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  5. █║▌█║▌█║▌█║▌█║▌█║▌█║▌█║▌█║▌█║▌▌█║▌█║▌█║▌█║▌█║▌█║
    ❖ ████x━°AND◞! i »GO. CRAZY! ) ▪ █
    'cuz here isn't where i wanna be : 'cuz here isn't where i wanna be : 'cuz here isn't where i wanna be : ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇
    'cuz here isn't where i wanna be : 'cuz here isn't where i wanna be : 'cuz here isn't where i wanna be : ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇

    ( x& RAIDEN KUROSAWA ❤+x):
    ✫✫✫✫[BCOLOR=#000000]X[/BCOLOR]⋮ [BCOLOR=#000000]XXxX[/BCOLOR]AND SATISFACTION FEELS LIKE A DISTANT MEMORYXxXXand i can't help myself alright:
    ✫✫✫✫[BCOLOR=#000000]X[/BCOLOR]⋮ XXXxAND SATISFACTION FEELS LIKE A DISTANT MEMORYXxXXand i can't help myself alright:

    ✖⋮ ██████████ N a m e : Raiden Kurosawa aka "Rai"
    ✖⋮ ██████████ R o l e : The Bad Boy
    ✖⋮ ██████████ A g e: 18 y.o.
    ✖⋮ ██████████ B i o : Raiden's mother, Sumiko, was a woman who had gotten pregnant at the tender age of 16. She had her eldest, Ryouji, before she had Raiden, nine years before she had Raiden, both to different men. Life has always been difficult for Sumiko; she hails from an abusive household, bearing the scars of where her father inflicted her wrath upon her and a pit in her heart from having to see her mother simply ignore her husband's blatant violence. She never did well in school and got mixed in with the wrong crowd. The other students didn't like her because they regarded her as yet another failure, the girl with a shaved head, too many piercings to count, and cigarette burns all over her arms. So when word got out that she was pregnant, she was expelled from school and disowned, thus forcing her to live with her on-and-off boyfriend, Ryouji's father. Sumiko bore Ryouji and raised him without the help of her far from supportive boyfriend for 4 years, until she was kicked out into the streets. The woman was forced into prostitution, where she became pregnant with Raiden. Because Sumiko was mostly absent for Raiden's life, Ryouji raised him and the two's bond strengthened. When Sumiko finally disappeared, Ryouji assumed legal guardianship over Raiden. They live together in a small, cheap apartment, but manage to make things work.
    ✖⋮ ██████████ L i k e s~

