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  1. @Jamie64

    What a title, oh yes.

    I've never done this before. I don't know what to say.

    Here's the plot, woo~
    "A group of elite hackers known collectively as "the shadow" have begun a series of cyber heists, stealing millions of dollars, and innocent.. or not so innocent hackers are being blamed for it. It's a race against time for this group to find "the shadow" before the cops find them."

    This is Jamie64's role play, so ask him if you have any questions. I'm just helping him make the thread.

    No longer accepting signups!
    But, y'know, you can still look at the thread if you want to.

    And some rules~
    • No more than three characters
    • Try to keep the posts to a minimum of two sentences.
    The borders of the Internet aren't the same as geological barriers so technically they could be in multiple places around the globe.

    So here are the characters we have so far;
    (User → Name // Age // Gender // Job // Alignment)

    Jamie64 → Nicolas Graham // 20 //// Unemployed, career cyber thief // Bad
    oxo → Heidi Greer // 19 //// Novice computer programmer // Good
    Soluna → Jason Sky // - // - // Unemployed master hacker // -
    Julchen → Vienna Ardue // 18 //// Unemployed Freelance Hacker // Neutral
    Nanovirus27 → Cayden Smith // 36 //// Company IT tech/ Expert hacker and computer tech // Chaotic Neutral
    Enjolras → Bronte Jalisi // 23 ////] Undercover agent // Chaotic Good
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  2. May I give props to oxo for helping me with my first rp.


    Um.. okay, given the name is unisex I understand why you made the mistake I'm just correcting it. My real name is James, everyone calls me Jamie. Not a girl. Just letting you know.. yeah. Anyway. Make a character and we'll be happy to accept you. As oxo has already said, any questions just ask. And feel free to share any ideas you have.
  3. Omg, I'm so sorry. I know like five Jamies irl and they're all girls.
    I'll change that right away~

    I'll make my characters as soon as I can
  4. Don't worry about it
  5. So do you have a definite plot yet?

    I'll try to get up my characters soon.
  6. A group of elite hackers known collectively as "the shadow" have begun a series of cyber heists, stealing millions of dollars, and innocent.. or not so innocent hackers are being blamed for it. It's a race against time for this group to find "the shadow" before the cops find them.
  7. Oohh, The Shadow. Mysterious~
    I'll add that to the first post.

    Here's my character, sorry it took me so long put together --

    Character Name: Heidi Greer
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Novice computer programmer
    Age: 19
    Current Goal/Purpose: To rid herself of the stigma that calls itself "The Shadow".
    General Personality: Heidi's a somewhat-decent programmer who certain people (law enforcement) believe works with The Shadow. She has no idea what caused them to think that, since she isn't some big hacker that could ever belong to such an elite organization. It's a little bit offending to her, actually. Programmers who do nothing but cause virtual trouble is not something Heidi wants to get behind. She's very against The Shadow and what they're doing.
    • Clever -- She's a pretty smart girl. She wouldn't call herself a genius, but she can hold her own academically.
    • Passive -- She's one to avoid confrontation, whenever possible. She hates raising her voice and getting into arguments.
    • Creative -- She's good at thinking outside the box when doing things.
    • Touchy -- She tends to take stuff very personally. Even the slightest remark will cause her to freak out.
    Alignment: Good

    Ta daah! If I need to make another character eventually, I can no problem.
  8. images-4.jpeg
    Name: Nicolas Graham
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Unemployed. Career cyber thief.
    Age: 20
    Current goal/purpose: Take down the shadow and hopefully get some cash in the process.
    General personality: If you saw Nicolas on the street and had a two minute conversation you'd get the impression of a twenty year old, living in a tiny apartment alone, unemployed, who hasn't quiet accepted the fact he's an adult yet. And you'd be right. What you wouldn't notice is what he's doing on his phone while you're talking to him. Stealing your bank information and gaining access to your accounts. But this business with the shadow is a whole new type of trouble. He never takes more than he needs and makes a habit of not taking too much from any one person. The shadow on the other hand is out to take every cent they can get their hands on and if he doesn't find them quick he'll be taking the fall for it. And he's not ready to get caught just yet.
    Alignment: Bad
  9. Very cool. How many people do you want to join before we start?
  10. A few. Maybe three or four. But I want to keep accepting for as long as it goes.
  11. Sounds good!
  12. Name: Jason Sky

    Appearance: Tall, tan, dark brown hair, grey eyes

    Gender: Unknown

    Job: Unemployed, Master hacker

    Current Goal: Unknown

    General Personality: Very little is known, besides 'him' being a shady and evasive person of interest.

    Alignment: Unknown
  13. Ooh. Love the mystery of him
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  14. Thanks!
  15. 2spooky4me

    Just kidding~
    Thanks for joining!

    Jamie, did you want me to add all the characters to the first post?
  16. Yes please
  17. Where's the actual RP?
  18. It hasn't been made yet. We're waiting for a few more people I think.
  19. Actually I think if we're all in agreement we can start now. I mean we can keep accepting people later. Kinda feeling a bit antsy about starting it. If that's okay
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