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  1. Summary
    This Roleplay is a compelling modern/futuristic sci fi with a calm romantic and action twist. In this Roleplay you can expect to shed tears and lose your self into some rapid action throwback moments, twists and modern/futuristic technology showcases. If you like Sword art online or Guilty crown then this Roleplay is for you!

    It all started in Tokyo, Japan where the cherry trees grew and the shinto's stood tall and proud. Technology is a must for the new generation and it overseen everyone and everything, even your food was technology; The Government made a small chip that was able to be baked into any food and this chip was able to connect wireless to your phone and it would alert you 10 minutes before a virus or infection would occur.

    Computers, tvs, and anything with a screen or border were obsolete and in replacement there were T.H which means ''Touchable Holograms''. The T.H's had a small placeable ball that had a power button in the front of it, once pressed a large and wide hologram screen popped out of the ball in which it could be touched to access the internet or any computer apps.

    The japanese government are endlessly attacked by hackers and most information is stolen however, there are another hacker group that is called ''The Titanic Legion'', this group works with the FBI and they even have their own badges. The Titanic Legion work in the same building as the FBI and they work daily and all day and night, Although they might be small they are quite a good group of hackers that might do as much as these attacking hackers.

    These attacking hackers started in the 2000s and they became big a few years back by attacking and releasing information about the government that they didn't want public. It was only a year ago when they were actually a official group and they were named ''The Starlight Hackers'' for there many acts of enlightening the public of secret information that was hidden from them.

    There was a program called ''DaTa'' that created the individual hackers into ''avatars'' such things were similar to a RPG game, with swords and armor, Health and stamina. It was created by a anonymous person but it forced those who wished to hack into something secure of a firewall to fight another hacker that was protecting that webpage. Other than the firewall fights there was a singular village that was made from the start where hackers can communicate with other hackers. This anonymous person had a webpage that published news about this program and thus he continued to publish fixes and upgrades however, today he published a announcement about a upcoming release of a DLC called ''Operation Tree'' there was no much information about it, only a picture with the name.

    ...Today is the year 2020

    Character sheet information
    You should have this stuff in your CS, feel free to copy and paste but make it fancy to the best of your abilities!

    First name:
    Second name:
    Nick name(optional):


    Scars/Tattoos(if any):
    Piercings(if any):


    Team(The Titanic Legion or The Starlight Hackers):

    Appearance(Anime pictures are recommended, however you may have a description only if you wish):
    Small Description(basic):
    Large Description(Advanced/anything you haven't stated previously):



    If you wish to join or thinking about joining then there will be a poll on top of this page to which you can submit your interest or dislikes about this RP. I will contact you as soon as possible regarding your interest if you choose to be interested.
    I don't expect you to write much just enough for your comfort, I WILL NOT push or force you to do more than you wish to do, however if you act lazy and only submit one word per subject i will have to make you do more than just one word..
    Suggestions are freely supported here, so if you have a suggestion please do tell me! any exception will be that i will not apply mathematics into my RP for i will allow A LOT of imagination to be freed so you may type more comfortably and to your liking.​
  2. How many chars at the max? I wanna do two.
  3. Thats fine! no more than two tho
  4. First name: Aiden
    Second name: Pearce
    Nick name(optional): Silver

    Weight: 120 lbs
    Height: 5' 10"

    Scars/Tattoos(if any): Aiden has a scar on this right forearm from a knife fight after he got drunk one night (may or may not have been legal)
    Piercings(if any): n/a

    Age: 18

    Team(The Titanic Legion or The Starlight Hackers): The Starlight Hackers

    Appearance(Anime pictures are recommended, however you may have a description only if you wish): Profile pic
    Small Description(basic): Occasionally cocky and arrogant.
    Large Description(Advanced/anything you haven't stated previously): Has a side that would do anything if it meant keeping someone or their identity safe. Anything and everything goes if they fall into need, including killing. When he is angry, he usually leaves his mind and allows one of his more physical sides to take over. Because of his schizophrenia he has multiple sides, some of which are good, and others not so much.

    Secrets: Secretly is schizophrenic and has a side that wants to fill the rivers with blood... also a bit of an insomniac.
    Likes: He loves to fence/sword fight, he has a huge love for computers. Likes to eat.
    Dislikes: Really does not like homework, or anything that he can't decide about. Dislikes being single for a long while (unless he's in the middle of a hacking job.
    Strengths: Massive understanding of different coding languages and is able to recognize most of them.
    Weaknesses: He does not really have a social life because he spent so much time learning his skill.

