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    H2O - Just add water

    Closed RP with @Poisoned Rose and @Yuuki_Tatsunohi and @Olissa

    Kastia stared at the clock as she shut her blinds, duct taping them shut it was her usual precaution every full moon. She wasn't strong enough to resist the compel for Mako island whenever she saw the moon. The need to jump in the water and swim to the island was overwhelming, she felt a shiver and took another look at the clock. The moon was rising way, immediately she sat down on her bed in her sundress and cross her legs over one another, as she opened her book and started to read her autographed version of The Staircase. Relaxing she lazily dropped the book as she sunk her head into the feathery pillow. Feeling another chill, she shrugged it off as nothing as she closed her eyes and rolled to face her wall.

    Rolling over the other way Kastia realized something while she was so drowsy she never heard the blinds opened. 'How?' She thought to herself it was duct taped but as she looked to check on the wall, she forgot about her mirror revealing the moon to her as she looked at it she went immediately to her window and opened it jumping out into the sandy backyard, running down the beach and diving into the water. She swam to Mako finding herself in the moon pool as she sat in it and stared up waiting for the moon to reach the top of the mountain.​
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  2. Kyle Swenson stared at the ceiling of his bedroom, having given up on the idea of sleeping tonight. He wanted to as his grandfather had promised to take him deep sea fishing in the early morning and he didn’t want to miss it or be grumpy when in the morning

    But how can he sleep where there was that singing?

    “Markus? Hey Markus, do you hear that?” He turned to his friend who slept in the bed next to him. Markus responded with a snore and rolled on his side. So he can’t hear it. Nobody else in the house seemed to be aware of it or else his father would be up, complaining about the noise.

    It’s not the voice was bad. In fact, it was a beautiful voice, a melodic voice, gentle and soft, yet also clear. He had never heard of a voice like this before, in all the summers he’s visited Mako Beach. It was unnatural and frightening if he was the only one who could hear it.
    And this summer, he had more than enough frightening experiences.

    Kyle shoved a pillow over his head, hoping to block the singing to no avail. He threw the pillow away, the full moon’s light shining through his window and onto the floor. He had enough. He was going to find the voice, stop it and go back to sleep.

    Kyle slipped out of the bed, pulling on a pair of shorts and grabbing a bat before tiptoeing out of the house, being as quiet as possible. Outside the singing seemed to be coming further down the beach. He followed the voice, gripping his bat tighter. If it was a radio left behind then he would turn it off. If it was a person or group of people then he would run back to the nearest telephone, call the police and hopefully they won't disturb his sleep again.

    He walked along the beach until he started to see a large rock formation. He recognized it as the same rocks with the cave and the bubbling pool he fell into a month ago. Was this the source of the singing? But then how could he hear it with how far his house was?

    He should turn back, forget this cave even existed and just be sleepy for one morning. His grandfather will forgive him and there’s still the rest of summer for other fishing days.

    But the singing was so clear here, so strong and it was as if it was calling him

    Kyle . . . Kyle . . . .

    The full moon shined down on the cave, giving it the same glow it had when he fell in. Kyle gulped, remembering how trapped he was in the cave while he waited for help.

    One look, he told himself. If he doesn’t see the source of the singing then he’ll just forget about it forever.

    Still holding onto the bat, he climbed the rocks as best as he could, the singing growing louder the higher he went. Finally he reached the top and with deep breaths he peeked inside. There was a girl, sitting in the pool, alone and staring up at him.

    “Who are you?” he asked, clutching his bat tighter.
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  3. Catalina breached the surface of the water next to the girl in the pool already and looked up at the boy and giggled, "Who are you suppose to be Batboy?" She taunted playfully. This definitely was not the blond haired girl's normal attitude it was definitely the full moon affecting her personality as it always did this time of the month. She looked at the blond haired boy her hair floating about her in the water as she watched him with her blue-green eyes from with in the water of the pool. Catalina didn't realize that only a month or two had passed since her transformation and it was getting easier for her to avoid the water but the hard thing for her was avoiding her Mermaid obsessed Grandmother.
  4. "I'm Kastia, Kastia Rose and I like roses it's ironic my name is Rose and I like the flowers" She said in a loopy state, she didn't know why but the moon affected most by sending them into this state. When suddenly Catalina her best friend burst up into the moon pool. "Woah it's a party up in here up in where yeah up in here" She said laughing at the end before her instincts kicked in to hide her tail from the boy. "Wait these are just costumes by the way little boy, Mermaids aren't real" She said as she looked at Catalina for help, she may be loopy but she knew one thing for sure, hide mermaids from humans. She moved her tail as she flexed her stomach to show as if she was lifting her legs up.