    speed and adrenaline; Raiden is something of an Adrenaline Junkie-- instead of doing drugs, he does stupid stuff that is likely to get someone killed in order to get his "fix". Likes to do things fast and has very little patience for others because of it. Typically regarded as insane for willingly risking his life for the hell of it.
    dominance and attention; Although he acts like the opposite, Raiden likes being in the spotlight. He loves to be the topic of interest, the name that is whispered through the halls because it makes him feel that he's important. Thus, Raiden prefers to be the leader of things, the one that everyone asks his opinion on or the one everyone follows heedlessly.
    smell of cigarette smoke; Some like the smell of cigarette smoke, most don't. Raiden probably just likes it because everyone else doesn't-- and that it reminds him of BBQ.
    ❤ spontaneity and adventure; He likes to try new things and is more daring compared to his peers. Raiden, although considering himself to be one that takes initiative instead of sits back passively, doesn't seem to mind when the unexpected pops up and takes him by surprise.
    ✖⋮ ██████████ D i s l i k e s~
    coddling and personal contact; Raiden doesn't like to be treated as if he's a child and needs help-- the same applies to how he treats others. He's slow to express concern or empathy as he is mostly apathetic. He also hates being touched, he has a bubble of space that others are not allowed to enter unless he allows them to do so. He ducks away from hugging, pulls away from kisses, and kicks at those who still insist.
    fast food; He feels pretty cheap eating fast food-- the only thing he'll eat from any fast food franchise's menu is french fries. Ironic how he likes things to be done fast, but when it comes to food, he'd rather it actually taste good and not get grease all over his fingers.
    sleep; Studies say that human beings spend 26 years of their life asleep-- Raiden, however, thinks that it is a waste of precious time. He can't be considered an insomniac, as he doesn't suffer from the inability to fall asleep, he just doesn't get much of it. Most of his sleep he gets from his periodic, 30 minute naps, which is why he's often snoozing in class (and is also the reason why his grades are terrible).
    exams; Raiden is a smart boy, even if he doesn't see himself as such, so he hates tests because the way he learns isn't how the education system teaches their students how to learn.
    ✖⋮ ██████████ F e a r s:
    death of a loved one; Raiden does not fear death himself, but he fears that someone close to him will die before he does.
    amusement parks; It's not much of a fear but more like an extreme hatred because of all the people and grubby food that's condensed into one, small plot of land filled with even dirtier machinery.
    broken glass; As a child, he was walking down the sidewalk with his older brother and tripped over his shoelaces, landing onto shards of broken glass from a beer bottle. The shards were all embedded deep into his knees, so needless to say, he hates broken glass to this day.
    hospitals; Too much personal contact. Smells like disinfectant, no matter how many Febreeze cans are emptied on that place. Too many bad memories take place there.
    ✖⋮ ██████████ W e a k n e s s e s:
    impulsive; Tends to make rash decisions without giving it much thought. Always swings first.
    impatient; Doesn't like to wait.
    apathetic; It's hard for him to connect with others because he's incredibly independent and can't really understand why people have to rely so heavily on others.
    independence; He's a little too independent and refuses to accept help even when he really needs it. Raiden also hates to admit defeat.
    ✖⋮ ██████████ S t r e n g t h s:
    decisive; He takes risks while others don't and doesn't regret the decisions he makes. Raiden also tends to make these decisions a lot faster than others. He always knows what he wants and how he's going to get it.
    athletic; The boy is in really good shape. He excels at sports and can outrun most his age, if not for the fact that he absolutely hates playing sports. He likes to make fun of athletes rather than participate in athletic competitions. Raiden also has a lot more stamina, probably because he's got a lot of energy.
    shrewd; Although Raiden is not academically smart, he's pretty clever and picks up on things faster than others.
    charisma; Something of a smooth talker, able to get himself out of difficult situations if punching doesn't work. Can use this to manipulate others or simply garner their support. Raiden also tends to have a lot of connections with people outside of school because of this skill.
    ✖⋮ ██████████ O t h e r s:
    ▫ He knows where a lot of great, less-known restaurants are.
    ▫ His ears, eyebrow, tongue, and lip is pierced. His head is shaved and he has a tattoo of a rose with the words "HEAT" underneath it on his neck. There are others, like a yakuza-style tattoo that sprawls across the entire expanse of his back and extends to his right arm.
    ▫ Theme: "R U Mine- Arctic Monkeys"
    ▫ Has a few scars on his fingers from when he played five-finger fillet (and lost). He also has scars on his knees from when he fell on glass and has a scar on his lower lip from when it was split open during a fight.
    ▫ Always has cough drops with him, just because.
    ▫ Puts ice in his cereal.
    ▫ Looks almost nothing like his older half-brother, Ryouji. He doesn't know who his father is and doesn't want to find out.
    Show Spoiler

    ✖⋮ ██████████ Person behind the character: Call me Py.
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  6. (If I make a mistake on this character sheet, please tell me, and I will fix the mistake!)

    NAME: Yoshiro Koga

    ROLE: The Cross Dresser

    AGE: 17

    (Before cross dressing) ywoGx1MwK1.png
    (After cross dressing) awglSCajXf.png

    BIO: Yoshiro Koga was born into a rich family, according to their social status and whispers from other people of lower position. When he was younger, he had a younger sister, who taught him about the world. She showed him everything from music to philosophy to clothes. And that's where he learnt how to dress up, thanks to his sister. When he was 12 (and she was 19), she committed suicide, due to a reason no one has been able to figure out. Yoshiro figured that his sister would never die a pointless death, and has made it one of his goals to find out why she decided to take her own life.


    • Adorable boys. Yup, he's gay.
    • Electro pop music. Upbeat music clears his mind, and relaxes him in any situation.
    • Dressing up as a female. Fashion. Not obeying the rules of being a boy. He has a special thing...for female bras and panties! Makeup.
    • He is gregarious and very social with people. He loves attention and being with the bigger crowd.


    • People who complain about the smallest problems
    • His mother, because she doesn't want to accept his homosexuality and the fact that he cross dresses.
    • Reading. He finds looking at a bunch of combined letters is a waste of his time.
    • Heavy metal music. In his opinion, screaming is not music.