    Backstory/history: Not much is to be said of Aiden, other than he is named after the legendary Aiden Pearce (I can change it if you don't want it to have those events prior) and when he was born, he had brown hair, but just after he was born, a rare illness made his hair go aturally blue, which really messed with his style. He taught himself how to hack, and just after the new system got addicted to it. He was approached after he had gotten through a tax firms systems so he could prove that he was good at it. With this bit of showing off, he ended up getting a message that night and joined the next day.
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  5. So its the same type concept as sword art so it's a mmo type rp?
  6. yes it is
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  7. I'm so in then :) and in the near future I'd be down to be an gm and maybe if you are going to actually have admin type characters I'd be down with that also I'll be down for this till the end :).
  8. Good to hear! I'll definitely keep this in mind if we are to go bigger in the future!
  9. I'm definitely interested in this! I've just got to come up with a decent character for it. :P
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  10. Ok appreciate it ill make character soon :)
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  11. First name: Tren
    Second name: Rhodes

    Nick name(optional):

    Weight: 110 lbs
    Height: 5'7

    Scars/Tattoos(if any):

    No tattoos, but she does have a scar on her left shoulder blade (the result of a childhood accident)

    Piercings(if any):

    Just single ear piercings but she usually doesn't wear earrings.

    Age: 19

    Team(The Titanic Legion or The Starlight Hackers): The Starlight Hackers

    Appearance(Anime pictures are recommended, however you may have a description only if you wish):
    Small Description(basic):
    Tren is a pretty smart chick, and she's also pretty quiet/shy. She mostly likes to keep her thoughts to herself & she doesn't really like to get involved with other people's problems.
    Large Description(Advanced/anything you haven't stated previously):
    Tren's interest in the Starlight Hacker's organization grew when her online blog was shut down for revealing 'government secrets'. She didn't like the fact that her thoughts and the information she'd gleaned from her father (who just so happened to be a leading technological engineer) were being silenced and withheld from the people who deserved to hear it most.

    Doesn't really have too many, other than the fact that she knows how her younger sister actually died.
    Coffee of all kinds, reading, quiet places, swimming, music.
    Spicy food, vain and sarcastic people, fighting, arguments. Her father. Lakes and boats. Murky/deep water.
    Fast thinker, easily adapts to new environments/situations, crazy good translator.

    Being around small children (specifically girls aged 5-7), has a weak/damaged shoulder which impairs the function of that arm, her father.
    Tren was born into a rather wealthy family, thanks to her father's government work. Her mother Alyssa had a history of health problems and suffered from many forms of addiction (specifically, alcoholism) and she promptly disappeared after giving birth to her second daughter, Madelyn. Tren's father then had to care for two small girls and balance his work. The stress of his wife leaving him and his new responsibilities as mom and dad left him cold and strict and just a little bit abusive. Tragically, these factors resulted in the untimely 'accidental' drowning of Tren's sister. While the accident was never investigated by the police, Tren knows the truth about what happen and to this day she resents the cause of it all: her father.

    Yay, finally finished. I hope this is okay!
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  12. This is good except you didn't make a name for her lol (nevermind i see that you did your name white lol)
  13. Lol. I couldn't tell that it was white; sorry. xD
  14. Its fine i should've figured something was there when the ''first name'' label was moved lightly to the left lol
  15. Milky, was the short and long description for personality or appearance? I didn't fill it out because I thought it was appearance but if im wrong ill go fix it..
  16. personality
  17. Work in progress

    First name: Lydia
    Second name: Kurosawa
    Nick name(optional): Lia

    Weight: 110lbs
    Height: 5'0" ft

    Scars/Tattoos(if any): A light scar that runs down her neck and spine from a surgery she had as a very young child.
    Piercings(if any): n/a

    Age: 17

    Team(The Titanic Legion or The Starlight Hackers): The Titanic Legion

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Small Description(basic):
    Charismatic, Cheerful, Organized, Determined, and Brave. Inconsiderate, Rude, Lazy, Prejudice, and Impulsive.
    Large Description(advanced):

    Secrets: In actuality, Lydia isn't an outgoing person though it may seem so. Even her close friends consider her a wall because she doesn't try to gain attention, at least not on purpose. . She's too lazy to approach others...because she's tired of others not approaching her, she doesn't understand why they don't most of the time. Her major secret is that she's lonely, even with friends.s
    Likes: Cute things, Sweets, Authority, and Stability.
    Dislikes: Yucky things (slime for example), Animals, Being touched, and Dull activities.
    Strengths: Anything that has to do with technology. She's quick to learn when it comes to technological devices and even faster at figuring things out that has to do with programs, softwares, hacking, servers, and so on. She's been figuring out technology and creating her own ever since she was in third grade.
    Weaknesses: Boys, she's a girl after all and she likes all kinds of boys so it's always interesting in the sense of what guy she'll have a crush on next or what will happen next with her flirtatious acts.

