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  1. I'm surprised there aren't more threads here, lol. This is like the lazy person's way of finding role plays! "I'ma just say I'm available and let people come to me." I dig it, lol.

    Now I'm going to test it!

    My playing style? I like longer posts. If your character asks my character a simple "yes or no" type of question, I will find a way to make at least three paragraphs out of it, lol.

    I love plotting. If I'm a player and see an opportunity for a good plot device, I'm known to PM the GM to ask if I can set something in motion. I will not take over a game though, so don't worry about that. If the GM is like, "No, I'd really you'd rather not," then I will not. I'm good at picking up little directional cues from other players, and am known to drop tiny little clues/setups for scenarios I wish to see played out. If the other players don't catch onto my subtle setups, I shrug and move on (and probably cry inside. just a little).

    Things I like? Dystopian or post-apocalyptic type scenarios are favs. The little man fighting the PTB is always fun. Scifi is great, war action is great, I love most things that might require cute lil hacker geekboys badassing some tech. On the other hand, I have also been known to play in "reality tv" sort of games or rising to fame deals, etc.

    Any game in which I can thoroughly beat the crap out of my character without killing him, or games where I can stick in situations that are going to become angsty are my crack.

    I am SUPER interested in anything involving KPop idols or settings in South Korea. Most of my face claims for any type of game are probably going to be Kpop idols, lol. Not always though. Sometimes I'll want to play a different sort of character on a whim. It all just depends on my mood.

    Anywho, if I sound like I might be a good fit for your games, send me a memo. I tend to be an active player, so expect posts from me generally once a day if the game flow is that fast. I'll squeeze in more if work permits.
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  2. Hi! ^^ I'm not sure if any of my RP's are really a close match for your interests, but you didn't really say you disliked any of these things, either, soooo it's worth tossing them out there. :D

    First I have Fandomstuck: Fandom Square. It's been running for quite a while, but it's always open to new players. It's sort of like a mega-crossover RP, except that it centers around personifications of entire fandoms as opposed to specific canon characters. It's a little bit hard to explain, but there's more info in the OP if you're interested.

    Next there's Altera Arcana. This one's a high fantasy RP with a ton of worldbuilding put into it. So if you like fantasy RP's and you can handle a lot of reading, then this seems like a good one to check out. (It's also only very recently started, so it's a better fit than Fandomstuck if you don't like joining RP's that have already been going for a while.)

    Lastly there's Omnibus Academy. This one's only an interest check right now (meaning, we don't have proper IC/OOC threads up yet), but the OOC's coming real soon. Anyway, Omnibus is essentially a "high school for magical creatures" RP, except the catch is that players can create basically any race they want to design a character for -- including races that aren't really 'magical' at all, and would instead fit better into a sci-fi setting. XD The big selling point for the RP is "limitless possibilities", which makes it a good catch-all for people's interests. XD
  3. OH! Omnibus actually sounds like it fits right up my alley! I already have a character built, too! (Similar sort of scenario from a game over on RPN, but we all built characters and then the GM decided he didn't want to run the game anymore so poor Kit's just been sitting there all alone and abandoned...)

    Gonna go check that out now! Thank you!
  4. Hey so if you're still interested I would LOVE to RP something post-apocalyptic or KPOP related(let me just take a moment to freak out over Monsta X so that I can return to typing like a civilized human being)........... alright I'm good.
    Anything you mentioned, I'm down for or if you have any other ideas. The way you write sounds like it will work quite well with my style too! I'm relatively new to the site so I have yet to find a thread to start on. Let me know what you think, I'd love to start an RP with you! :D

    Me though:

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  5. Hello :)
    If you're interested my sister is trying to get an Akatsuki rp started up.
    It's a light fandom focused on the next generation and we're always open to everyones ideas
    Naruto: An Akatsuki Story
  6. Would you be up for a faction-based Modern Sci-fi rp with moral ambiguity? I need aggressive players, let alone players at all, to drum up interest and create the next Ilium! Give me a shout if interested!
  7. You have a link of some form? I have to be pretty selective in what I get myself into because my job's been stomping down my fun times lately, but this kinda sounds a little a lot like Shadow Run on the vague surface, which I adore, so yes. I would be interested in at least checking it out.
  8. There's a regular version and a redstar version, the latter utilizing sexuality as a political mechanic.

    If you won't be able to post terribly often due to your work, I totally understand; the posting speed is set to flexible to accommodate people like yourself.
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