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    My sister has a rule in her workplace that "Can't" is a bad word; you're not allowed to say you "can't" unless you follow it with "Yet." It prevents self-defeatist language.

    In my personal language, I avoid using the word 'hate' frivolously. Hate is something I sincerely hope none of you ever have to actually feel; when I was a teen I thought I hated my parents, when I was a kid I thought I hated celery, when I joined the workforce I thought I hated my boss, but when you actually encounter that sick, heavy feeling that sinks into your gut and poisons your mind, it's in a league all its own. Hate is way too much power to spend on something you dislike; my refusal to use the word frivolously is part in recognition that hatred is a serious and horrible thing, and part that I don't want to promote negativity toward things that really don't deserve it. I don't hate it when the line is long, I just find it annoying.

    What everyday type habits do you enforce or try to enforce on yourself in order to keep yourself thinking positively, or, by contrast, to prevent thinking negatively?
  2. I am a worrywart person at heart. :) I usually get anxious when I assume someone is ignoring me, for whatever reason at all. Solution? Think positive and talk to them with genuine friendliness. :D my daily (and internet) life becomes sooo much better.
  3. Anxiety is the enemy of confidence, and confidence is the food of positivity! Conquering your anxiety is a great way to be positive; I try to reverse the worrying 'what if' thought process, change 'what if they don't want me to talk to them' 'what if they don't like me', 'what if I sound stupid' to the positive alternative.
    'What if they want me to come talk to them as much as I want to come over there?'
    'What if they like me?'
    'What if I sound great?'
    It turns it from 'what am I risking' to 'what do I risk missing out on by not doing this'
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  4. Well, Can't hate that. :3

    Honestly I normally aim to look at thing too much from a logical/factual lens to contribute to this stuff much.
    But one bit of positivity that comes from this is the assurance of "It's better to be armed with the facts, than with delusions".

    So my positivity is really just an assurance of trying to keep things as on track to the truth as I can make it.
    One is best armed to improve life when they accurately know the obstacles in one's way.
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  5. I am currently working on Not trash talking or gossiping about other people and instead think about the good qualities those people possess again. c___c

    You actually use a TON of energy when you actively hate on or rant about a person. o__o The more you do it, the more you start to poison yourself and any potential relationship you have with that person. If you're co-workers, family, random person on the forum, etc, if you're HATING them, it gets harder and harder to interact with them without bad shit happening. You're more likely to get in a fight, have a shitty day and so on.

    And to make matters worse, if you're always talking about or ranting about that person you don't like, you're also starting to poison the people you are talking to about them. :/ You begin to influence THEIR opinions and THEIR time involving you, that person and other people.

    It's a really really bad habit.

    So presently, when there is someone I dislike (and I can't remove from my life for whatever reason) and I am having one those those grr moments, I stop thinking about what is pissing me off and try to list three things about that person I DO like and respect. And from there I try to understand why they're doing whatever it is that's pissing me off.
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  6. The philosophy that has saved me time and again is to only spend time thinking about things which I actually have the power to change.
  7. Take regular time to de-stress in a constructive way. Exercise, do art, journal, play games, do it every day, week, month, whatever you need. Just make sure it's expression and processing, not stewing and internalizing.

    If you're processing your stress/irritations regularly and letting them go,it's harder for the negativity to infect your life. It also gets you in the habit of moving past negative things instead of dwelling on them.
  8. I have the daily habit of thinking of three good things that happened to me the day before. It can be something really small like 'Yesterday I got to drink vanilla tea, it smelled nice', to something as big as I want to, if something really nice happened to me. My only rule is it has to be something that happened to me, or that I did. Feeling happy for other people is great, but it can't be 'Yesterday my best friend took a really nice picture of her baby', it has to be about me. When I'm feeling blue, it's like everybody has great and exciting lives except for me, so it also helps in that department.

    Lately it's a bit hard. I'm dealing with chronic pain at the moment, and some days it hurts so much, the next day I can't remember my day per se. It's like I have a mental fog, and whenever I try to recall the day's events, my vision turns red and I think PAIN PAIN PAIN. :/
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