    • Ghosts
    • Death
    • Horror films, even the ones that people say aren't scary
    • Getting a boner in public
    • Losing the friendships that he has carefully built
    • The dark
    • Physical fighting. He was born with a weak body.
    • Comebacks to bullies. Sure, he wants to dodge the haters, but that can't always happen. He is very bad at finding words to say back to bullies.
    • Crying. He cries. A lot!
    • Singing. He has a voice that's rather high pitched for a boy.
    • Sex appeal. Whether he is dressed up as a boy or girl, there is an undeniable "sexy" vibe that he gives off. Maybe it's the perfume/cologne he wears. Maybe it's the way he sometimes wears "V" shaped tee shirts, that show off some of the area above his breasts. Maybe it's the way his body moves, with swift and fierce movements.
    • He kisses ass, to get what he wants.
    • Intelligence.

    -Yoshiro's theme song to his life (at this current moment) is
    -After his sister's death, he began feeling sad and depressed. There are marks of self harm, on his stomach, but he can hide them with his clothes.

    [At this moment, he doesn't have much of a personality. Believe me, I will give him one.]


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  7. I'd like to reserve the bookworm!

    ⇨ N a m e : Wakahisa Shichihei

    ⇨ R o l e : Bookworm

    ⇨ A g e: 16

    ⇨ A p p e a r a n c e:
    Shi-kun (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hair: Rich Chocolate Brown
    Eyes: Hazel with a bit of green in there
    Skin: Fair, bordering pale with a little natural pinkness in the lips. Thankfully he's never suffered acne.
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 145 lbs. give or take a large meal or two. The boy can pack it in.
    Build: Svelte, he isn't slender. Tennis has given him muscles, they're just streamlined nicely.

    Orientation: Slightly askew (When he sees someone he likes, he'll be sure to let them know.)

    ⇨ B i o : Shichihei (Shi-kun to friends and family) has always been studious, kind, and fairly pleasant to be around. Most people only know this much, because they go so far as to barely scratch the surface of his personality. He discovered a love for reading when he was very young, picking up his first children's book around the age of six, and he's never looked back. By ten he was reading Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. Eleven was a veritable obsession with mystery and the psychological. At twelve he finally bit the bullet and dove into the world of manga. Truly, he's more of an airhead than he lets on, choosing to study overtly just to keep up with his friends and classmates as well as to appease his parents' ideals for him. You would think that someone who always has a book around them like he does would be significantly well-read and intelligent, and that might have been true had Shichihei found a love for more than fiction. He's a dreamer from the core, and if you're lucky, then you might just catch him living some of them at a convention. If not, it's not so hard to like the happy, average-achiever.

    ⇨ L i k e s~
    ❤ LARP, (It's his bread and butter, favorite pastime, hobby, whatever you want to call it... He's the king of Halloween.)

    ❤ Tennis, (To offset the propensity for introversion that avid readers have his parents promptly entered him into a sport at a young age so that it would stick into puberty. He excels at doubles, and he prefers forehand to backhand.)

    ❤ Carrots, (It's an unhealthy craving that he can't seem to shake. Probably stems from his fears.)

    ❤Sleeping, (Between LARPing, Gaming (on and offline), Schoolwork, and the unquenchable need to finish whatever book he's reading, his eyes are nearly always tired. So, of course, he feels the constant urge to rest them.)

    ⇨ D i s I i k e s~
    ✗ Being disturbed from his sleep, (Seriously, wake him and face the dragon. He has very few pet peeves but this is certainly his number one.)

    ✗ Unlearned individuals, (He has a problem fathoming that some people dislike literature, when he meets such a person he takes it upon himself to first rant about the joys of reading, then undergo a personal mission to find something the person will like. He's very persistent.)

    ✗Math, (He's focused so much into the aspects of school that he does like [Reading, Writing, History] that his aptitude in others [Math, Science] are very close to zero. Tutors are his friends.)

    ✗Spicy food, (Gastrointestinal distress, no. Just no.)

