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    ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ тнe ѕтarlιgнт нacĸerѕ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
    Your journey starts in your individual houses, where the sun just started to raise. Everyone has other hackers contact information on every device you have so keep that in mind. Some of you might want to conversate with each other to make a more imaginative beginning if you are to choose so. There are no new programs stated by the anonymous person whom just recently announced there will be a big program that will release soon, this anonymous person stated this a week ago on his website.

    ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ тнe тιтanιc legιon █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
    Your journey starts with a flashback to last night, whatever you guys decide that happened is up to you. Make sure that one paragraph is about the flashback and the other paragraph is about when you wake up, which is the present. Once awake you guys will, of course be waking up to your individual houses or use your imagination and say perhaps for example that you fell asleep at work.

    The first few minutes of the beginning is started for you now you're welcome to carry it into your own path to which your imagination may be freed. This is the only time i will do this, now the rest is up to you!
    Note that the hacking program has yet to be published and you will be going through normal daily life for a day or so to get your character well tuned with the feel of the areas around it before the game actually gets published which might take a mere day.
    Ratings are recommended, even if you are to just rate a simple ''like'' we don't want to hurt peoples feelings and not like there hard work and self expression.
    Decorate your posts freely, there are no limits to what you may put into your posts. Add songs to set the mood, add pictures to better set the mood of the surroundings of your character, Add fonts and colors to differ color code or make your post pop.
    Questions? Message me your question and i'll answer it as soon as possible!

    A Group will be created soon...
    Static was heard from the wireless radio to which almost every cool person had, a man was heard from the small but loud speakers. ''HELLLO everyone and good morning this is D-Dubstep Ricky and you're listening to 102.7 the BEAts!'' music emitted from the radio speakers in a loud tone to which everyone woke up to.

  2. The brazen radio announcer's voice jolted Tren out of yet another nightmare. Sweat trickled down her pale face and Tren groaned, reaching out with a shaking hand to smack the alarm clock that was still blasting out the local morning show. She shakily swung her legs off the edge of her bed and sat there for a long moment with her hands on her knees. After she was satisfied her limbs could support her weight, the slim 5'7" girl navigated her way to her bathroom in the darkness. The sun had yet to rise but that didn't bother Tren; she liked being up before the sun. It wasn't like she had much choice anyway. She hadn't slept a full night since she was seven.

    Finally having made her way into the bathroom, Tren changed into her simple black swim suit and tied her long champagne colored hair on top of her head. All of this was a daily ritual and by now it took less than minutes for Tren to be completely ready for her morning swim. After grabbing her old towel and her cell phone, she made her way down to her apartment's exercise complex. It was still before five o'clock so Tren saw no other signs of life as she passed from her room to the elevator. Another few minutes passed before Tren was slipping into the heated water of the indoor Olympic-sized pool. Her limbs were begging for her to stop after the first twenty laps but Tren ignored this- it wasn't anything new for her shoulder to be bothering her.

    Another twenty laps later and Tren was tiredly hefting her body out of the water. The girl sat on the edge of the pool, her feet still dangling, as she started to towel dry her hair absently. A few flashes of her nightmare made an unwanted appearance but Tren made herself ignore those, with simple reassuring thoughts. "You know those are just dreams. None of it is real, none of it is real..."
    With a tired sigh she set her towel down and picked up her cell phone instead, studying the chipped black cover carefully. "This hasn't rung in a few days," she thought, flipping the phone open to scroll through the last messages. "Maybe all of this has just been some dream and I just haven't woken up yet."

    The messages then confirmed that this wasn't a dream. This was real life. This was her life. A life as part of the Starlight Hackers; a life that promised freedom, no matter what the costs might be.

    (Phew, that was long. Somebody call her or something. xD )
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  3. Walking inside his humble cave-like home, Silver shut off his alarm that never woke him, since he hardly slept as it was. Since that day so long ago he has had mild insomnia, so he couldn't sleep even if he wanted to. However, today something felt off, and so he grabbed his phone, his most trusty phone that was compared to the great Aiden Pearce's own device. When he first began his hacking, it was to try and save himself from an unknown illness that changed his hair, and who knows what else. When he was in the middle of the biggest claim in years, he was pulled out of the building just as the cops showed up. The person dragged him to an ally nearby and told him that it was the worst mistake for him to do it in broad daylight, but invited him to be where he was, a Starlight Hacker.
    He walked over to his counter and began his morning meal preparations, and looked at his message logs, I should reach out to all of them to see what our next move is. Silver was known to think a bit more, even with his other sides distracting him. He thumbed down to through his contacts, launched his Invisible Apartment application and found Tren's contact file. Pressing the call button, he continued to cook while he waited for her to answer. When she did answer he was just sitting down for his meal, "We need to talk," He said the second he heard it go through. He sat back, waiting for her reply as he listened to his relaxed Nightcore in the background. It was far too early in the morning for him to be playing his normal playlist.

