The man set down the phone, before typing in his computer again. The shit I do to keep people out of trouble.
  13. Nicolas:
    A panic set in as he began running about the tiny apartment putting everything in order. He had planned for this ever since he started hacking bank accounts but there was much he had to do and the cops were already on the way. He downloaded his most essential files onto his laptop, deleting the rest. Next he grabbed all of his papers, bank statements, letters, and shoved them into the tiny metal garbage bin at his bedside, setting them alight. He tended the fire until it turned into a good blaze before grabbing a go bag he already had packed and ran out the back. He hadn't made it a block away from the building before he heard the sirens coming. Just under the wire as always
  14. A trio of officers pushed past her way as they went into the building, causing Heidi to loose her balance slightly. "What's going on?" she said after regaining footing, hoping to catch the attention of one of the officers.

    "None of your concern, ma'am," an officer replied.

    Heidi pursed her lips as the officer walked past her. She'll just let the policemen do their jobs, whatever it is they're doing. Maybe she's overreacting.

    She went up to the door and let herself into the lobby. An officer was currently talking to the manager. She nodded to confused looking man and quietly went up to her room. A group of officers were surrounding a door opposite hers. Heidi's heart dropped. What were they doing so close to her house? Were they looking for her? Are they just at the wrong door, and are actually looking to haul her away? She's never been to prison. She never wants to go. She wouldn't last a day in jail.

    She froze in the hallway, almost thinking about dashing out the window. No, if she fled the scene she'd be in even more trouble. She remained put, hoping that the officers were like Tyrannosaurus Rexes; if she didn't move, they wouldn't see her.

    A figure running out the back caught her eye, but she didn't dare call out. Was that who the officers were looking for?
  15. Cayden finally frustrated with his useless search decided he needs to take a break and head out. He proceeds to leave his apartment when he noticed several police officers lurking down the hallway.

    "Sir I need to ask you to go back into your room and stay put. "

    " Is everything alright is there a problem?" he replies confused and worried.

    "Sir it is all under control please return to your room. " the officer replies.

    "Alright I will" Cayden replies. He goes straight into his room while trying to listen out and figure out all that is going on. Does it involve shadow? Are they here? Are members in my building? The while time!? He sat thinking of the possibilities. "Alright I'll lay low gather Intel and find out what's going on" he said to himself as he say by his door listening to all the action.
  16. Nicolas:
    For the first hour after his "miraculous escape" Nicolas wandered around aimlessly with a smile on his face having evaded capture. But as the time passed, his joy was replaced by doubt. He had gotten out quickly enough, and erased anything incriminating in his apartment but he had no where to go. All his accounts and aliases were burned, and he couldn't risk contacting anyone he knew for fear he might get them in trouble. This left him stuck in the middle of Jacksonville Florida, wanted by police, with a laptop and about twenty seven dollars in cash. He opened up his computer and searched for known criminals in the city. If he knew what it was they caught him on he might have a better idea of what his next move would be. He expected bank fraud, or cyber theft. His eyes widened as he learned he was wanted for questioning concerning the BOK hack. Seriously?! I've spent years stealing money from people with rich bank accounts, storing thousands in Swiss banks and you blame me for the one crime I didn't commit! He groaned. If the cops thought he was connected with the shadow they'd stop at nothing to find him. He had to leave the city, he needed somewhere to go.
  17. Heidi watched as the officers conversed with each other in the hallway. On second thought, this was a lovely night. She shouldn't waste it sitting inside her apartment. She decided she'd wait until all the commotion cleared until she went home. Quietly, she turned around and went back into the lobby. An officer was scribbling down something on a notepad. He didn't look up, thankfully. Heidi was able to slip out the door and onto the sidewalk unnoticed. There were still a good number of police cars outside the building, but Heidi didn't bother to count how many there actually were. She kept her head down as she briskly walked on the sidewalk away from her apartment.

    Because someone with their head down trying to walk calmly but clearly in a panic to a keen eye does not look suspicious at all.
  18. Going for the phone again, the man looked at his screen. Putting in the number, he pressed call. "If you can hear this, go to 221 Baker Street. I have a friend there. Don't call this number back."
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