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I first started out with going to uh... Animevisions, which died while I did not have any access to internet, and then I went to Moonwings! I don't remember my name, but, I guess I was Asda? Or Aseda or something? Something with an A. But, I remember Khevarl, Diana, Princess Pan, Dawn... deatheather, or whichever his name was, I do not remember!

But.... life had caught me by the nostrils, and whisked me away from Moonwings. I tried going back, however! I found it was shut down with AFTA. I think I participated back with AFTA a little bit, but. I re-registered because I haven't a clue what my name was, or even what e mail I used.

So, now... I am here. : D I don't roleplay much, but. I figure that something to revamp my creative juices will be good, and certainly nice to see all the oldies and things that give me a giant burst of nostalgia.

Long story short: HI. I BACK.
< 3
Ive only been here for 3 days, and im very new to this, SOO hows the site so far :)
It is very tastey!-- I mean... delicious! WAIT WAIT, NO... uh... desirable? ; D

Ahaha. But yeah, I like it. Bit confusing though, I must admit.
its magaicly delicious!
and yes it is but ull get used to it
Welcome to Iwaku, Curiose. All those people you mentioned are here! Except Deatheater, unless they go by a different name now..hmm.

Glad you came back and hope you find everything you're looking for. If you have any questions feel free to ask : )
Oh goodie goodie goodie. : 3 I don't think they'll remember me but that's alright. I was the silly teenager who liked to throw things and molest-- I mean.. eat people.

Speaking of eating people, Pumpkin Lord, may I turn you into a Pumkin Pie Lord?
Sure, I'll share... It's fun when you have more than one person picking at one's brains.
Hiya and welcome to Iwaku. :) Feel free to get a hold of me if you want a roleplay partner or someone to help direct you to potentially interesting roleplays that may tickle your fancy. I have quite a bit and I have some friends looking for more players for theirs.

Best regards
Unofficial President of the Unofficial Newbie Welcoming Committee
love love gutting pumpkins!

And thanks, Vincent! I'll sendeth you a PM righteth nao : D
The title of this drew me in.
Caps have such a power over my soul, I must admit shamefully.
-Hangs head and sighs.-

NOMNOMNOM -noms on head.-
YES!~ My awesome powers of capitalization has done it again!
Bow down to my awesomness, BOW I SAYS!

Ahem... that aside...
AAAAAAH. I have something on my head! Make it stop, make it stop! It's an evil germabbelsteinfritz thing!
Welcome to Iwaku.
We adopted AFTA as our little sister. We're the crazy big brother. <3

I'm Kitti, dressed up for Halloween as Nissa Revane. It's good to meet you.
I'm sure you'll be able to find your way around, then, but if you need any help please do ask.
O hai.

I'm Ozzie. I too like pumpkin pie and eating people.

We shall get on famously.
Well HELLO lady that I'm never going to remember, because she can't remember who she is either! XD Welcome to Iwaku! Maybe we'll find your lost identity one day!
Yes! I loved chasing The Butterfly around. Oh, and did anyone ever drink that 7 year old soda? I forget whow as supposed to do that... was that Pan?

as for lost identity.... I know who I am! Kind of... bits of me just like to wander off and go hiding in people's clothing.