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    This Roleplay is a compelling modern/futuristic sci fi with a calm romantic and action twist. In this Roleplay you can expect to shed tears and lose your self into some rapid action throwback moments, twists and modern/futuristic technology showcases. If you like Sword art online or Guilty crown then this Roleplay is for you!

    It all started in Tokyo, Japan where the cherry trees grew and the shinto's stood tall and proud. Technology is a must for the new generation and it overseen everyone and everything, even your food was technology; The Government made a small chip that was able to be baked into any food and this chip was able to connect wireless to your phone and it would alert you 10 minutes before a virus or infection would occur.

    Computers, tvs, and anything with a screen or border were obsolete and in replacement there were T.H which means ''Touchable Holograms''. The T.H's had a small placeable ball that had a power button in the front of it, once pressed a large and wide hologram screen popped out of the ball in which it could be touched to access the internet or any computer apps.

    The japanese government are endlessly attacked by hackers and most information is stolen however, there are another hacker group that is called ''The Titanic Legion'', this group works with the FBI and they even have their own badges. The Titanic Legion work in the same building as the FBI and they work daily and all day and night, Although they might be small they are quite a good group of hackers that might do as much as these attacking hackers.

    These attacking hackers started in the 2000s and they became big a few years back by attacking and releasing information about the government that they didn't want public. It was only a year ago when they were actually a official group and they were named ''The Starlight Hackers'' for there many acts of enlightening the public of secret information that was hidden from them.

    There was a program called ''DaTa'' that created the individual hackers into ''avatars'' such things were similar to a RPG game, with swords and armor, Health and stamina. It was created by a anonymous person but it forced those who wished to hack into something secure of a firewall to fight another hacker that was protecting that webpage. Other than the firewall fights there was a singular village that was made from the start where hackers can communicate with other hackers. This anonymous person had a webpage that published news about this program and thus he continued to publish fixes and upgrades however, today he published a announcement about a upcoming release of a DLC called ''Operation Tree'' there was no much information about it, only a picture with the name.

    ...Today is the year 2020
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