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  4. Xan dropped hir tools as the radio burst to life and cursed heavily at the surprise. The latest project of skill-practicing was the old fashioned lockpicking of traditional locks and ze had spent all night testing it out on all kinds of locks. While the traditional locks were steadily getting outdated it was the challenge of learning how that was the interesting part. Shutting off the offending music and picking up the tools Xan had soon removed any obvious signs of occupying the apartment. It was an old and abandoned building, but there were rooms that were livable that hir switched between. There was a downside to not existing, and that was not being able to rent a place and keeping a steady job. Even so ze was okay with switching from one job to the other, one place to the other and never settling in one place. It was a freedom.

    Checking first the time, then the site with the mysterious announcement and then if someone had tried to reach hir. It was dawn and there was nothing new. Still too early for the latest part-time job and nothing new on any fronts Xan wondered idly if ze could bug any of hir fellow Starlight members for breakfast. The thought was dropped as soon as it came, just like always, and the teen left the apartment in search of some breakfast offers. Double-checking if something had been forgotten hir hazel eyes swept the place one last time, finding nothing out of place ze pushed away an offending lock of dark-blonde hair out of hir face, it was growing too long again. Vowing to get it cut as soon as breakfast had been eaten hir thoughts went back to breakfast. There was this place in the area that had some really good, and cheap, waffles...


    He'd been trying to track down a leak the previous night. Someone had tried to hack a governement research lab in search for something. While letting a tracker run he had been making sure there was no leaks or breaches. The hacker escaped before the IP could be found but the hacker left empty-handed, fortunately. The afterwork was huge, he checked the logs, every line of code, anything he could think of really at least four or five times before turning in his findings, finally leaving around 3AM.

    The sound of the radio from his brother's room wake him up from the two hours of sleep he had managed to get. Suppressing a yawn he sighed and smiled, not understanding why the kid liked the music. Getting up he realized he had forgotten to change out of the clothes he had worn the previous day. Shrugging he didn't think it was so important and headed over to the kitchen to make breakfast.

    As he was placing the last of bacon, eggs and toast on two plates his kid brother, Jamie, came down. He smiled, only to meet a frown as the younger boy looked his older brother over. "Leo, have you slept?" The smile turning sheepish as the kid cut straight to the matter. "A couple of hours, there was a lot of things to do yesterday." He chuckled wryly before adding: "That's the working life" Like that he brushed the matter off and ruffled Jamie's hair, the same dark-brown as Leo, except that is was shorter. "You..." "Hmm?" "Nothing." Cutting it short Jamie pushed away Leo's hand and sat down by the table, starting on the breakfast. Leo frowned lightly in worry, wanting to push the issue but he knew if he tried to push it further then Jamie would close up even more. Sighing softly he sat down by the table, eating in an awkward silence. It had been many of those lately.

    (So long... Btw: Both Xan and Leo are reachable)
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  5. When the tiny electronic device in her hand exploded with noise, Tren jumped, almost screaming. She hadn't been expecting any phone calls and it was pretty ironic that someone had decided to reach out to her at just that moment. Saving her phone from taking its own swim in the pool, Tren flipped it open, answering it.

    Silver's voice rang out before she even had a chance to say 'hello.' "It's rude not to say hello," she pointed out after his straight-to-the-point welcome. With a small sigh, Tren decided to answer him properly. "What's so urgent that you're calling me this early, Silver?" The girl kicked her feet absently in the crystal colored water, thinking about how much she loathed talking on the phone. It was such a nuisance; she much preferred speaking to someone face to face. Tren had always found that someone's voice can be saying something completely different than their face. And that was important; it was so easy to be deceived and lied to over the phone. It was impersonal and bland and it wasn't proper for conducting serious business.