    Kastia looked around dumbfounded at what to say, a boy has the chance of exposing them and he has a weapon. She wanted to leave but the pull to the moon pool was too strong as she sat there looking between the two, with a million thoughts processing through her head.​
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  5. Catalina's eyes flashed mischievously, "Yeah totally this is a silicone tail we both got our online as birthday presents from our parents looks like the real deal huh?" She asked right before she made a show of lifting her tail and splashing it down causing droplets of water to fly every where. She smiled as a few drops landed on the unknown boy. She looked over at Kastia before she looked over at the boy who started to transform because of the water getting onto him. She shoved Kastia's shoulder gently and directed her eyes to the boy with the bat.
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  6. Kyle jumped as another girl appeared right next to the first one, emerging from somewhere under the pool; He didn't even there was another way out of the cave. His eyes bulged a little at the sight of fishtails on the girls.

    "Wait these are just costumes by the way little boy. Mermaids aren't real."

    "Yeah totally this is a silicone tail we both got our online as birthday presents from our parents looks like the real deal huh?"

    "Um . . . okay." He wasn't exactly sure why a couple girls were hanging out in a cave pool in the middle of the night. In mermaid costumes of all things.

    What if they were some occult? And he interrupted their ritual or something? The thought he'd stumbled upon some weird mermaid fanatics who would kidnap him because he knew their secrets crossed his mind. Funny, he was probably living proof of the stuff they were making rituals too. But he wasn't going to tell them that.

    The second girl lifted her tail and slammed it in the water. Kyle ducked a large portion of water but a few droplets landed on his skin. Immediately his legs locked together and it became very hard to breathe. He wobbled on the ledge before falling forward and into the pool below.

    He broke the surface a moment later, watching in horror as the fins grew on his arms and that giant fishtail replaced his legs. He looked between the girls and the moon and it seemed like the walls around them were getting higher and higher, at the same time the entrance above getting smaller and smaller.

    "I-I gotta get out of here, I gotta get out of here," he panicked, splashing and clawing at the walls as he screamed. He was panicking so much he forgot about the second entrance underneath the surface, his mind set on the one above no matter how high it was.
  7. What the hell, a boy having a tail. This was unique and strange to Kastia, now Catalina and her weren't the only ones with a tail she thought as the boy said he had to get out of there.
    "Follow me silly" Kastia said as she went underwater grabbing Kyle's hand swimming out the underwater entrance. It was peaceful being in the water at night, as she saw the coral reef approaching she exited the underwater entrance and they above a coral reef. She smiled at the boy in the water before surfacing.
    "So what's your name?" She said as she giggled the pull of the moon getting stronger as it was reaching it's peak the moon pool would be starting to bubble but her consciousness was fighting it to stay and talk to the boy to make sure he was okay.​
  8. Catalina laughed as she watched him trying to claw at the walls to escape the pool. She smiled as she followed her best friend and the new boy out of the moon pool area. Her blue and gold tail sparkling in the moonlight as she swam in the water. Catalina noted the coral reef that her and Kastia met at all the time. She surfaced on the other side of the boy and watched him carefully the pull of the moon making her a bit more careless and flirty than her usual reserved self. She gave a sweet smile to him, "Yea what's your name? Me and Kastia thought we were the only ones who this happened to."
  9. Full moon. The full moon and this place brought back so many memories, like the time she had gotten into that pool on Mako island, and the first time she transformed into a mermaid the day afterwards. She could hardly believe it had been over two years since then.
    A sigh escaped Alena. She had sort of learned to deal with the weird effects of the moon, being able to channel the moon's strength instead of letting it take control completely. Well, she still wasn't perfect at it. Far from it, she just managed to not get all giddy and weird whenever she would be affected by it.

    Standing on the quiet harbor in the gleaming moonlight Alena let the moon in. She could feel it pulling. It pulled her to the island that had made her a mermaid. But was it smart to give in? Oh what did it matter, there was no one around anyway to see her vanish into the dark water. With a smooth jump she dove into the harbor's water and transformed into a mermaid 10 seconds after breaching the surface. It felt good to be in the water again after all the moving and racing around. She hadn't had a single moment to herself to be able to step into any water, which made this night all the more special.