    ⇨ F e a r s:
    • Spiders. He has a perfectly rational fear of spiders.
    • Emus. Don't ask. He just had a really bad experience once that he doesn't like to talk about.
    • Clowns. They are scary beyond all reason.
    • Stage fright. For some reason he has issues getting up in front of people or speaking publicly, unless of course he's around those that don't know him and he is fully disguised.
    • Going blind. He can't imagine living in a world where he can't read. It's his greatest fear of all
    ⇨ Weaknesses:
    • When people speak directly into his ear, he gets flushed and a shudder goes up his spine. Don't ask him why. It's probably the effect of too many romance and mystery novels.
    • Baby dolphins
    ⇨ Strengths:

    • Vocabulary. Usually if someone needs a word for something, Shichi is nearby just in time to give them exactly what they need. The benefits of reading.
    • Sewing. Enough pricks in the fingers from making his own costumes and he's gotten pretty good at it.
    • Acting. He'd be a pretty good thespian if he didn't have stage fright of the gods.

      ⇨ Other: Safety Dance
    • Shichi does not wear wigs for his cosplays. He dyes his hair- which is naturally a deep, chocolate brown- and grows it out if he has to.
    • The word "moist" disturbs him for some reason. He blames the internet.

      ⇨ Person behind the character: A girl with a big imagination.
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  8. Everyone is accepted and reserved :3​
  9. drat, the cross dresser's taken.. may I reserve the artistic, please? :] or..if the artist's taken, I'll take the weirdo if that's okay? :]
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  10. He is all yours :3​
  11. →Name: Kiyoshi keiko
    →Role:The popular
    →Sexuality:Gay (Not openly)
    anime.jpg anime.jpg View attachment 40886
    →Bio: kiyoshi has always been the guy that keeps everything to himself,when his father died of lung disease at 13, he became a jerk to his mother,they also had a son named kuri, kiyoshi took care of him,most times bringing him to school, He got an addiction to smoking at 14 and ignorant,since being an asshole and smoking was the definition of cool these days,he got popular and one of the most popular guys in school,he is actually really smart but hides it, he doesn't respect allot of people, mostly because he barely has respect for himself,he is really lazy so he barely doe's anything
    •Playing the guitar
    •Happy people
    •Annoying people

    How he feels about his life right now:
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  12. [​IMG]

    ⇨ N a m e : Kazuki Mikazuki
    ⇨ R o l e : The Otaku
    ⇨ A g e: 17
    ⇨ B i o :

    Kazuki grew up watching anime and reading manga, mostly after finding his uncle's anime stash. His father isn't supportive of his hobby/obsession where else his mother just finds the whole thing weird. Kazuki has a younger sister, Kazumi, whom he tried to introduce his interest to. Though it failed as she seemed disturbed as to how enthusiastic he really seems. She refers him as "Crazy Brother Kazu". When he was in junior high and elementary school, his father forced him to join the baseball team which he hated as he didn't like physical activity. He quit the team without his father's consent. Most of the time, he's always in his room, under his blanket, watching anime episodes or on forums, finding new anime to watch. He rarely goes out unless he wants to go to the manga store or want to eat outside. To his father, he's a disappointment as his father wanted him to be a sports person where else his mother just wants him to find a REAL girlfriend. Though sometimes, his mother likes to go along with his whole "waifu" thing.

    ⇨ L i k e s~
    ❤ His number of waifu(s) ~ { It changes most of the time, depending on his mood but there will be one that will remain forever in his heart }
    ❤ Visiting Akihabara and to the arcades ~ { Going there releases his stress and if he has the money, he'll find some merch. He's favourite hang out spot is the Gundam Cafe near the AKB48 cafe and the SEGA Arcade that's a ten minute walk from the station }
    ❤ Playing Dating Sims ~ { It's not that he only likes virtual 2D girls. He knows he has no chance with real life 3D girls. He needs some love, ya know? }
    ❤ Anime song openings and endings ~ { He becomes a fan of some rock bands, such as Maximum the Hormone and Nightmare }

    ⇨ D i s I i k e s~
    ✗ Not being able to keep up with the latest episodes and chapters even if he is an episode/chapter late
    ✗ People who insults his waifu(s)
    ✗ People who thinks he's into hentai when he's not.
    ✗ Anything that has to do with PE or sports. For example, he hates Cross country runs.