    When Tren tuned back in to the conversation, she realized that Silver had answered her and was now waiting on her response. "I'm sorry; what were you saying? I zoned out." Saying that she'd zoned out was a polite way of saying she really, really wasn't listening. Her mind was too busy to sort through something else right now and Tren rested her hand on the bridge of her nose, feeling a strong headache coming on.
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  6. ▌│█║▌║▌║ ĸenѕнιn мaѕaaĸι ║▌║▌║█│▌
    Radio blasted loudly to which a echo was emitted around the hollow metal walls of the red painted room. Immediately turning off the radio, Small random but repeated droplet sounds could be heard to which made small red puddles located randomly amongst the cold tile floor. Kenshin was sitting on a old metal stool in front of a metal long table that his head was resting on, standing up he pulls his black leather gloves to tighten his grip. His gloves were covered in blood and behind him four people wearing suits could be found laying on the ground with streams of blood running from there heads to the cracks of the tile floor, filling the cracks with blood. The flickering singular ceiling light glared off of Kenshin's partially white mask displaying small blood splats around the side. Sighing then followed with checking his watch he realizes that its morning which means he needs to get home soon, reaching into his back pocket he grabs his phone to check if there was any messages. ''Hmm'' he thought whilst touching the screen to emit a small hologram with a timer of 10 seconds, dropping the phone on the floor he calmly walks out of the room and into the streets where everyone started to run the opposite direction due to the unsightly display of blood which covered his suit, gloves, and mask. Kenshin was not fazed by the almost immediate chaos in the streets, simply putting his hands inside his pockets he walks towards his house whilst the building behind him explodes.

    ıllıllı нaѕнιro ıllıllı
    We were searching the local research lab, it was apparent that there was an attack on the data base. I was writing on my notepad of the data that was corrupted and of course once again i didn't get any clues of where it might have came from, i was always the one that never gets the clues nor did i get to the scene first, always the one late and trying desperately to catch up.

    The radio blasted to which was immediately turned off by Hashiro turning over in his bed then lazingly sighed to the sun shine glaring upon his face where he covered his eyes with his forearm. Sitting up on the edge of the bed he grabs his glasses to put them on, getting up and walking downstairs he realizes that he has nothing in his fridge. ''oh my, i guess the cafe will have to do again today..'' said hashiro followed with a sigh. Putting his pants, shirt, and jacket on he walks out of his house whilst attempting to put a tie on walking to the car. Driving to the cafe he sits down nearest to the window, waiting for his coffee that the waitress always makes and delivers to everyone who arrives, Hashiro checks his phone for messages...
  7. Misumi groaned, the loud dubstep snapping him from a dreamless sleep. It had taken him a minute to process where the noise was coming from, still foggy from the remnants of sleep. Reaching outwards to his left, with his eyes still closed, he smacked around until his fist collided with the radio. The music snapped off, filling the room with a silence. Mi rolled over onto his side, pulling the blankets back over his head and curling back up in an attempt to regain that glorious unconscious state he was in minutes before, before his alarm had ever so rudely made him face the day. But much to his luck, and dismay, the loud dubstep had shocked him awake, and any sleep he could still get was long gone. Oh well, he had to get up eventually he supposed. Slowly, he opened his eyes, staring up at the ceiling. His vision was blurred slightly, it took him a moment to adjust to the pale morning light that managed to seep from his drapes and into his room. It was cold, he noted, which made his bed all the more desirable. Why leave the warmth and comfort of a comforter to face the harsh reality? He laid there for awhile, lost in the bliss of silence, staring blankly at the pale ceiling. However, eventually the boy had lost interest in studying the blank slate above him, and swung the comforter off his body, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and getting up. His toes curled upon contact with the chilled surface of the floor, and he shuddered a bit. Why was his room so cold? He had yet to discover why, nor did he care enough to investigate. Just buy more blankets, huddle up, and ignore the problem like he always did.

    He raised his arms over his head, stretching his back until he earned a satisfying crack. He did the same with his neck, and then wandered around his room and threw a sweater on to shield him from his room's artic temperature. As he walked past a mirror, he caught sight of himself, and sighed. He looked exhausted, dark circles under his eyes, pale complexion, his hair was a mess and fell everywhere but into place. Mi ran his fingers through his hair, once, twice, until just admitting defeat and letting his locks fall back into his eyes. It only took him thirty minutes to do the morning essentials, brush his hair, teeth, make himself feel a little less zombie-like and more like a living being. He switched his sweatpants out for some nice fitting pants, and then flopped flat onto his back back onto his bed. Okay, now that he had nothing to occupy his time with, he realized his stomach was practically crying for breakfast. But determination to actually leave the comfort of his home to venture for food like some sort of startled deer was leaving him, and he groaned. Maybe he could call a fellow Starlight and have them drag him out? It sounded like a good idea.