    In full speed Alena made her way to the island's beach. Sure, she could have used the underwater tunnel that lead to the pool, but she wanted to be out in the moonlight as well. So she beached herself like a whale, used her power to elevate the water off of her skin, and set off on foot.
    Either no one else was on the island, or she happened to luck out and not come across anyone as she made her way to the surface entrance. By the time she reached the cave, the water in the moon pool had started to bubble as it reached its highest point. A surge of the moon's magic passed through her. It really was difficult not to give in to it, but she managed as she used the walls of the cave to steady herself.
    The full moon had passed the opening of the cave once Alena came to the pool. No one was here. There were no other mermaids, or prospective mermaids, just her. But why did she feel a bit saddened by that thought? Like she had hoped, or expected a different outcome?
  10. Kyle flinched as the first girl, Kastia touched his hand. He protested as she pulled him under, but stopped when he realized she was guiding him through the water and towards what looked like a way out, a large coral reef just outside.

    He emerged next to her and the other girl, the moon casting a light upon all three of them. He felt much calmer and relaxed now that he was out of that cave. Though, for some reason, he had the urge to go for a long swim and maybe jump in the water a little.

    "So what's your name?"

    "Yeah what's your name? Me and Kastia thought we were the only ones who this happened to."

    “Kyle,” he replied rubbing the back of his neck, his ears turning a little red at how close Catalina was. “You mean to tell me your tails are real too?”

    Then he laughed, a big laugh, one that made him lean back until he sank underwater. He flipped a bit until he was upright and reemerging once again, treading water to keep afloat.

    “Sorry, still new at this,” he grinned sheepishly. “But seriously, until now I thought I was some weird freak of nature. Are there anymore like us?”
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  11. "I don't know maybe there are" Kastia said as she slicked back her blonde hair. "You know we have powers too right? I didn't know it at first but I can do cool stuff!"
    She spoke in an enthusiastic voice as she looked up at the moon feeling the compel to the moon pool again but ignoring the urge.
    "So you don't feel good in the moon pool? It's the best how could you NOT love it!"
    Kastia spoke with splashes in the night water as she twirled around, being a mermaid was fun..​
  12. “It’s not that I hate the moon pool . . . okay well, I am bothered by it.” He stared at his fishtail, bringing it up briefly to examine then returning to a normal position. “I just am not fond of the cave.” He rubbed the back of his neck and looked anywhere but the girls. “Had a bad experience there, so now I hate the small cave, or any enclosed spaces.”

    He glanced back at the island, imagining those walls with the small opening on top, impossible to reach with the height of the cave. Then he frowned, rubbing his eyes. He stared at the island again, and the longer he did, it became more apparent there was someone in the cave. Kastia mentioned they all had special powers, so did he have xray vision then? But then why did it feel like he was looking above instead of through? Unbeknownst to him, in the little moon pool was an image of Kyle’s face looking right at the girl in the pool.

    “Hey, there’s someone there,” he said, swimming back to the island. “And it looks like she’s one of us too! She has a tail, fins, everything!” He stopped short of the entrance to the cave. “Uh, you guys go ahead, I’ll stay back here and wait okay?” he backtracked away from the cave before anyone could say otherwise.
  13. Catalina gave a sly smile, "I am Catalina by the way." She said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him with her this time leading him back to the moon pool but not pulling him under to the underwater passage. Her blue eyes lite up with mischief as she dove down to the underwater passage and surfaced near the new girl. She gave a smile and splashed her tail. "Hello new comer." She greeted in a friendly manner.
  14. (Lol, initially named my character Alina, but in everything except her name on the top of her character sheet it got auto'corrected' to Alena... Oh well reverting it back to Alina, if it gets changed to Alena at times again, we now know why haha)

    Standing on the edge of the moon pool brought back the memory of how she once got her powers, and tail. A lot of magical things happened since then, and in here, but never before had someone's face shown up. A deep frown degraded her face. Was she just seeing things? No, that couldn't be, right? She knew well enough by now to know that if something weird was happening, it wasn't her imagination.