    ⇨ F e a r s:
    • Haunted houses ~ { He'll cling to you and maybe cry out loud like a girl }
    • Spiders ~ { He once found one near his laptop. He got shock and screamed, his whole neighborhood hear him. It was 3 in the morning }
    • Losing his glasses. ~ { He's blind without them }
    • Losing internet connection.
    ⇨ Weaknesses:
    • Kuudere and Tsundere anime girls ~ { He falls for them easily }
    • Has no sense of fashion ~ { He's usual clothing would be a t-shirt ( that either has something related to anime or a band shirt ) and dark jeans, with a black jacket over it and he carries his sling bag. The most fashionable thing he ever worn with those clothing is a beanie. }
    • He stutters when speaking to real life girls. // Low self confidence
    • Bad eyesight
    ⇨ Strengths:
    • Good imagination ~ { From watching many kind of genres of anime }
    • Good memory ~ { He felt that it was a need for him to memories the jutsus from Naruto }
    • Math and Physics, anything that has to do with Calculations.
    • He's good at finding things.

    ⇨ Other:
    • Whenever he has free time, he'll visit a maid cafe, but ultimately leaves because he feels like he's betraying his waifu(s).
    • Has a collection of mangas and figurines lined up on his bookshelves in his room.
    • Laughs to himself when he thought of something funny.
    • Has a strained relationship with his father.
    • Likes going to conventions and taking photos of cosplayers, sometimes wanting to be like them.
    • His number 1 waifu in his heart ; Kirigiri Kyouko from Danganronpa
    • Theme song ; Otaku Anthem (I Wanna Live) by The L33tStr33t Boys

    ⇨ Person behind the character: The girl version of this person
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  13. Are multiples of a type allowed? I really want otaku but someone beat me before my CS was done and ready to post...
  14. finished :U (will delete once i've received conformation [or rejection])
  15. Can i reserve the athlete?
  16. ⇨ N a m e : [First and last] Kano Zalba

    ⇨ R o l e :[insert role such as the bad boy , prince ; or etc] Writer

    ⇨ A g e: 17

    ⇨ A p p e a r a n c e: [Anime only]

    ⇨ B i o : [Not optional]
    Kano was adopted at age 1 and never knew his real parents. He began story telling at a young age, even before he could write. He loves to read, to help fuel his imagination and he is usually carrying a notebook around with story ideas or ones that haven't been typed yet. His father always wanted him in sports but Kano never really cared for it. His 'sister' loves his stories even if Kano rarely tells them before they are ready. He isn't exactly an outcast at school but he isn't popular either. He hangs out in the kinda the middle. He doesn't have the best immune system but he tends to not tell people if he isn't feeling well so that they won't worry.

    ⇨ L i k e s~

    ⇨ D i s I i k e s~
    ✗Being woken up early
    ✗People forcing him to read his work.
    ✗The cold
    ✗People talking about how hes adopted

    ⇨ F e a r s:
    -Being told his writing is horrible
    -Not doing well in school
    -Being a disappointment
    ⇨ Weaknesses:
    -He has asthma
    -He wears contacts
    -Isn't good around those he likes
    -Is awkward when being complimented

    ⇨ Strengths:
    -Good Memory
    -Pretty high IQ
    -Good at reading a situation

    ⇨ Other: [Theme song, scars, anything!] He has a birthmark on his shoulder in the shape of a heart, has a scar in the middle of his back that he has had since he was adopted.
    ⇨ Person behind the character: A girl who loves rping
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  17. Still posting up a skelly just in case you say yes... Mostly because I didn't want to let this skelly go to waste.


    ⇨ N a m e : |||| Adam Rei Powell |||
    ⇨ R o l e :||| The Prince |||
    ⇨ A g e:||| Eighteen Years Old |||

    ⇨ B i o :Child of Chester and Mikasa Powell, his father is known to be a doctor and his mother a successful lawyer. You could say his family is "stacking with green bills", Adam is a lone child, his parents never considering having another child because they mentioned it would be too much to deal with. They'd rather focus on having one outstanding son than have multiple average children. May be a terrible way to think, but it wasn't like Adam could do anything about it. His father had originated from England, but because of a fortunate trip to Japan - he had met a woman by the name of Mikasa. Just as any old fairy tale love story they met, fell in love, and had a child who they vowed to make the best of the best. Adam's features come primarily from his father but he had received his mother's personality and weak immune system. Adams often gets sick and stays at home the majority of the time making him bound to his home. When his parents were newly weds they had stayed in England for about six years before they permanently resided in Japan. While they were in England though, Adam had been born he had carried his accent with him to Japan. He had his difficulties trying to grasp the Japanese language, his accent sticks out like a sore thumb. Within time he mastered the language and his accent had faded, but at times when he speaks the accents doesn't hesitate to slip out. A motto that the household usually lives by is, ""The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." Adams is encouraged to be the top out of the class, outshine everyone else, and be an idol to others who might even aspire to be him. It's all about studies, and he couldn't even fail in one single subject because his parents won't allow him. He's basically trapped inside iron bars, not even pleading for even a little fun in his time would be heard. Despite having being pampered his whole life, he'd rather throw that all away for a more caring compassionate family; not one that's strict and pretends to care. Only success is aloud... and that's just suffocating.

