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  1. My name's Kuroshi and I'm currently a sophomore in high-school. My hobbies are watching anime, reading, manga, playing video games, writing short/stories/poems, and roleplaying. In rl I do know a few people who roleplay, but I was too afraid of confronting them because of being extremely shy, so... Here I am. I really like to roleplay, but having social anxiety and being shy doesn't really help. so I hope you can be patient if I'm a bit awkward at first.

    Putting that aside... I'm never online in the mornings because of school and sleeping in, but am online in the afternoons and midnight. I usually roleplay fantasy and female based characters, but I recently wanted to try doing male roles for a change. And ummm... yeah... I hope to roleplay with you? ^^
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! I have social anxiety myself.

    And I suffer from insanity. I don't actually suffer from it. I thrive from it. Anyways.

    Here are a few things that might help you!

    Topic starter guide: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/updating-site-policies-what-is-your-imput.33002/

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    Roleplay Institute: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/forums/roleplay-institute.89/

    Thread Starter Q's and A's: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...usion-making-roleplay-threads-on-iwaku.38315/

    And if you need anything else:
  3. Don't be shy, only SOME of us are total psychos! >:3 Welcome to the community. <3
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  4. Th-thank you. I am well aware that there are other people who have social anxiety and that I'm not the only one. I won't say that I'm happy to know that there's someone who has it like I do because I certainly do not enjoy having it and I hope that there are people who don't have to go through the same thing.
  5. Thank you ^^