    Shiro chucked the glass at the wall, watching as it shattered into millions of small pieces with a loud crash. Papers and half empty vodka bottles littered the floor, various broken pieces of both furniture and glass spread throughout the room. Rage sparked in his eyes, and blood leaked from his hand. It had only been three bottles in, and he had already thrown himself into another fit of rage so mighty that he had nearly destroyed his entire living room. "Damn them!" He hissed through his teeth, although he was, luckily for anyone else, the only one to hear his own words of venom spewing from him. "Damn them to hell, those traitors, that whore!" He hissed, stepping on the broken picture frame that lay in pieces on the floor. His boot gripped into the photo, grinding it up until it was nothing more but dirt stained shreds of paper. It was only a matter of time before he gave up his anger and was reduced to a sobbing mess, collapsing to his knees and holding what was left of the picture. "I'm sorry.. " He whispered, as if the picture could talk back, warmth running down his cheeks and splattering onto the paper. He let the photo drop from his hands, watching as it slowly reached the ground, the blank faces of his family staring back up at him... He kicked the picture away from him, taking another swig of vodka from a half empty bottle.

    He awoke with a massive headache, a splitting pain that reached from his temples to his eyelids. His body ached, his eyes stung. 'Ah.. fuck.. ' He inwardly groaned, sitting upwards so quickly he had a head rush. It felt as though the room was spinning, or he was spinning, he didn't know.. Slowly, as to not to receive another blistering shock of pain through his head, he stood to his feet, greeted with the mess of last night. Papers, glasses, electronics.. everything was littered around. Shiro had become accustomed to waking up like this alone, if he hadn't fallen asleep at his desk, then it would be on the floor, the couch, half way on his bed, black out drunk. It was almost tradition, he tried not to come home for the very same reason, but he could only survive at work for so long before he required a bed.

    And that's when the memories would flood back, vivid, teary eyed. He'd try to drink it away, but dammit, it only helped so much. He was a professional, he was strong, he was a leader, not some whiny weak runt that had to resort to something so pitiful as a liquid to keep him sane. Yet here he stood, in another tornado of his own emotions and pent up anger. He sighed, loudly, sadly, bending down to start and recover all of the misplaced files he had thrown about the room in his tantrum. They seemed to be from work, more about those damned Starlight Hackers that had taken both his son and his wife and turned them corrupt. He'd make them pay, even his own blood, his son was too far gone. If he were to take them down, he'd take Misumi down with them. Why was he thinking like this? It was early, he shouldn't be having such thoughts. He shook them away, running a hand through his hair, and then began to work at cleaning the aftermath of his personal tornado. The mess wouldn't clean itself.


    ((Anyone want Misumi to make a call to them or anything? He's available for some breakfast. xD))
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  8. "You just swam right? How about you meet me down at the cafe that hold one of our hideouts? I could go for some coffee and I know you need some breakfast. I'll buy and we can talk." He started to take care of his small plate of food and waited to hear her response. While doing so, he connected his phone to the house's com system and began getting ready to leave for the day, not that he would be in this house for long, since he had to take care of the owners to get it. He was just glad that the freezer what big enough for them. He dressed in his usual outfit, a white shirt, black pants, and a leather belt with metal rings to hook up his sword. He had to hide it at the hideout, but he still had weapons on him. In his shoe he had a small knife, and within the belt there were several small throwing knives. "How about we meet there in, say, ten minutes?"
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  9. Entering the cafe Xan casually looked over the place as if searching for a free table. While doing so ze noticed a suited guy that seemed familiar. Taking note of the guy's appereance Xan wasn't going to be as careless as to sit at a table right next to him if the guy happened to be on their list. The teen found a free table soon enough, looking like any typical teenage boy wearing the oversized hoodie and casual clothes, though hir gender seemed ambigious, the style conflicting with hir features. Fortunately for the teen hir face wasn't known to the legion, for now that was.

    Hooking up to the free WiFi ze started to catch up on reading the news and playing a small game at the same time. The news were often boring enough alone, playing a game usually made it easier. Ze grinned as hir new highscore beat Mi's, the boy would probably get a notice now that his score had been beaten and it wouldn't take long for the boy to try to reclaim the top score. It had started casually but somehow they had egged each other into a minor competition, it was probably Xan's fault though, hir mischievious nature could get a bit teasing.

