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my friend introduced me to this app (HavitRPG on androids, Habitica on iPhone) and it's amazing. It's the first 'get your life together' app I've tried that functions as its own motivation!

You enter in your habits (good and bad), daily goals, and to-do list, and for each thing you check off, you gain gold and experience. For each negative thing you check and daily goal you skip, you lose health and gold.

Why do you need XP, gold, and health? Why, to level up and unlock new armour, weapons, pets and mounts, which you'll need to buy so that you can defeat the monsters in your quests!

The game is styled like an 8-bit RPG and is more widely varied than I expected! You can buddy up with friends or play solo, unlock new quests at level 11 and choose a job class at level 10

I like to imagine my Habitica avatar as a sort of alter ego. IRL minibit does boring things like brushing and flossing her teeth twice a day so Habitica Minibit can kick ass! I set my 'day end' time, when your actions for the day are tallied, for when I'm almost definitely asleep, so it's like Habitica Minibit wakes up when IRL Minibit goes to sleep ❤️

Does anyone else here use this marvellous creation?
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I don't, but this sounds like just what I need to stop procrastinating :D
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