    Backstory/history: She grew up with both of her parents, no siblings. Leading a life that you might consider normal; however, when she learned that her father use to be part of the Titanic Legion it stirred up some curiosity. Because her father, Daiki Kurosawa was a former member (and his connections) she easily became part of this group. She doesn't pull around her own weight very well, barely earning her keep to even be considered a member. Because of her abilities to quickly learn or assess to resolve issues in technology and inventing, she is still part of the team. Lydia strives for not just success, but for purpose and ambitions.
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  18. ok I fixed it.
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  19. First Name
    "My name's Misumi, and I can proudly say this name makes me want to bash my head through a wall."

    Second Name
    "My last name is short and simple."

    "Some people call me Mi. Ha. Me Mi."

    "Isn't it rude to ask someone about their weight?"
    118 Ilbs.

    "If you call me short I will end you."

    "I have some awesome scars, if I do say so myself."
    He has scars on his wrists and arms, from fights and being pinned. He also has a scar going down his torso, though it is very faint. He has a tattoo of a raven on his collar bone too, in black. It is small, and usually hidden by his shirt.

    "My snakebites sometimes annoy me."
    Two ball snakebites, and a ear piercings.

    "I'm barely legal. I think."

    "I don't always play for the good guys."
    Starlight Hackers.

    "Some people say I'm just the cutest thing."
    Naturally, his hair is a light brown, although he's dyed it to look like a dark blue purple shade. His eyes are a pretty blue color as well, however it's shade changes depending on the light. He is on the smaller, more petite side, although if you bring it up he'd most likely rip your eyebrows off. His skin is somewhat tanned, but on the paler side. He has two snakebites on his lips, and piercings on his ears. He generally wears anything darker in color, and clothing that is a bit more loose fitting on him.


    "I'm just peachy."
    He has a bit of a cocky, foul mouthed personality, with a lack of a censor or respect. He doesn't care who you are, he'll tell you off, which often leads him into a lot of trouble. In his eyes, everyone is equal, regardless of status, and he will say what he pleases when and where he wants to see it. Mi is kinda foul mouthed and prone to a temper, when you get him pissy enough. He's also easily flustered, and dislikes being touched, whether it be by grabbing his arm or hugging him. He's not nnecessarilya mean person, but his snark can be taken the wrong way very easily. Mi can be a bit of a flirt when he wants to be, but only if he's sure you're interested. He will usually tease others, but it's all innocent, and once he crosses the line he'll stop. He himself is somewhat sensitive, although he never shows it. He'll simply frown or roll his eyes, quite moody, this one.

    "I'm an open book.. haha.. ha.. "
    He swings for the other team if you get my drift.
    He's actually an insecure, shy person under his little facade.
    He has a history of picking bad lovers.
    His father is high ranked in the Titanic Legion.
    He's responsible for the death of his best friend.

    "Hi, my name is Mi, and I enjoy long walks on the beach, sunsets, and rough sex in closets."
    Fun atmospheres.
    People who don't take his attitude seriously.
    Protective people.
    Nice butts. *-*
    Pretty hair.
    Sweet foods.
    Loud music.
    Amusing people.

    "Hate is a strong word, I prefer strongly dislike. With a passion."
    His father.
    Bitter things.
    Negative people.
    People who manage to get under his skin.
    Being unable to achieve something.

    "I'm a ninja."
    His strengths include hacking, duh, anything involving computers. He could unlock an iPhone password in little under a minute, he's good at what he does. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for in speed. Due to Mi's small stature, he is able to squeeze into the smallest of spaces, and is rather flexible and bendy. He is swift and quick, with quick reflexes and witt. However, once he's caught, he may was well kiss his butt goodbye.

    "Eh.. I should probably work on my muscles."
    As stated, he lacks physical strength. If caught, pinned, grabbed, he's basically dead. So he relies heavily on speed, so it's hard to catch him. He is also easily manipulated, if you have the right choice of words and the right smile. He also can let his determination get the best of him, and will throw himself into dangerous situations without thinking twice. He's on the more foolish side, if you haven't noticed

    "It's actually a funny story."
    Mi grew up with a small family, his mother, father, and him. He had a decent life, well off, due to his father's high rank in The Titanic Legion. His mother was a stay at home mom, always caring and sweet. For awhile, he had nothing to complain about. He lived the white picket fence life until he was about eight. Generally, it was only him and his mother, his father never stuck around for more than three hours before he went to bed or was off too work again. Not that Mi was complaining much, but he did find pity for his mom, who seemed to be growing more and more stressed. Of course, he hadn't known why, but he blamed his father. It seemed the most logical response, right?​
    One night, he had awoken to them fighting. He dared to venture out of his room, just in time to see his father pull a gun on his mother. He still remembers the blood spatter, how vivid it was. At the time, he hadn't known why, but he was later told by his mother's friend that she was part of the Starlight Hackers. At that moment, he decided to follow in his mother's footsteps, and run off to join the Starlight Hackers.

    Ah, I forgot I had this tab open in the middle of writing the cs. I feel so dumb. xD ))​
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  20. I love it, If you like you could play as your father too, we need more Titanic legion active roles so its open if you wish to choose two roles.
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