    ((There, now Mi has a reason to poke at Xan. I hope it's reasonable to think that they do get along and try to beat each other's high scores.))
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  10. "Sure; I'll see you in ten," Tren murmured, snapping the phone shut as the conversation ended. For another few moments Tren sat where she was, eyes closed as she tried to mentally will away her migraine. No such luck, of course, and eventually she stood up and dried her legs before making her way back to her apartment.

    It was daylight now and the halls weren't as empty as they had been before; people were roaming around sleepily, all of them dressed and ready to begin their days at work. Tren ignored them all as she took the elevator back to the tenth floor. Once in side her apartment she quickly dressed, pulling on a dark gray hoodie and her favorite jeans. After brushing her teeth, Tren turned her attention to her still-damp hair and decided that she'd just let it down. It would dry on its own soon enough.

    Within five minutes she was completely ready and she walked the short few blocks to the small cafe, their usual meeting spot, arriving in ten minutes, exactly. She glanced around and didn't immediately spot Silver at any of the tables. So she'd gotten here first; this really wasn't unusual, though, and Tren excused it. He had a farther walk than she did, after all. Tren scoped out the cafe and spotted Xan at one of the other tables, sitting alone. She started to make her way over, noticing the man in a suit who was sitting alone as well. Did she recognize him...? Probably.

    Tren shrugged and decided it wasn't worth worrying about. Taking her mind away from the strange but familiar man, Tren slid into the booth in front of Xan. "I hope you don't mind," Tren said, smiling. "I was supposed to be meeting Silver but he isn't here yet......And there aren't any empty tables, anyway."
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  11. Walking in from the back, he spotted Tren sitting in a booth with Xan. This may end up better than I had planned, walking up he said, "Sorry I am a bit late, hope your walk was good." Turning to Xan he nodded, "What a great coincidence, Xan. How do you do?" He took a seat and looked through the menu. "Thanks to my recent place, I have plenty of money for a while, order what you want and I'll pay." With the people that gave him the new house, he had found computers with bank accounts open and boxes full of cash, amounting up to a couple thousand. "I will be right back, then we will talk business." He stood and walked to the back to collect his gear.
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  12. "Awesome," Xan grinned and scoured the menu for some extra treats. Ze had shut off the game and was closing the news sites when Tren sat down by the table. "So, something's happened I see," Xan stated the obvious. As ze closed the last tab with a news site ze finally remembered where ze had seen the suited man. He was on their list of known TL-members. "Hey, Tren..." Trailing off lightly the teen nodded subtly towards the suited man before writing out the two letters on the table out of sight for others and grinned. "You think we can get Silver to buy us some smoothies at the new juice shop too?" If there was one thing Xan was truly good at then it was subtlety and riddles, most likely from the ever-continuing self-improvement Xan loved so much.
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  13. Tren watched as Xan nodded at the man in a suit she'd noticed earlier. The other Starlight traced the letters "TL" on the table and Tren nodded. "I know," she mouthed before answering Xan's question. "I bet he would. What else does he have to spend money on? He may as well spoil us, yeah?" Tren chuckled, browsing her menu. After her long morning swim she was literally starving. Her stomach roared loudly- everything on this menu just looked so delicious!

    Browsing the menu for a few more moments, Tren eventually decided on a stack of strawberry pancakes with a side of fruit and a small apple juice. Tren folded the menu back and placed it in front of her neatly. As they waited for Silver to return, Tren looked up at Xan and quirked an eyebrow. "What do you think he wants to talk about so badly?"
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  14. He was just about to get up, however, a faint 'ding' had caught his attention. Mi sat upright, ruffling through his blankets to find the culprit of said ding. Once he had found it, he clicked his phone on, staring at the latest notification that greeted his eyes. So, Xan beat his high score, eh? He clicked his phone back off, deciding against wasting three hours mindlessly playing a game on his phone when there was food to be eaten. Quickly, he threw on his shoes, not bothering to tie them up, and made his way to the cafeteria to feed his hunger. He hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday, and boy, he could go for a sandwich or something. On instinct, he found his way, spotting Xan and a few others sitting at a random table. Being the oblivious boy he was, and not sensing the somewhat serious attitude about the suited man, he sat down, smiling brightly despite how early it was. "Mornin'." He greeted. Although his expression said that he was perfectly energetic and awake, the dark circles under his eyes seemed to disagree, but despite the exhaustion lagging him behind, he smirked at Xan. "Stop being better than me, you're cheating somehow." He whined, crossing his arms, referring to the newly beaten high score. Ah, Mi, so innocent despite the fact there was TL member literally not five feet away from you.



