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  1. Umm I'm new here but i'd like to get off to an awesome start!

    And uhhh u-um yeah. I just wanna let you guys know im up for Any type of roleplay and It'd be really awesome/appreciated if you guys would message me.

    Sorry that introduction was soo lame >.<

    But thanks anyways! <3
  2. PSH! Your intro isn't lame. Welcome to Iwaku!

    -sighs- I do Iwaku welcomes and Firehouse welcomes.. I kinda wanna be like:
    Hi! Welcome to Firehouse!
    [tell me your sammich]
    White or wheat?
    [whatever you choose]
    8 inch or 12?
    [whatever you choose]
    and blah blah blah... -sighs-
  3. Welcome aboard Iwaku, Steph![[Has been watching Pirates of the Carribean.]]

    If you need anything or any help..Don't be shy to cast me a bottle! [[Send a message or whatever.]]

    Enjoy your time here!
  4. ^ Juku reverted to being a Pirate :3

    Welcome to Iwaku~ ^^ My name is Mitten~! I am the neighborhoods friendly cat! >:3 If you ever have questions or just wanna chat, I'll be happy to oblige! :D
  5. That intro was so cute and adorable! AW! Youre nervous jittering reminds me of myself when I go into tsundere mode am all nervous face!

    Welcome to Iwaku, Steph. I am Iliana, the Goddess of Fire.

    It's a pleasure you meet you.

  6. Hehe.. Your funny.
  7. Hehe Aye Aye Cap'n! T-Thank you..
  8. Thank you! A-And ill be available aswell if you need. :D
    Awww Mitten is such a cute name!!!!
  9. Thank you very much Iliana.. I-Its a pleasure to meet you aswell.
    I-I um hope we can be good friends.
  10. Residential overlord checking in on the fresh meat. Hmmmm you look good. More than good enough for Iwaku. Wanna know why because we dont turn anyone away. Just be careful though or i might eat you up.
  11. Thank you! :3

  12. Hehe. That's good to know.. And Noooo please don't eat me! >.<
  13. >. < Gah! I am 2 days late! UNACCEPTABLE!
    Well it is better late than never! So......
    I'm Doxa! Nice to meet you ^-^
    If you need help please let us know!
    Word of Advice? HAVE FUN!
  14. Hehe. Thank you Doxa!!!