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  1. (First off first to reply gets the job. Sorry but it's one on one)
    Okay so I don't know any more about computers than the next guy or girl but I wonder if it'd be fun to do an rp where our characters are digital age hackers. The kinda badass stuff you see in the movies and shows. I differ to Alec Hardison from "Leverage", Penelope Garcia from "Criminal Minds", or most of the characters in the video game "Watch Dogs". We can make the plot as we go
    (I do have an opening which I'll write as soon as I get my partner)
    Looking for:
    Any gender
    Any age that fits (keep it between 15 and 55)
    Feel free to create a back story or just make it up as you go along
    One rule:
    Make it make sense. It's a modern day rp not fantasy, yes some leeway is permitted when it comes to the actual computer stuff (I know I'm going to be making some of it up) but keep it within logical proportion.
    One more rule:
    Now naturally there's only two people so there'll be a few NPCs. Feel free to control them in any way you want but make sure to progress the story through your character.
    And remember to have fun and tell me if anything is bothering you.
    I say again, first to reply gets the job. And once that person does I'll start. Happy rp
  2. Hello. You got the job if you want it (I like your profile picture too xD )
  3. Yes please and thank you. C:
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    Name: Nicolas Graham
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Unemployed. Career cyber thief.
    Age: 20
    General personality: If you saw Nicolas on the street and had a two minute conversation you'd get the impression of a twenty year old, living in a tiny apartment alone, unemployed, who hasn't quiet accepted the fact he's an adult yet. And you'd be right. What you wouldn't notice is what he's doing on his phone while you're talking to him. Gaining access to your accounts and robbing you blind. Well maybe not blind, he never takes more than he needs and makes a habit of not taking too much from any one person.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.