    Shiro had cleaned up his poor excuse of a house, the shattered glass thrown away, papers organized. All that was left was this blistering migraine from a hangover, and was seriously regretting his previous night's choices. Well.. he should probably report to work, although he wouldn't have to go in today. But oddly enough, he liked working, he liked feeling important and he liked the feeling that his word was law. It gave him a sense of superiority, although it was the last thing he needed. Sighing as he stood, he walked into his bathroom, staring at his reflection. Hollow, dead eyes greeted him. A pale face and an emotionless expression was all he saw, sweat beaded from his brows, yet he hadn't the slightest clue as to why. He started his morning essentials, making himself look more presentable rather than drunk. He could still taste the alcohol on his breath, no matter how much he washed. His hands were still cut from glass shards, and his eyes still held, no matter how hard he smiled, no emotion. It had seemed to become his default look. Tired, worn, and battered. And honestly, he couldn't find himself to care. As long as people still listened, and he still had control, he could care less.

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  15. ▌│█║▌║▌║ ĸenѕнιn мaѕaaĸι ║▌║▌║█│▌
    Arriving at home he was greeted by the smart home interface, ''Welcome home master, Would you like some coffee?'' the interface said. ''Actually call Xan'' Kenshin replied to the smart home interface which called almost immediately. Walking to the sink he takes off his gloves and mask to wash them, after washing his gloves and mask he takes off his jacket and tie to which he lays them on the kitchen chair. Pouring himself a glass of whiskey whilst waiting for Xan to answer.

    ıllıllı нaѕнιro ıllıllı
    The waitress finally came to his table to give him a cup of coffee to which Hashiro thanked her before she walked away to get the next customer. Hashiro was enjoying the peaceful tranquility of the smooth but hot coffee till a kid walked in, it was odd seeing a kid here but he just figured that the kid liked coffee too until more kids walked inside. The sequence of when they arrived and the similarity of their appearance was nothing to shrug about, it was almost obvious that they were either friends who skipped school today or a group of terrorists whom came to gather here to plot. Seemingly unnoticeable, one of the kids looked his way and nodded that followed with weird one handed motions and a weird sense of position. Adjusting his glasses by pushing them more towards his eyes, his glasses glared from the sun directly hitting them. Reaching inside his coat pocket Hashiro takes out his phone to which he runs his thumb across the screen which activated a proximity data tracker that took records of every message or phone call that happened in a 1 mile radius. ''Just to make sure'' Hashiro mumbled to himself.
    (sorry guys if this doesn't make much sense my head hurts today..)
  16. As he entered the back room Silver pulled out his phone and noticed an alert from one of his bugs in the building, one that would never be found because it was so well hidden within files. It was a high alert for a tracker, oh gods no. He grabbed his sword and strapped it on his belt, since the laws said that you could own and carry melee weapons in response to the Starlight hackers, he got to use this to his advantage. Drawing the blade, he admired his best work of art, a symbol of the life he had left behind. It was once his fathers sword, but when they died, it was left to him. After a few minutes of checking the blade, he walked out and looked to be playing a game on his phone. He sat at the table and acted like he just beat a high score. Turning the phone to everyone at the table, he showed them a message that read: Shut off your phones, bad feeling about this place, we leave in ten minutes and we'll talk. After showing everyone the message he shut his phone off and motioned for everyone to do the same, at random intervals. When the waitress walked over, he ordered a coffee and allowed everyone to place their orders.