    ⇨ L i k e s~
    || Music - Let it be anything, anything at all to drown out the constant chatter of people. It keeps him at a calm state.
    || Being outside - He's been chained to his house ever since he was a child, he'd rather be outside his household, breath for once.
    || Sweets - He has a sweet tooth though he doesn't like to admit it because his parents often said it's a girly trait and it give you cavities. Regardless, he still eats them.
    || Traveling - Even though he doesn't necessarily enjoy being around his parents, he enjoys taking trips to see different parts of the world.

    ⇨ D i s I i k e s~
    || His parents - Sure, they give him everything they can for him to succeed but none of that matters if they don't even care about his true feelings.
    || Strict hours - Expected to be the best of the best requires strict scheduling which he was granted to by his family.
    || Stress - He is being consumed alive by it, it's like those words never cease, to be under supervision to be perfect is nerve wrecking.
    || Any sounds that are annoying to man - pen clicking, clock ticking, someone tapping their foot repeatedly, these small things come off as a major pet peeve he will not stand for anything of that sort.

    ⇨ F e a r s:
    >> Heights : They're terrible, never take him to high places he will screech in your ear.
    >> His parents abandoning him : What if he just gives up on school? Would they disown him? Would they really go that far? Adam doesn't know and he really doesn't want to find out.
    >> Drowning - His parents once wanted to teach him how to swim, he swam too far and ended up having his foot caught under a rock. Waves piled up and before you knew it he had been surrounded in water then his vision went pitch black. He awoke with a fear of drowning and dislikes going into deep pools.

    ⇨ Weaknesses:
    -- Unsocial : Really, he rarely gets any quality time so even if you did converse with him his words wouldn't even be sentences but phrases.
    -- Cats : They're adorable but he doesn't get to have one since his mother is allergic, if you had a cat he'd try his best to pet it as much as he can.
    -- His immune system isn't up to par, he gets easily sick and is often seen with scarfs and sweaters since he dislikes having a cold.
    -- His sides : He doesn't like being touched by his sides, poked, or anything whatsoever. They are sensitive, he doesn't even like hugs due to his sensitive sides.

    ⇨ Strengths:
    "ℐ", Despite not liking the constant homework, he's grown intelligent from it.
    "ℐ", Direct, he will not dilly dally around he's brute and direct if you ask him for his opinion. Unless of course he wants to hide something, but otherwise he won't spare your feelings.
    "ℐ", He can detect other's emotions in an instant, he can tell with your body language plus any other give away's you can give to him such as tone of voice and facial expressions.
    "ℐ", Again, he's fluent in the languages listed below - be at a cautious state that he doesn't say anything stark in a language you can't understand.
    "ℐ", He learns quickly, tell him to do something or teach him something and he'll have it engraved into his mind.

    ⇨ Other:

    ❀ Without his glasses, he really does fit the criteria of a common prince.
    ❀ Despite living in such a masked "friendly" environment he often makes sarcastic crude comments and is a cold boy who rarely opens up to anyone.
    ❀ He's fluent in English, Japanese, some Korean, and French. He knows how to play the piano and the cello. He's made A's all his life never any lower. He's visited practically every country, his parents make it a point to have a vacation in each one. His life truly does consist of being a prince, even if he does feel like a prisoner.

    ❀ He's most likely asexual, he hasn't experienced any feelings towards another person, mostly because he's always been shielded off. Even if he was to be in a relationship it would be shaky one.

    ❀ He's always wondered how it was like to be able to freely do other things, he's always tied to being the best kid out there. He didn't even have friends before because he was falling back on his studies and his parents forbid him from seeing anyone.
    ⇨ Person behind the character:"Call me Mel, I'm a part-time role player who is too stressed to do anything properly..."
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  18. Aaah; Is this a First come first serve deal? (Because the role I was looking at seems to have already been applied for; )
  19. I guess we'll need to wait and see, since this seems to be blowing up quite a bit. I hope it's not first come first serve though, I still have a half finished form for a taken role ;~;
  20. i believe only it is
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