    A thought that was confirmed when someone's actual face popped up from the water and splashed her tail. Mermaid. A feeling of relief swept over her, before she took note of the splash of water that was coming her way. It all happened so fast, but before the droplets and wave could reach her, Alena held up her hands and held the water at bay. Not that she'd have to hide her identity here, with another mermaid around, but she didn't like falling over, or having to force dive into the water with the possible outcome of bumping into someone.
    "Hi." She replied, even though she was hardly a newcomer. Just maybe a newcomer to this person. "I'm Alina." She moved the water that she manipulated into a ball and dropped it back into the pool.
    "Who might you be?"
  15. Kastia looked at Kyle with a strange look as he said there was another girl in the moon pool, "Are you sure?" She asked as Catalina didn't even hesitate before going to the moon pool. Looking back a Kyle she gave him a questioning look before going under the water swimming into the moon pool surfacing to hear.."Who might you be?"
    Realizing Catalina had surfaced before her she smiled as she looked at both of them.."Well we should take this outside sorry to interrupt but Kyle is out there and finding more merfolk all in one night I think we should all talk about this together" Kastia said with a serious face the moon had stopped being at it's highest and was now wearing off and Kastia wanted to get to the bottom of this how these people got their tails and where they were from.
  16. Catalina looked over at Kastia practically hearing her thoughts. "We can get intros out of the way off of Mako." Catalina said reaching up and dropping water on the girl's skin. "Kastia and I need to know how long you all have been like this... me and her changed pretty much together." The older blond girl said right before she dived under the water her tail flick signaling Kastia to follow after her.
  17. A second mermaid popped up. Seemed like she had felt disappointed a little too soon. The light in the cave wasn't super bright, it being night and all, but interestingly the tails of the two girls caught her attention. The tails were vastly different in color. And if she would look at them in detail maybe more would be different, but she couldn't be certain of that at this point.
    At least one thing she knew for sure, this was oddly interesting, especially since her own tail differed from both of these too. Something that was definitely worth looking into.
    Before much of anything could be said, the two announced to go out of the cave, and much to her chagrin threw water on her.
    Alina's expression grew dark. just because she knew she was with other mermaids didn't mean she wanted to be forced into changing. Not at all wanting to fall on the ground and hurting herself, she made a big leap and dove over and past the two girls before they could fully exit into the cave's underwater tunnel.

    Quietly she emerged on the other end, her head being the only thing that broke the surface.
    Somehow she was getting the feeling these two were relatively new at this. Taking a deep breath she forced her irritation away. New or not, it wasn't the best idea to welcome others with a harsh attitude. Once calmed down and thinking rationally, Alina turned around to see where the others might be, or the third person that they had talked about.
  18. Kyle nodded at Kastia, watching the two girls swim away. Once they were out of sight, Kyle swam back to the surface, floating in circles while he waited.

    He wasn’t exactly sure how he saw the girl. All he did was imagine the moon pool and suddenly she was there. Did being a merman also mean one was psychic? He laughed; that sure would make for an interesting combo.

    He looked up at the moon, the calm waters illuminated by its light. Couldn’t he do it again? If he had powers, surely it wasn’t a one-time only thing.

    He stared at the water, imagining the docks and beaches. And suddenly, he was seeing them, and so much more. He saw the empty beaches, a wild dog walking along the shore. The quiet docks with his grandfather’s boat tied on securely, ready for the two of them the coming morning. A large, lone boat floating along and heading towards the public docks. He saw schools of fish, coral reefs, a flick of a large tail. Then he is back, in awe of what just happened.

    The girls came up a minute later, some distance away from him. As Kyle swam towards them, a third head emerged beside them; Kyle assumed this was the same girl he saw in the cave.

    “Hi! I’m Kyle and you've met Kastia and Catalina.” He gestured at the others respectively. “We just missed you since we came out of there ourselves. “ He pointed at the island. “Anyways, I didn’t think there’d be this many of us so it kind of makes everything less . . . scary. To me at least.”
  19. The full moon was fully wearing off now..

    "Woah..so do you guys wanna go somewhere to talk about I mean all this?" Kastia said as she looked at the tails.
    "I have an underwater cave I know of it's not cramped like the moon pool it's pretty cool." Kastia said looking at the others for reassurance on this.

    (Short post I know I'm gonna be talking in OOC real quick about where we want this RP to lead because my plot idea well...I forgot it)
  20. "Um, does it have to be a cave?" he asked a little nervously. "We can just talk out here. Oh, there's actually a beach on the mainland not too far from here. It's empty right now so nobody would draw attention to us because of our tails." Kyle pointed at his own tail.

    "I'm serious: I really just don't want to go into another cave. Please." He looked between all three girls, hoping at least, with the effects of the full moon fading, they would understand the intense discomfort the thought the moon pool cave or any cave brought him.