    The sword:


    How he has to care for it: (instead of the dying part, you really just get a nasty cut from it it is so sharp)


    (@dragonesper Just for the sake of the RP, I would write in your that you don't shut it off, but act like it, then send out texts rather than answer the call, this will give @MilkyRamen a chance to pull some info)
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  17. (Yup, sure)

    Xan grinned at the innocent boy who complained about the newly beaten record. "Aww, Mi, you think I'd spare the effort to cheat? It's just a little improving of skills." The mischief shone outta hir eyes and ze added: "Besides, what fun are games if you cheat?" As Silver returned and showed the message hir nodded with a grin, and would've done the same if it hadn't been for the call ze received. Kenshin Masaaki, the only person that had caught what Xan did with hir own identity and most likely had a copy of those files. Terminating the call there was no choice but to act along Silver's wishes and pretend to shut off the phone instead ze opened a chat with the person that was the hardest to ignore. "Sorry for not answering, hanging out with some friends. So what's up? Any interesting new game news? A new release coming up?" Riddles and codes were hir favorite way of chatting, but also hir most useful. Game news were usually information, but release was often a referal to job, except when actually discussing games that is.
    Getting the coffee and breakfast set with bacons, eggs and the whole deal Xan was cheerful.
    "Wonderful~ I was getting hungry. Oh, and Silver, we decided that you're treating us smoothies at the new juice place later."


    While driving Jamie to school the awkward silence remained and as Leo dropped off the boy the awkwardness hung over them like a heavy cloud when wishing him a good day. Heading over to work he was planning on requesting the weekend off. Perhaps some bonding time could help on the awkwardness, besides, it wasn't as if he was going to join the group of hackers the moment he got a vacation. He'd hopefully proven himself trustworthy enough for that ever since they caught him.
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  18. Tren and Xan were soon joined by Mi and it seemed that the entire Starlight Hacker's team had decided to assemble in public. Silver soon emerged from the back of the restaurant and held up his phone. The screen showed an urgent message but Tren grinned and nodded, acting excited. "That's a great score, Silver. I suck at that game." After waiting about five minutes, Tren followed Silver's instructions and shut off her phone discreetly. She didn't know what had triggered the bad feeling Silver suddenly had, but she had a clue it involved that strange Titanic Legion member. Xan mentioned something about the smoothies and Tren offered another one of her small smiles. "Yeah, I've been wanting to try out that place but I'm on a tight budget."

    The group settled into silence and soon the waitress brought out their food. It didn't take long for them all to clean their plates and once Silver paid the charge the team members all got up to leave the cafe. "We should do this more often; that was a wonderful meal," Tren pointed out, making polite and upbeat conversation as the group passed the suited man. It would be for the best if they could negate any suspicion the man might have gotten and Tren decided that making average teenage talk was a good way to accomplish that. "And it tasted even better since I didn't have to pay for it." Tren let her usual sarcasm pop up and she laughed, bumping shoulders with Silver nonchalantly. "Now it's smoothie time!"
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  19. ▌│█║▌║▌║ ĸenѕнιn мaѕaaĸι ║▌║▌║█│▌
    ''What'cha doin?'' just finishing up washing his hands he listens to Xan's answer whilst hanging up his tie and jacket to dry. Kenshin didn't believe in instant cloth heating simulations in fear of his clothes shrinking so hanging up clothes like people did in prehistoric times made more sense to him. Reaching in front of him there would be a screen hologram where he did quick hacking simulations where he would merely practice, however today this is not what it was used for. Swapping and sliding against the screen he activates a program where he is able to control and see through security cameras near the city or at least where his fellow members were, letting Xan finish his answer Kenshin followed up with a reply ''You do know that there is a detective in your area, right?'' Kenshin could spot a Detective of the Titanic Legion by a simple glance, lots of practice and past experiences had made his sightings sensitive.

    ıllıllı нaѕнιro ıllıllı
    With careful examination it was clear that they were apart of the Starlight hackers, the famous hacking group who attacked the government not to long ago and leaked there information on the internet. It didn't help their chances of hiding their identity when one of the kids pulled out a sword so carelessly, this individual was more than likely the most youngest of the group. ''Since i already know who they are i mine as well keep drinking my coffee.. there is no reason to confront them, at least not now anyways...'' Hashiro thought to himself whilst locking his phone and putting it on the coffee table in front of him. Waiting till the group of kids started to leave Hashiro didn't confront them at all nor with the eye contact, when the group was just about to leave Hashiro spoke up to them, ''Have a nice day kids'' putting his cup of coffee down and adjusting his glasses to get a better clear vision of there faces.

    (start this when reading Hashiro!)​
  20. "You know, I don't have a budget today, so let's go." He hoped that the TL member didn't see think that they were Starlight, since that would only complicate things. Walking out of the building he turned to them, "I honestly don't know where it is. On a more important matter, you are confused with that message. As you know, most of our meeting places have bugs paced around the area by me. When I walked into the back, the bug went off, so I had to warn you in case you sent information that was not for outsiders."
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