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  1. Everything's gotta live somewhere! Building a city or village is pretty simple, so today we're going to focus on Animal Habitats!

    A suitable habitat for any creature must continually have

    • Food
    • A ready means of defence
    • A place to sleep or otherwise be immobile
    For example

    Squirrels live in wooded areas

    • Full of nuts and berries, which can be hoarded when not in season
    • They use their size and agility to hide in trees from predators
    • They make burrows in trees and roots to sleep and raise their young

    For this exercise, choose a creature below and construct an undomesticated habitat for it!

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    A small creature about the size of a rat, it's short fur is born jet black but changes to white and back over the course of a year. It is carnivorous, hunting smaller creatures and, in extreme cases even insects to eat. The average Meeko only bears one to three offspring.
    It's feet are webbed and extraordinarily flat, making them adept swimmers, as well as allowing them to run untracked over soft surfaces. They have no apparent ears, but two antenna which are alert to vibrations. A Meeko may touch a tree or rich with one antenna to try and detect prey in it.

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    This slow-moving creature is born about a meter high by the same length wide, but can grow larger than a horse if it lives long enough.
    Straight from birth the Rakaraks are covered in rocks and earth, which sticks to their coarse and adhesive skin. These coverings stay on it for life, acting as armour. Rakarak subsist on fish and are attracted to salty foods, they have been known to eat salt-sprinkled plants as well. They raise their young in caves or holes where coverings are readily available. Adult Rakarak are docile, but extremely defensive of their young

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    A misnomer, the 'fey' creature was discovered before the actual race of fairies and is often mistaken for them from a distance
    Fey are classified as insects, being smaller than an adult humans palm, and they give off a luminescent glow. They are equipped with six transparent wings, but cannot seem to fly higher than two meters. Their bodies are extremely flexible, and if it wants to, a fey can fit through any hole greater than 3 centimetres in diameter. Fey seem to subsist almost entirely on fresh water and do not need to drink often. A fey has never been seen sleeping. The average fey has 15 children, two to three times in it's genderless lifetime

    You can also hop over to Creative Challenges and do one of MalkutheHighwind's Creature Creation challenges, and use your result!

    Habitat form:
    Visual description:
    Food source(s):
    Hiding places/defences:
    Where it 'lives'/sleeps:
    Temperature conditions:
    Weather conditions:
  2. Rakarak

    Habitat form: Cliffs next to the ocean or the sea
    Visual description: The rocky cliffs rise high above the sea. The salty water splashes menacingly against the harsh shoal. The plant life has adapted to constantly being sprayed with the sodium rich water, and thrives, jutting defiantly out the the crags on the cliff face. Caves cover the the stone wall like pock marks, some dangerously close the water, others invisible beneath the tide line. Those caves run the deepest. Flooded in the entryway, and eventually clearing into large cavernous rooms, moist, and ripe with fish.
    Food source(s): Fish, salt sprayed plant life.
    Hiding places/defenses: Caves and Caverns carved into the cliff face, by the surging waters, blends in with the rocky cliff face.
    Where it 'lives'/sleeps: In the larger, more defensible caverns, protected by the tide, but out of reach from the rising waters
    Temperature conditions: Cool
    Weather conditions: Humid, and moist, rain is common in this area.​
  3. Fey
    Habitat:large island in the depths of the eastern java.
    Description: this island bears is littered with the rare karaak tree,which towers high into the air its leaves forming a natural roof over the area. The island floor is always wet due to the water that constantly splashes over it. The land also has tall marsh grass that can keep even a predatory cat out of sight making it ideal for this creature to hide in , and even charge through due to its natural course like formation. Due to the constant waves, wish wash up along the shores by the dozen becoming easy prey that comes with no risk, these fish also attract scavengers that can also easily become prey.
    Hiding/homes:due to the rare karaak tree, their are holes spread through out the ground due to the roots, if entered it leads to a burrow like place that few creatures can fit in. This place is roofed by the roots of the trees and also lead within the trees themselves for they are all hollowed out, the fey live in these burrow like places because they are one of the few creatures who can breach it and the other small creatures that can provide no threat to them , kr their offspring. Fey best their offspring deep within the karaak tree so that only small flying creatures can reach them, and also because the trees inards are like a maze. Another bonus is that with the wet earth, it keeps there living space from getting dry and isable to house caught fish if not eaten immediately, and the temperature is keot at a constant heat never changing within their home.
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