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Alois Trancy

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Um, my name is Lili, I may be new here, but I've been role-playing since I was real little. I do lit and semi-lit rps. I am into Harry Potter and anime, my favourite being InuYasha and Yu-Gi-Oh!. I'm considered an outsider or nerd while I live, but I don't mind, I actually take pride in what people say I am. I'm into yaoi, yuri, and hetero, and I hate people who discriminate just because of what people like.

... Well, um... That's me... Hope we can be friends!
*Takes away the phrases "Lit" and "Semi-lit" and replaces them with "I just enjoy roleplaying!"*

You just leave that silly literate nonsense behind you, and come enjoy some playin', gurl! :D It's all about having fun with your partners!

Welcome to the community!
Welcome to the Community, Lili. Finally, another member I know of who knows what Inuyasha is. I do in-fact hope you enjoy your stay here.
Greetings Lili! Welcome to Iwaku ^^

I'm Hiro, it's nice to meet you. I too enjoy Inuyasha and Yu-Gi-Oh! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here. The community is very kind and accepting.

OverCast, we have clearly not been introduced. Fellow Inuyasha fan right here. How's it going?
Hi Lili!

What seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh do you like?
Zexal is my favorite so far! :)
Hi, Lili! I'm a fellow HP fan, and Inuyasha was actually one of my first manga series.

Diana is right! That whole lit/semi-lit/advanced lit nonsense is not really bandied about around here. Just relax and join in on the roleplaying!

Welcome to Iwaku, and let me know if I can help you out! I'm Ozzie.

Hi. Welcome to the forum.
I was once a great master of Yu-Gi-Oh card dueling...then I took a arrow to the knee
Welcome Lili! Everyone has already said the important stuff, so I'll just say hi and go back to lurking. :3